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(Sun06) I bet no one else has shown you how to make layered, jello Easter eggs:

This is why you should follow me. :-)
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I knew following you would make sense one day! I just knew!
I'm thinking now about how to make a layered Jello Easter egg that is layered like an onion instead of like a cake. It won't look that cool until you cut into it, but it'll very, very cool!
those look really good. lol i love jello
A rainbow is looking so neat color, but I would not in allow it.
Those Jello eggs are are so beautiful. I have to say.
well that's something new
as if we needed another reason :) This would have been great for +Chrysta Rae 's photography scavenger hunt...
If you can eat those eggs they would taste epic
Nice picture beautiful colors
thats so awesome..TIGHT!!!
That would drive me nuts, trying to make it. They're pretty. Cool.
Coolio! Wow how do u do dat? Amazing :)
That is friggin awesome,,,,please bring me the cow bones and the food coloring im on it
Oh yuk! Pretty to look at, but way!
Is this news? It looks like a thousand year old recipe!
that's so so beautiful,9ce colors '''''''I LOVE IT'''''''
Anna K
Easter eggs ?
If someone lacks of such forms - egg shells could be used as well, it would be tricky to clean those completely, but if done correctly results should be similar.

Other way could be preparing those in zero-gravity, or using liquid nitrogen on jelly inside strong magnetic field. :3
WOW Guy you always come up with the cool stuff :) I was about to say to +rachel d they're glass until I read the caption
Yuck. I didn't like Jello very much as a kid, and as an adult, never again. Perhaps I will use gelatin to stabilize fruit flavored filling for a cake, but I'm just not into artificial flavors, colors, or anything that hypersweet like Jello or KoolAid.
Saw that in a children's cook book, 22 years ago... sorry your a bit late to the party.
wow dont take this the wrong way but i have never seen anyone like u in my life btw those look really good
It reminds me of Mothra's egg from Godzilla vs Mothra
..Wow, That's awesome! Thought I don't like jelly, I would just have to eat this...
I love layered jello...never tried it in an Easter egg. Good idea!
cool!!!!!!!!!!! but not a big fan of jello...
are those real eggs?
ik how! and i knew how b4 u posted this
Awesome.please send the special DIY,I've got people to impress this easter
so yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Awesome. Definitely going to try this out. Bet it works good for jello shots too!!! lol
i hate jello...but that looks cool
is this jello? I could really use some or something.
those are awesome
probably took a really long time... did it?
These are amazing, my life and my Easter are now complete.
Guy, it is why I follow you already. I've just been waiting for... this post.
Followed....and well deserved! :)
I LIKE JELLO!!! I LIKE EASTER!!!! I <3 the photo :D
those look soooo good! yum.
GRRR u made me hungry............IT........LOOOKS.........SOOOOOO..........GOOD!!!!!
Jia Gao
WHOA!!!! AWESOME :);):):):):):):):)
if he to follow you because of what you have, next he will not see it and is not the best...
Como se hacen?!!!! SUPER!!
wow! this is really cool! i wonna try it!
agreed looks like candle wax,but can you GUY make them
Those are so awesome! This I have to try!
oh wow i made traffic light jelly for my 11 year old cousin but that looks yum!
WOW!! That looks cool and tasty!! I LOVE IT!!!
My mom and I will have to make sum.yum
Julz G
Very Cool.. Great Job.. I love them
Nice way to celebrate!
I'm not the biggest fan of Jello, but I would make an exception for 1 of those eggs. lol
That looks so cool!!!!!!!!!!! Easter is going to rock this year!!!!!!
Pretty cool! Never seen it and would definitely like to try it!
those look deliciously amazing! im sooo gonna try to make them!
I've been doing this since I was little. That is why I don't follow you.
that looks awsome my kids want to know how to make them
I love those Easter Colored Eggs"D
looks awesome and yummy, they sure make me hungry.
nice eggs yo i love it its so cool just watchin a moviecalled diary of a wimpy kid and they where watchin a movie called THE FOOT it is very scary and its about a foot and he will come and get you hahahahaha it is coming to get you hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.
Wow they look yummy!!!!!!!!
Very cool im sure children of all ages would enjoy these !
OMG, I want to make that. I love coconut jelly.
now those are super pretty easter eggs
wtf are those wtf meens waffles that fly
Wow, so pretty! Must be hard to do...
it looks like candy!!!! i totally want some
I don't think Bill Cosby ever suggested I eat my Jello in Easter egg format!
wow it doesn't look like jello
i'm loving that can i get the instructions on how i would love to make them with my nephew for this easter.
Nice twist. Jello is always fun.
I should probably try to make that :)
Wow that's so cool, you should put that on youtube !
they look like eggs made out of candy
Looks like I could display these in the living room as center pieces :D
That is so beautiful that it would be a shame to eat I just don't think that my two teen age males a 8 year old daughter would feel the same,
Very cool looking... How do they taste ?
I need to make some of these for the party. Preferably with Svedka in 'em. :D
They look as beautiful as the jewelry I photograph!
this makes me soo hungry 4 jello!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iv nvr said this before....but im saying it a follower!!
i want to learn how to do that............ My grandbaby would love this project
niccccccc piccccccccccccc............
Wow! Those look fantastic. Very clever indeed.
Those eggs are colorful. Where did you find the idea, because I was on pintrest one night and I saw those on there
did you make that? and if u did, how did u make it? it's jello right? so pretty... <3
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