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(Sat08) To celebrate the first birthday of Google+, you can download the PDF of What the Plus! for free here:

Please share this post with all your friends and family. Let's make Google+ even more successful!
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Wiw, we are celebrating the  first birthday of Google Plus. how the time continues passing quickly .
Jun Hu
I've now read both versions. What the Plus is an excellent read! Worth every penny especially since it's now being offered for free.
I have been wanting to read this for a while now.  Thanks!
dood, seriously thats AMAZING!! can u make me one?! wink lolz
Wow :D that's awesome I wanted to read it. Thanks man :D 
I'll celebrate when there are more active users than days in service.
Still can't believe it's been a year
is that real cake yummy!!!!!
I got ver 1 from iTunes only to realize it isn't readable IN iTunes and I don't have an ipod/pad so couldn't view it.  Nice that this in ver 2.  Thanks a bunch, enjoy the anniversary and Happy 4th of July. 
And of course I downloaded this from a Chromebook straight to GDrive :)
yea does anyone know and kali cat can u put me in your circles and check out my events photos and pages
that looks reallyy good...
Are ready did, it was yesterday. 
r cs
I cant believe its been a year already. And for those who say Goolgle+ is not growing I beg to differ. I cant even comment on peoples post because so many beat me to it. 500 comments in a day
Was it today? I did't know. Happy B-day!
oh!!!! happy birthday google.. hhahaha
Happy B-Day Google+, thanks for "What the Plus!" Guy.
I'm all for that, I support googe+ proudly.  I so lost interest in FB when I realized that they could one day sell my profile and surfing info as a commodity and I won't be paid a dime for my willingness to follow the terms and conditions by willingly providing correct information to them.  I figured out how to completely delete my profile rather than deactivate  it.  I personally think google+ attracts a smarter crowd.  Way to go on the first year! Cheers!
Really good book and introduces a lot of of info about Google+
Thank you +Guy Kawasaki, I've been meaning to get the updated version but hadn't got around to it yet.
+Joe Diamond It's my pleasure. Please tell everyone that you can that it's free for a few days.
Thanks Guy!  I am a recent convert to Google+ and will look forward to this helping me become fully engaged with this superior form of social media.
Just started reading your book and already using it to improve my G+ experience. Thank you +Guy Kawasaki 
Kudos Guy You R the best! Happy G+
I can't believe g+ is a year old!!!!!!! Yay!
There should be an option for saving pictures from G+ to Google Drive
Happy Birthday G+. Successfully completed one year of purposeful existence.Created a lot of "Buzz", and still creating "Waves" .No I am not reminding you about the past failures +Guy Kawasaki
Happy birthday, Google+ ! :-)
Nice picture and happy birthday to Google+
Prime-er is paint. Prim-er is a beginners' text.
a birthday? for google? i wonder what it looks like in it's birthday outfit
i want a birthday cake that big
Good google is moving fast and improving with a new look and very good performance
that is a kewl b-day kake i want 1 like that
Thanks for sharing. Love G+ - 'appy b'day!
so Google must be having a long life....
it's very smart.especially it works well in China.
thank you,Google!
I was trying to buy the print version in India and was disappointed that it wasn't available. Thank You +Guy Kawasaki . Cheers! :)
Too bad my family and friends are on Facebook.
chip r
Successful for who?
Your barthday selibret oll world.
Excellent read. Really helped me out a lot. Gonna share the love on this freebie for sure!
wow my ..... is on ........ (i can not tell u)
Thank You Guy!!!!!! Happy Birthday Google+!!!!!
Thank you very much - very generous of you.
Very useful book. Grab it, although it was a bargain price anyway 
we wish you hapy birthday google
happy happy birthday google+
Thanks +Guy Kawasaki. I have a number of friends who "just don't get" Google+ and this will be a big help. Plus, I'm sure I'm going to learn a few new cool tricks along the way.
Happy Birthday G+ I'm so sad that may friends and family are more interested in Facebook.
just bought it last week- oops. ;-)
the man standing are so quiet
Thank you. Maybe your book will persuade at least one of my family and closest friends to joint the Google + party.
Now that's not fair. I just bought it via amazon last month for my kindle. Anyways it was a good read and an eye opener for me. Currently in the process of implementing all the learning.
Google plus is good, but still has to be more attractive as Facebook
G+ is the best social networking site!!
So users celebrate the birthday.....
عيد ميلاد سعيد happy birthday to you G+......
may you live to blow a 1001 candles...yummy
Tony j
I just started to learn google+ Thank you thank you thank you Guy!!!
I really enjoy using Google products. Happy Birthday!
+HappyBirthday or HappyBirthday+
cant you just picture that cute little google plus cramming its chubby baby fists into its digital cake?
People these day interested in compare g+ and other social websites.
I am told this is a space for quality engagement. True?
Thanks. Looks like a great read from the quick flick through.
Thanks! Great timing since I finally joined google+ today.
good job. about time!!!. idk? im just happy that once everyone uses Google plus then they wills shut it down
+Guy Kawasaki Found a typo! Bottom of page 22: "Keep your simple—for example, using your first name and your last name." Should probably be "Keep your name/account name simple..." As always, thanks for an insanely great book.
Interesting. I was reading a post somewhere and they mentioned your eBook. Went to a link where the book was listed at $2.99 for the Kindle. Went over to Amazon Kindle site and ended up paying $.99. Am I upset that I purchased the eBook 2 days before it was free? Not in the least. By paying you I hope that it encourages you to do more eBooks.
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