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Wouldn't it be great if you could personalize your phone like this?

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"I want a red Snapdragon processor and a green battery!" :) In fact, phones are already like cars:
- you change it as soon as it is not fashionable
- car sharing is as much desired as phone sharing
- phone running out of power is as much of a tragedy as a car with no fuel
- powerful is better (male owners)
- colourful is better (female owners)
- my phone bill is similar to my fuel bill (I know, I do plenty of walks)

Pablo Dapena
is this a hint of the x phone??? :)  Crossing my fingers that the rumors are true
Assuming that it's a hypothetical question,yes it would be great!
If only! I'd like more options than black or white in the color department. And none of this bright neon stuff either, just because I want some color doesn't mean I want flamboyant colors. Give me some real colors.
i would love not to have bloatware! and a color choice would be cool too!
If I can spend 50 dollars to replace a cheap looking chassis then HECK YES. No adding a case is not the same I want my phone naked
If I can spend 50 to keep my plastic chassis then Heck Yes!
Sam Sun
Yeah that would be awesome 
would be great to be able to do that!!
I have no idea what an extra Gb of RAM is worth to me, but I'd love to be able to get a high-end phone with a 4" screen!
+Guy Kawasaki This would be meaningless if we couldn't choose the form factor as well. Just as some people want a convertible and some people want a sport utility vehicle, a keyboard slider would need to be an available option for this to be even remotely interesting.
Offcourse I want to configure my phone myself. But I really would like to know how you are going to that in real life. Distribution must be hell
Google brick and mortar locations? No thanks. We would be supporting the costs of those with increased prices on Nexus devices. Just give them time and they'll work the kinks out with the online store.
Skipping gs4 in favor of the google/moto phone. Hoping it will be Nexus like. 
What if we could choose from any OS to install on a phone? At least from Android, Windows, Firefox, Ubuntu and Blackberry. Obviously we cannot expect that from Motorola, but maybe from other brands like Huawei, ZTE or Samsung.
I would love that kind of customization. But I think it would be a premium cost. Which probably means I'll be waiting awhile to buy one.
+Guy Kawasaki, I would customize my phone in terms of software / OS (a launcher for a couple of OS'ses would be great - this is wishlist time, right), but in terms of hardware I'd rather pass the decision to the experts.
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