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(Sat07) Update on the girl in this iconic napalm photo from the Vietnam War forty years ago:

Hat tip to +Dave Powell.
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Weli A
This pic still brings tears to my eyes.
This foto touched my heart - the sadness that "war" bring :(
Made me wanted to cry :(
Lily EJ
I wonder why the girl is naked?
This was one of the photo's that inspired the play Miss.Saigon
The little girl is now 52, the pic is 40!!!!
Sad..............I'm crying!.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And she naked because napalm burnt all clothing off!!!
Soo sad :'(  I am really crying!
War is so horrible...
It always botheres me, how the subject of a famous photo somehow gets better treatment... What about her older brother? What about that little guy in the background, alone? What about the tall girl and the boy she's helping along? Did they survive? Did they even get treatment, since the photographer was not there for them to flash his card? The picture itself is indeed an important image to our collective memory, but the story behind these make me uncomfortable too often.
Back in 1999 my country suffered just the same, as NATO dropped forbidden cassette bombs (as dangerous as napalm) onto our cities. Trust me, one who has survived the war knows truly to appreciate freedom and peace
that is sad and then cool but really naked people
What to say, we are creating, but pity we are destroying it like never before
That was a very moving story if anyone read it.
war make they cried ..on and on....spend all the time ages
No more cowardly men who believe that strong with a gun, but one day they will realize how bad they have done to God our heavenly Father.
" Save your friends. Ignore your enemies." Opposite The Satellite
How can anyone forget this photo? Such a powerful image.
I dont know if I should +1 tis or not. I´ts a terrible situation in this photo . But somehow a great picture.... Hmm poor kids
must have been a scary day to be a kid there probaly still have nightmares about this but hat's war shit happens 
how sad and painful. the little kid on the left has an animated cry
This picture shows brutal behaivour of a system that ruled over Vaitnaian people in the past.
I first saw this picture when I was 5.
What is sad, the blood shed by American youth for this young girl and all the Viet people. Freedom is not free
Pislik amerikanın dünyaya bıraktığı kara leke.
Pada ngomnng apa aku tak paham
Thanks for the post, Guy.  A nice reminder of the horrors of war and the beauty that is gained from finding freedom. 
OMG I'm in tears and this is so graphic. Please pray for them!
What did this war accomplish? What did the war in Iraq accomplish?
i feel so sorry for them and will someone please bring that girl some clothes     geeez   Lolz
I know your trying to lighten the mood of this picture but this actually a really sad moment and she probably poor so. No offense I just thought you should know.
Oh and pearl harbour was fair. Grow up do gooders.!
why would you put something like that up????
I have a question! Who or I better say which government has done this genocide? What is this government doing today? Has this government stopped killing innocent people? Is this government eligibile to talk about peace in the world?
This makes me mad I really wish I can change the world
this is the sadest picture i ever saw
did the little girl die?
No, she didn't. She is living normal life in Canada now with her family.
This photo, coupled with the My Lai massacre completely brought out my inner radical.
wow... read the article... touching story.. really
this pic must have impacted generations! I remember seeing it so many times myself. For Guy Kawasaki, it is not less than an epic.
this picture represents something that some people have grown to love.  True image.... 
yeah, and mariah you can do so much better than beiber
why always blame the USA and its allies there two sides to are fight you would all be dead or speaking German, Japanese, Russian or Chinese if it wasn't for the USA and its allies and you wouldn't have freedom witch you all talk about what was the alternative you all seen what happened to east Germany or what Russia done to Afghanistan and your telling me Croatia and Bosnia where just going to work out there borders genocide had all ready been declared before we got there china the japanese didn't try take over your county  and Vietnam what do you think would have happened when china had taken over and you become are communist country ill tell you  north korea wars is hell but so is the alternative the only thing you can blame  the USA and its allies for is pulling your country's out of the dark ages corporate greed  is the enemy I live in Australia and we had are working revolt we fort for our rights in the streets so did america this is where your freedom comes from not your gods or kings not from your leaders from us USA and its allies peace out 
I've seen this picture's just devastating to see on a personal level.
wonder why that kid was naked what that about!
 I just say i'm ashamed of my existance as a human.
Still makes the same impression now as it did then--But for the Grace of God!
These pictures are yours, you have a good imagination. Besides talented.
religion and greed
 is why there is so much death
this picture told many stories
 that naked little girl is so retarded
dude why are kids looking at this pic you need to watch who sees your blog 
I have never seen this photo (since I was born in '89) but this is something that I wouldn't want to see anyone go through. War unfortunately is part of civilization but one must take into account that without war, the spread of awareness for peace (like the picture here) wouldn't spark.
Jak LS
Wow, +Rachel Raye. Just wow. Her clothes and skin got burnt through by napalm, and she's 9 years old and about to die, and all you can say is that she looks "retarded" in the picture?
The fact that the word "LOVE" is in your avatar is strangely inappropriate due to how shallow and goddamn unloving you must be.
Humans never cease to amaze me.
q pecado con la nina espero q lo aya echo por algo interesante q valga la pena 
yes, lets move on, their must be a photo of a tortured Iraqi or Afghan we can feed to the public for the next thirty years.
Poor kids. Do you know if she did die? She was in a hell of a lot of pain and probably wish she had died but I don't think she looks bad enough to have died. I really hope she survived this. 
That's a powerful story how god takes you one place brings you back over time to the same place and brings you deleverence my god is above all very good testimony!
this is nasty!!!!
you ota be a shamed of yourself! :/
What a heart wrenching story but one with a happy ending - she has come thru so much and has channeled it into a positive 
OMG  soobing on the comoputer
This is fact, not nasty Kyra and WE should be ashamed of OURSELFS
a heartgutting scene...this little girl survive her nigthmare and a living testament to the cruelty of mankind
No wonder so much of the planet hates Americans.
Noa Fay
that's gross and I don't need to see that
I would hateto one of them too. But there are many people out there like that fa real though.
i know i just dont want to be remined all the wars r hard most of the soliders dont come back right that survive the wars
God help them......................God help them and let them know that they NEED you............Jesus help them.
i feel terrible for them!:(:(:( curse you wars!!!
Thanks for sharing and educating. Shaking my head at war.oh America stop it.
I have this exact same pic as a newspaper clipping in my scrap, the story touched me then and still does now and no matter how many innocent lives are lost, we still believe war is the answer...sad!
That looks funny? How can you even joke about that? The picture is soooo sad and depressing! :( 
I remember the picture hitting the news all those years ago, still awful to see
but why she was the only one naked?...I do not know the whole story... but the picture says a lot!
:-( Poor people... I'm actually not familiar with this Vietnam incident. So this is what other people have gone through... really sad.
L Ritz
That's bad
Saw an interview with this little girl,  she did well  ! 
great story after forty years she is an sweetheart A's all the way
stop , please , just stop , why ? money or what ! we can see in all of the world that war exist and move from one place to another.where are the humans?
I don't get why so many people are saying "Ew gross!" or "That's so funny!" This is a sad picture, showing the affects of war. I feel bad for that little girl and the rest of them.
all u people out there who say its funny get a life and laugh at funny things not sad things
Who says something like "nasty"... that poor girl was running for her life... literally.. I have lots of self loathing moments.. but none of us can imagine what that girl is going through...
omg! why do people laugh at this shes naked so what times where liken that then...
if people take this the wrong way they should try living in those times.
I remember when time Magazine first published this photo.
Iconic image. Napalm Don't be preaching to others, US of A!
That little girl became a strong woman and a potent force for other folks. She walked thru fire into a future that she forged for herself, and she is an inspiration.
Also a good read: The Girl in the Picture: The Story of Kim Phuc, the Photograph, and the Vietnam War by Denise Chong
Still so disturbing to see after all these years
war can show people the super trouble of the life.
It's so sad. peple need to stop saying eww, and gross about it. it's really sad, and I fell bad for that little girl, and the rest!!
Are you serious? why are they sad?? HELLOOO Napalm bomb people died!
ya those army people must be taking them from there famelies
why are these people asking  such irrelevan questions?  We all need more history lessons in the classrooms. It seems people are not being taught word history or what happened over the course of 40, 50 yrs ago.
That's not a boy and why is tht little girl naked??????💦😪😢💔
she was burned on 50- 60% of her body, wasn't direct contact, but within 50-75 yards of the fire. She is alive and well in Cambodia
that doesnt matter... these people were being attacked! cant you see that??!! poor things!!
L Ritz
It Vietnam 
So, I guess it's true... Napalm does stick to children.

Oh.. That was a very mean and rude comment but I couldn't resist. My apologies.
I hope now the FBI won't go after everybody that saw that picture for possession of child porn :(
Because she had just received a "shower" of napalm. And to stop burning, she had removed her clothes.
+Luis Rivas I've couldn't had said it better Ty. I remember seeing the reports on the nightly news.
The bad things in life, have no mercy for others, like when a government is corrupt, they have no mercy for anyone and will destroy a whole country just to get what they want. (ex: hitler)
what's the story behind this war? what did they do to deserve this?
When you can see people's pain like this you want to cry and cry, I did...
how could they be ashamed? they have no need!! they were being attacked for crying out loud!
Wan Nan
A very powerful story. Her internal metamorphosis is one of the most remarkable I've ever heard of. She has all my respect.
Why are they naked and what is going to on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
Jordyn, their clothes were burnt off by the force of a napalm bomb exploding!
I still remember the shock of picking up the Boston Globe and finding this unthinkable image captured on the front page. It is as real today as if it were yesterday and always will be. I was already ardently against the Vietnam War and this unspeakable horror only strengthened my resolve. I am glad this woman survived by some miracle and went on to create a life for herself. She never left my thoughts.
I Remeber This Picture From A Social Studies Video The Class I Have Is The Most Immature Kind Of Class Out There
At last her Story is told and her life must now be happyy and secure. I admire you. Well done and God bless you
Even today that pic proves that the red white and blue is true
This is what Kim Phuc says now...
Pretty awesome by the Grace oh God she has found forgiveness.
"Forgiveness made me free from hatred. I still have many scars on my body and severe pain most days but my heart is cleansed. Napalm is very powerful, but faith, forgiveness, and love are much more powerful. We would not have war at all if everyone could learn how to live with true love, hope, and forgiveness. If that little girl in the picture can do it, ask yourself: Can you?"
Wow. War is terrible. It's such a miracle that she survived, though. 
I'm so sad this foto touched my heart
Hope it will not happen again... Let us give peace a chance...
Sad, but even more tragic is that humanity still hasn't learned and there are so many more like her 40 years later.  Wish we could all be kinder to one another.
I feel so badd for those people and idk what the story is but all I knoe is tht powerful images create emotions 
Are you people for real? Do you even have the faintest clue what war's like? Do you realise that these children are probably the luckier ones who survived being burnt alive or blown to pieces? Are you truly so naive? Do you use the internet solely for entertainment purposes? Do you really think that these people, want your empty sympathy? What they want is an end to suffering. We shrug off responsibility onto our respective governments. But we're to blame and nobody else. If you sincerely care, which I doubt very much, the first thing you should be asking any politician contesting an election, is their stance on war. If it's for offensive purposes, then you should dump that scumbag like a hot potato. But unless you do, the blood's on you hands.
I feel so bad! and the girl is naked:(
i really really hate war.................................poor childrennnnnnnn, plz make the world always in peace ...............
 woah thats horrible i feel sooo bad
War, when a child is a victim with no way to be out of line from a soldier's fire. 
Terribly frightening. :( those children..
Omg that's so sad I have a friend in vitnam
THAT'S AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
o my god. thi is why half the world hates america.
poor poor kidzzzz
If you go to where the actually bombings occurred in Japan, you can still see the victims silhouette. 
Paula G
wish we could do more but all we can do is vote for the right person in the white house .
things they dont show you in history class.
+Lily EJ She is naked, because bomb fire swallowed her clothes?
so what happend in that photo
I agree. This is a sad picture. This is just a glimpse of war. A snapshot in time forever stored in the history of man kind. What is even sadder is the way our brothers and sisters that fought for our country were treated when they returned home. Their HOME, our HOME. There are no photos of the receptions they got when they returned, the being spat on, called baby killers, etc. I have a lot of friends who were in country then. I've heard the stories they had to tell, when they wanted to. I'm not in any means trying to start a war of words here. All I'm saying is... Yes this is a horrible thing this child had to experience. Some of our kids, yes our 18 yr old, fresh out of high school, kids were drafted and never made it home. Next time you run into a Vietnam Vet, no matter where, look them in the eye, stretch out your hand, and say "Welcome Home". Then look at the story his face tells you.
Chilling. I'm glad to hear she's doing well.
Amazing. This is such an iconic photo. I'm amazed she survived.
Connie is write it's not gross its just the human body if you thing that's gross you think your gross!
o m g that is really sad and scary 
Children cannot suffer like this. We should make a post about "no wars" and +1 it.
Did you people even take 5 seconds to, I dunno, look at the fucking headline before parading your 80 point IQ by posting "ewww omg naked" about an iconic photo of a girl being burned alive by napalm. 
I hate that kids have to suffer like this its not far at all
That's pretty gross and sad :(
Still unbelievable and heart-wrenching after all this time.
I remember seeing this picture and hurt for the little girl running in the street feeling her pain , how horrible to see children have to deal with this kind of trauma , life is to cruel 
memories that people who was in the picture never forget forever...
Because her clothes got blown off by the bomb. Literally, and the burn scars still exist. 
+Kristian Bekele as the article states: "She will always be naked after blobs of sticky napalm melted through her clothes and layers of skin like jellied lava."
I do think war is ugly in more than one aspect. I have heard veterans from that war say how poorly they were treated when they returned. We need to stop and think about the whole picture, and some details we don't even have and probably never will.
this is really unfair to these poor children
I know this picture very well,and will always be etched in my far as i know,the girl,who has now grown up,won a nobel peace prize and is now working as an ambasaddor for the united nations.Forgive me if my imformation is wrong,but to my knowledge it is was the result of napalm........!!!.......
i've read this story from a very old reader's digest issue 
the ppl who comment on this and who thinks this funny its not its sad so u think back wat u sad and u should bad for urself of wat u said
      (oh my god)
Some of the comment are just shocking me seriously. Read the article it does not take that long. As for gross or being offended because the childs clothes were burned off her, wow develop some depth of character please. 
OK all you American Haters here get something straight about this Photo and Article, the Photo is part of a pictorial of history and the effects that war has on human life. It's also shows that NO ONE is spared from these terrible acts. 
Now for those idiots who say "America Please stop the Wars. Let me give you a Quick history lesson on the Vietnam War, The US did not start this war as the war started way back in the Late 40's when France was fighting Communist rebels led by Ho Chi Minh. America was called in to help in 1954. 

So Before you make a comment Read up on your History.

Also Have a long think about this, if we Didn't have the USA, there is a good chance that the country you live in would not be as free as it is now, I live in Australia and I am thankful for the US being our allies as Our Army couldn't fight its way out of an OPEN wet paper bag.

Keep in mind that Wars are not something that America needs to be in, when a nation is under attack that nation will go to 2 place for Help.
1) the EU and
2) the USA.
her clothing melted off of her, her village was on fire, he is yelling for hellp, she is dying, i wanna give that girl a HUGE hug. THIS IS FOR THE GIRL WITH THE UNKOWN NAME!!!
I don't understand why some people find this photo or story funny. Other people's misery is NEVER funny. Where is our sense of humanity?
this is making me sad....Reminds me of the Holocaust.... :'(
Holy crap thats depressing
One thing I learned from this post is that a lot of people Comment and Don't Read The Story and a lot of people Don't Even Know About It... And for all those people a word of advise: Slow Down, read the article, educate yourself. That way you can make an educated comment or reply.
i feel so bad for all of them. don't be a brat and say mean things, just be nice, they're under attack... ooooh pancakes!! yummm!
War is not a solution for any dispute . You can only win by winning people hearts !! Americans are stupid
How can people think this si funny? this is soooo sad and I feel bad for them. We should have prayed for them...
It's too bad and sorry, innocent civilians are caught between politics and the military. May God bless them.
I still cringe when I see this picture.... Still saddens me!
Whether you're American or Vietnamese, Communist, Republican or Democrat, you sure as fuck, pardon my language, do NOT deserve to be napalmed.
What is wrong with I people who think this is funny? What's funny about war and a girl a d children being terrified and there clothing being burnt off them? It's sad my heart breaks we Americans take for granted shat we have it pisses me off when we contain about not having petty crap! It tears my eyes to see this and breaks my heart it's horrible to c a human being b treated in such a way specially kids' would it b funny if it was your kids' or your family....
Disturbing as it is, it is the reality of any war. There are far more disturbing pictures. What's perplexing to me is how everyone feels pity for the girl without clothes, because there are many other children in the picture.
This is sad....Sad becos so many people do not bother clicking on the link and reading the story behind the photo before posting comments...
That's sad. To some extent I see why they take pictures of this stuff but other than that it's wrong. 
She came to Santa Barbara recently, but found out after her speaking event
me too, Reg, what a horror & nightmare this still must be for so many plp from Vietnam AND the US..... and what for???
so horribly sad ..... makes me wonder what she was doing prior to this horrific moment in her life..... imagine bathing n having moments to flee how sad god be w all those 
Since the first time that i've seen this sadness photo there's serious question in my mind, may you've been heard this famuos statement that says human being is a special creature on the world because of his intellect potential, is that statement really true or not? what do you think of?
it broke my heart when i seen this long time,what every happen to them! i know i seen the little girl with no clothes in a t.v show
that is so sad i might cry
Bu tabloyu yaratanları lanetliyorum bir insan olarak insanlığımdan utanıyorum :((
human never know how to live in this world..
Help helpless,
God help us 
And unfortunately we are still observing plenty of criminal scenes ever worse than this photo allover the world specially in poor regions frequently.
what a poor little girl. Stop saying bad things, and saying it's gross. it's soooo sad! that little girl is being burned. what did they do to deserve that?
Bu tablodakiler daha hala suriye ve orta doğuda devam etmektedir ne yazıkki  dünya ülkeleri seyirci kalmakta hatta birleşmiş milletler olaylara seyirci olmaktan başka hiç birşey yapmamaktadır
+Clayton Hays "Now for those idiots who say "America started the War. Let me give you a Quick history lesson on the Vietnam War, The US did not start this war as the war started way back in the Late 40's when France was fighting Communist rebels led by Ho Chi Minh. America was called in to help in 1954. 
"help" ??? are you kidding me? i'm vietnamese but i don't see it is a "help" from USA
USA is always called in to help.....Who is calling? But beside that . The way the USA behaved in the War was war crime regardless of who made the call.
war is a racket.  a shameful demonic racket. 
The arrogant powers always are able to make excuses to invite themselves into poor and deprived countries to expolit their resources. 
+Jose Puentes You're missing the forest for the trees. But I'm not at all surprise that you've decided to ignored the rest of my post. The central theme is not the girl but the destructive forces at play on civilian populations. The millions of children like her and those far less fortunate. Bombing indiscriminately is intentional and  deliberate. A case in point is the fire storm on Dresden during WWII, where the allied forces bombed the civilian population with incendiaries, burning alive up to 360 thousand people.
I am very thankful you posted this innocent child feeling and living the affects of torture that was NOT necessary---war or not! She wasn't the only one...
that soo grode that girl
what do u mean - gross? It is sad and despicable - imagine what they are going through - that is a devastating picture.
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