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(Wed05) Someday I'm going to buy this Seiko watch:

GPS and solar.
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Rob Go
It's only $2K Guy, go for it.
Very cool! Would be interesting to see it changing time zones on a cross-country flight. 
+Rob Go But I could get 10 Nexus 7s or 6 iPad Minis for $2000. :-) 
+Marco Pena You have to press a button for it to recalculate. It doesn't do it automatically. More reason to get a window seat! 
you have phone, why need this watch?
Because this is not the clock!this is SEIKO!!
I don't see why we need a GPS in our watch, nonetheless Seiko always ROCKS!!!
Wow. Love it.  I'm wearing a Seiko Kinetic Auto-Relay now and need this one to add to my collection.  Brilliant!
+Andy Frank I have a car, but I have a bike. I have MacBook Air, but I have a Nexus 7. I have a suitcase but I have a roll on. I'm not a minimalist. :-) 
+Ronny Japutra it uses the GPS signal to self-correct to the current time zone. Most people donʻt need GPS in their watches, or even a watch at all, but this also isnʻt priced for most people. I can see this being helpful for someone who spends inordinate amounts of time in airplanes.
I have CASIO Wave Reception watch which gets radio signal for time adjustment if needed. Since I'm in an area (Arizona, USA) where time does not change (Summer/Winter time)... and I don't travel out that often so, GPS to adjust time zone is not priority for me.   It would be nice to use the GPS capability for something more functional.
Does it have a USB port or firewire too :-)
Although I like Seiko watches and some variants of the Skyhawk clock face too, the price tag is a bit too high for me. Even if I would get it on my next visit to Singapore - where I bought my last one...
Pretty cool watch, I have several Seiko's myself. Fantastic workmanship, style and price. Not sure if I need this one though.  I don't travel as much as I used to. 
Do people still use watches?  I haven't worn one since 1997...
+Tony Iaguessa Me neither. And if I do, I can live with Quartz precision and changing the time zone manually. Or I would get a Garmin Fenix for one fifth of the price of the Astron. But then the Fenix is quite ugly and does need recharging every few days.
+Danny Walker Some people do. I wear one every day, despite the fact that I could pull my smartphone out of a trousers pocket any time.
That is such a cool watch, I heard Leo Laporte talking about it on, thanks for sharing.
Seems like a nice modern take on the Omega Speedmaster
Seiko makes some really awesome watches. Their Spring Drive technology is one of a kind as well - it combined a mechanical movement with quartz regulation. Many of their luxury "Grand Seiko" models have that.
I bought a Seiko watch in the mid 80's. It was the best I ever had.
You are always bucking the trend Guy
Love the watch and the 009 model with ceramic bezel and rubber band is amazing.
I got a Citizen Attesa back in 2007 in Japan -- pretty much the same functionality: syncs with the nearest atomic clock, solar, time zones. I am still using it, the best watch I've ever had.  
Too much complexity in a beautiful piece of machinery... I don't think it will last anywhere as long as other Seiko watches...
I can just imagine having to turn your watch off on your flight during takeoff and landing...
Gary D
I'm a watch snob, +Guy Kawasaki and I have to say that is a handsome watch.
Nice looking watch but I myself would not spend 2K for watch that has anything electronic inside. Get yourself a mechanical watch that has a "soul" inside +Guy Kawasaki 
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