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(Mon09) Awesome video of a daughter growing up:
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I have a 2 year old daughter and a 17 year old daughter. This clobbers me. How the heck do I put the brakes on them both so they will stay just where they are? I can't. They grow up in spite of me.
Absolutely stunning video! She is one lucky daughter to have this project evolve around her. Well done.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it happens that fast in real life. Don't blink, you will miss something.
Saw this yesterday, can only imagine the hours it took for all the footage and editing. The photography over the years is just short of amazing! The sequel should be great! God willing I should be around to see it!!!
Smart, creative, and dedicative !

She must have a lovely parents, so she had this amazing "to be continued" gift
did anyone notice how she went from always happy to really serious and then back to happy?
i'd love to know more about the logistics of this. how does she feel about it now? it looks like she's doing "confessional" MTV-style discussions. also, i really hope she's continuing to do them. to have her whole life some day like this would be fantastic.
Wow, super cool. What a gift.
Wow, brilliant. crazy how they really seem to grow up this quickly. :(
cute girl on that video is she your daughter so cute,pretty,buetiful and she should be in a movie
the funny faces they put as they grow up...interesting
WONDERFUL! She has such expressive eyes! And it's only going to get better (and more dramatic) as she goes into her teens!
Very cool - truly seems like they do grow up that fast, doesn't it?
Karen M
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THAT IS COOL. Nice to see this child grow :D
+1 this if this was in your suggestions
Her first two teeth at 0:14. so cute!
That was one long story she was telling! ;)
Makes me kinda scared. I want my little guy (2 going on 3) to stay little... Amazing piece though, thanks for the great share +Guy Kawasaki
AWESOME! ..A lovely young lady obviously much loved by her parents!
This is wonderful. Great job! She is a lovely little girl and you seem like a very loving parent.
O mug
"Awesome" is the right adjective, Guy. What a wonderful memento, keepsake for that girl and her parents. Good work, Dad. Good post, Dad.
great what a wonderful dad. all the Z best!!!!!!!!!!!
...and life continues! The collection must be an amazing video diary. Well done!
That is some dedication (you can tell some days she wasn't in the mood to be filmed as much as others), but the result so far is worth it. Wish I'd thought of that...
very good documentation of her growing years
Great Vid Dad...... But.. What is she trying to say for the past 12 yrs. 
so nice it is. really our world is great
watching her transformation is amazing!!! times is passing by so fast. beautiful video..
Im a nurse, i was studying children from 0-20 i get on the internet and found this piece of art. I really enjoy watching this, it accord so well with my study. she is so lucky to have parents like this.
This made me very excited and melancholy at the same time. I can't wait for Dante to grow up. And I don't want Dante to ever grow up.
Nearly cried. Nice choice of song as well.
She so adorable..for a mother her baby still a baby even if she 12yrs cute!!!!!wwow
2 min 40 sec till 12 years old. .... so It will be exactly 20 min long video when she is 90 years old ... I don't know how to feel... I guess life is short.
That's how long it takes, too...or so it seems.
that was so nice and admirable. Coodos Dude.
Brought back a lot of memories of my children! Loved watching them grow! I wish I had done this! Beautiful girl!
Ahhh, no cabe duda que la vida es corta el instante breve y el momento irrepetible...
wow, great!
this must took you some time:)
Cute cute cute! Wait till she becomes a teen! :)
awesome indeed! I should have taken more random videos of my baby too
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I like the dedication behind this piece , hope it would continue
This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen
it's...look normal
such a pretty girl, this is the cutest thing I have seen all day, ( besides my kids that is )
i cannot beleive how grown up they will get if yuo dont pay attention no wi understand wut my mom was saying
Quite a few times she just wasn't up for it I noticed. But still, very much a cutie.
What a neat thing to do! I wish I had thought of it. I have a beautiful daughter her name is Brooke. It would have been a great gift to her! Thanks for sharing.
really nothing is impossible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking back at how time flies, it really does seem to happen almost this fast.
this was so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing.
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