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(Fri01) Pictures of before and after the cleanup of the Fukushima earthquake. Click on each picture to see the "after."

Photo credit: Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images
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Those photos are incredible. What breathtaking devastation...
Chan N
that's over
Tragic, however they are bouncing back because of their strength and courage.
It's interesting because at this point much of it looks like scoured-clean stages. Not as much rebuilding, yet. I look forward to a third set of pictures to add to the overlays...
Amazing photographic records .
The way that they have cleaned up is amazing and unrivaled.
Off-course the situation is not at all good there. But can say that this type of photos are rare.
Truly remarkable. I admire the Japanese spirit. Sure they have money for the cleanup but it I bet it wouldn't take this fast if there were no human hearts and hands that made this possible. Haiti can learn so much from this.
The picture is too small, I can't see it properly.
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I'd love to go to Japan, can you send me a ticket?
Thanks for sharing. Incredible before and after shots. Now I wonder how Haiti is making out?? Or is it just that the Japanese people are so incredible hardworking???
about a week after it happened, we started looking to see if any american companies were being contracted to help in the cleanup and logistics (brown and root, haliburton, etc) but nothing ever came of it. I was hoping to get over there to help in the cleanup after the Tsunami.
Who is mighty either humanbeing or the creator Allah, fukushima proves it
amazing, hopes and prayers for the Japanese people, their spirit is not to be denied. Guy, I hope to see future pics that show continued progress.
well said Steve...I second that.....Peace!
The devastation is still evident, but they have managed to clean up a LOT in a relatively short time.
Compare that with how long it have taken to even get started on New Orleans.
An amazing amount of work has been done. What on earth have they done with all the rubble?
I see so much I heart goes out to all those suffering. How awful.
COOL!!! But uh, yeah... i mean, i wonder how many bodies are under that pile of junk?! and also... sorry to all those people, but i mean, everyone HAS to admit it is really cool looking...
A lot of people say how sad this it. And the devastation that the earthquake caused were indeed tragic and sad. But look at the "After" images, how much these people have managed to do in such a short time. That is worthy of our respect, and admiration.

These images don't make me sad. They are in a way uplifting, even if there is still a lot to be done, they have done so much, in such a short amount of time. It gives me hope for humanity, and stand out as a shining example of what can be achieved when people decide to just get things done, rather than wait for the government to do it all for them.
Waw man that's a lot. I really don't know what to say
Boy these people sure are messy. They just leave things laying around, like boats and houses and stuff.
Whoa! Guy.... Some seriously interesting visuals from our gifted photo-phriends! Hats off to ya'll! Thank you. Doc .Jerusalem/Boston
Omg!! that caused much much destruction
i couldnt imagine what i'd do if that happpened to us!!!!!
Those photo's show some amazing hard work!
I still can't believe and very often I am still watching all those video clips on youtube.. such a disaster..
Thanks for sharing, the Japanese people are so industrious. Pray for their continued strength.
Such a disaster. Those poor poor people. God help them
Incredible pictures- they have come so far in less than a year.
Amazing. Thanks for sharing. Japan is a beautiful place and I'm glad to see they are recovering.
i wand more hard working of japnease ,they shouldnot forget the attack of heroshima and nagakasi,they should try to take revange to usa
I am glad to see that Japan is recovering this quickly. I know it's still got a long way to go.
sue may
This is sad for all the people who died and there pets and family and children
This breaks my heart! We wonder what happens to the survivors - both humans and animals.
Poor people I hope everything is going well.
that makes u sad just lokking at it. man think if u were one of those people!
Wa Why why why why why
There was a massive tsunami triggered by the quake and I assume the ship was brought in on the initial water surge.
I LOVE you with long hair!!!!!
We will be seeing more of this soon on the coasts of California and Oregon. Just really sad. Such a terrific culture. My youngest is enamored with Japanese history and is about to become a history teacher.
I love Japan so much and this event effected me greatly. I have been watching progress since it has happened, and trying to help in any way I can. It is so wonderful to finally see not disaster pictures, but pictures of renewal. Thanks for sharing!
wow!! that is very sad. i wonder what happend. poor guys!! :(
look at picture 12+17, luckily you are warned for flooding next time ^^

awesome japanese mentality, take a look whats happening on Haiti, wont be able to take these pictures there, even with the tons of money we send there..
yeah ur right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how many fish did you get it looks like a boot lood
My wife and I were in Japan when the earthquake hit Kobe in the 90's. My wife was also in the Christchurch one this time last year. At the time of the quake the overriding feeling is one of powerlessness but once it is over life goes on as people rebuild. The aftershocks however come to remind that the earth isn't solid and for all our technology we can't change that.
Why would God do that to inasent people? What they do?
wow that is really intresting i wonder how it had happened
amazing! still hard to believe that scale of disaster happened in real life.
I am lost for words... worlds. I have no experience of anything like this. Typical British I suspect. Powerless and of myself useless. I do not know what to do. Pray?
Is humour offensive to those who have experienced this? Edward de Bono suggests humour is a cure for all problems? Does that philosophy include this?
I think of my comfortable situation and laugh, whether America helps or not you do not want to ask the British! We laugh at ourselves our country stops for weeks with one inch of British snow on English runways and motorways (highways), how useless could we be in this Japanes context / situation?!
We British admire the Japanes ability to cary on and most impressive of all actually get somewhere! No more to say, I am lost for words!!
That's very sad, but I admire at the citizens of Japan. Are there any other country in this world that would stay so calm and react as if nothing big happened to them after such huge disaster ?
I can't believe the devastation in that photo. A ship pushed up onto dry land?

And I have to ask are you the Guy Kawasaki who used to call himself the Mac Evangelist?
Just amazing.... the boat over a two storey building tells the scale of the waves that hit... Amazing recovery true to the spirit of the Japanese
Look at that ship out on dry land. I remember "Three Mile Island." I feel so sorry for those people.
chaotic? I wish them the best. A 1000 mile quest starts in one step.
Hard to believe this was only a year ago.
By the way, +Alan Taylor , the editor of Atlantic In Focus were these photos came from, is on Google +, you can see a lot more of amazing work they are doing on photojournalism.
+Guy Kawasaki Just a nitpick but Tohoku Earthquake is more accurate to call this. Fukushima is a name of prefecture where nuclear plant is located. Other part of Tohoku region were more suffered by this earthquake and tsunami. Thanks for sharing!
Wow I am still concerned about the Japan Earthquake until now.
It's something I was reading geo on maps before and after.I pray this never happens again.
Those poor ppl, I wonder what their thinking right now? :/

what a powerful energy. Looks like Japan is taking steps to recover. Thanks!
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