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(Thu06) Sign up to help evangelize Google+. There are about 5,000 people who have joined already. You'll get a free copy of the PDF of What the Plus! too. Go here to learn more:

(When you sign up, you'll get a confirmation email. After you confirm, you'll get a thank-you email. That email will contain a link to the PDF.)

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! Time out there, Guy!

Are we so sure we WANT to be doing that? I mean, I gotta tell ya - there are some people that need to stay on Facebook. 
+Brian Paone There are some people who need to stay on MS-DOS and CPM too, but I digress...
Comical, but I'm serious. More isn't always better. Quantity doesn't usually equal quality.

I don't care about having 100,000+ followers if 99,000+ are going to be re-circulating urban legends, bombarding my feed with auto-post ads from some game they're playing, and/or the other nonsense commonly found on Facebook and MySpace before it. 100+ G+ followers keep me MORE than entertained and informed, without the Photoshop products and constant "OMFG YOUR FRIENDS LIKE THIS TOASTER YOU SHOULD TOOOOOOO" notifications.

Why do you think G+ needs more adherents?
I've evangelizing Google+ all along!  Love it!
I'm with +Brian Paone, let the masses stay over in Facebook. The last thing I want is for Google+ to become like that. More users, yes but whatever you do please keep the in-laws over on Facebook! LOL
+Brian Paone that's the beauty of circles and the easy management that g+ gives us.

At this point I probably check in at FB once a week, and when I do I try to remember to post one of Guy's EvanG+ links.
There's already plenty of inane chatter on G+. You only need to click the Explore button to find out or allow "Hot on Google+" to appear. The beauty is you can refuse to circle these people or simply block them without them knowing about it — no need to endure the inane chatter no matter how many users are on G+!
yeah, my friends hear from me all the time - "oh, you can't do that on facebook?  i can do that on g+ easily."  i'm not even trying to be snarky about it, just matter of fact.  they're gonna smack me soon, but i can't help myself.
I love the fact that you can make G+ as public or as private as you like.
+Brian Paone Because in social media, you're either growing or you're dying. Those are the only choices.
Guy, totally off topic, but do you remember the first 45 you bought?
OK, maybe I went a little TOO far off topic. :) Vinyl. I'm not sure that people have the same connection to the first mp3  they download as people used to have to the first 45 (single) they bought. Just got me curious about why that's the case, and whether the devices that play music are more important now than the music itself, because there's a physicality to them. 
+Rebecca Woodhead I have never bought a vinyl record at all. It's not that I'm young. I'm just not into music--though I was named after Guy Lombardo!
I am proud to announce that I have no idea what any of you eat for breakfast, what type of underpants you're wearing, or who you hate today.  I heart you for that, so keep on giving me cool updates, tips, and learning. :)
I wanted to ask you on your podcast. When do you think Google will include Google Groups in Google+ and what do you think it will look like?
+Guy Kawasaki - Ah, I see the difference in viewpoint now. See, I don't really care if a social network lives or dies unless I'm charged with overseeing it. 

Social networks come and go. G+ will fade just as MySpace before it and just as Facebook is starting to do. Why concern myself with signing up new members?

Good luck with your efforts though.
+Brian Paone As my mother used to say, "One man's passions is another mans detritus..."
Thanks for the book. Learned a lot of very useful stuff in a very short time, and I thought I was adept at G+! Example: In chapter 14: How to conduct a poll... elegant and genius!
Thank you + guy Kawasaki. I took advantage of one of your promos for a free copy of your book a month or two back. Now I check out G+ daily on my iPhone and maybe FB once a month. Much more useful exercise of time (vs. wasted hours on FB posting inane comments or playing Angry Birds) for those of us with a life.
Recently got a copy of your book on Kindle for $ favorite line? "Write. Good. Shit."It made me laugh and now I'm thinking about using just that quote for my profile... :)
+Guy Kawasaki Not very sure, but is social search available in all countries Google? It's an interesting feature such as you explain in your book, but can't find it in Google Spain. Great book, by the way.
I subscribed, but don't receive email with link to book.
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