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Have they handed you a Ninkasi or Rogue yet? That should be included in any business plan.
Palo Alto software is in Eugene Oregon. Now there's a twist.
You're in Eugene?? Come to the other side of the hill. Bend is the best town in the state.
After Ninkasi you can come tour a few of our 10 breweries.
You should head up to PDX (Portland, OR) and hang with the +Grimm crew.
O mug
You get any closer to the U of O campus and you'll start growing feathers, Mr. K! As the Beavers would put it: "Bite me!" ;-)
Official: 'Fringe' renewed for final season!‎
Entertainment Weekly - 2 hours ago
by James Hibberd As we've been predicting for a few weeks, Fox has ordered 13 concluding episodes of Fringe despite the show's ratings being super modest on ...
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