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"Attack" photos add terror to weddings

My wedding photos don't look at all like these. How about yours?

This is from the wedding of Kate Young and James Lowder, photographed by Quinn Miller

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Dance floor at around 11PM at my second wedding looked a lot like this.
Que susto!, heeee?
What a shock!, Heeee?
Haha, quite original actually! Really cool!
How'd they get a pic of my Mother-in-Law in there?
I still wouldn't want to do these Wedding Photos, but cool concepts.
Good Morning America had a segment on today about photo shoots that are now popular called Trash the Dress. Brides purposely find creative ways to take shots that involve say water, sand, paint etc. The one this morning? Setting the dress on fire and running into the water. Umm.... no.
Re-reading Enchantment for 3rd time!   
This is awesome! My nephews have used an app to make several fun videos like this :)
This is why Jurassic Park stopped taking in requests as a wedding reception. Those damn TRexs always chase everyone off the cake.
Not unless you look really close...
I guess it will distract from the the real terror of the young couple knowing that most marriages between couples in their 20s end in divorce.
Could be a scene from primeval (the brit version, not so sure about the scifi one)
Guy N D
Was the groom or the bride who pissed off the "hitler woman"?
"Faster, faster ... must go faster!"

"Objects in mirror are larger than they appear."
this is the kind of thing that makes you jealous for not doing it first!
awsome looks really interesting !
Why does the cute little TRex have three legs, or do I need to adjust my glasses?
it's been there since the PhotoShop launch, being inhibited by tunnel vision of theatrical wedding buffs, accounting for 7b folks by now (guys in the pic excluded.) Mega dope idea!
That's clever...seems like the groom might change pic to one of mother-in-law, though...jus' sayin'
Wedding crasher on steroids! Great idea vs. traditional weddings shots! Love it.
How could my mother-in-law get there?!
Hahaha....what a wedding, this remind us not to go on garden wedding u should wed on a sacred place like church or else your wedding will be like this hahaha... Hilarious! Nice guy like it cool...
i was thinking last night what does T-rex do with his little arms.
I knew we should not have done weddings in jarasic park!
The T-rex don't like weddings!
And I will ]say no ones wedding look likewise.. but that's funny..
Sie sind die Jäger und wir das Fressen...
Well, There goes another dress rehersal down the drain.
Ryan B
I love it, but how due you explain this to the kids?
ROFLMAO!  You could always say that was your ex in the background.  
Wedding didn't look like that, but the wife does if I have one beer.
Those people are definitely trying too hard.
oon pk
hahah nice i love that
This is actually more representative of things to come in the divorce proceeding
looks like my brother-in-law
That is one of those fake looking weddings
The name of that dinosaur is it called the Mother in LAW! :)  XD
Well maybe in next month look like that jajaja
First time I saw this sort of thing it was funny and cute.  Now it's getting a bit overdone. 
That's cool do you want to be my friend
Doc SX
Mine looked like this when my wife's dad suddenly showed up with a shotgun in his hands....
Funny wedding pix, very nice,  love  it!!!!!
Never run from such beasts, stand and face them, they will flee from an aggressor !!
Si definitivamente o talvz asi vendra la rutina Jajaja in next year's
이런것 있을수없는 터문이없는이야기이다

Whoa! A running wedding with a prehistoric animal appearing to be in chase, making all realize the importance of "feet don't fail me now."
:-) Love this,what a CRAZZZY FUN IDEA!! Blah blah with all the boring wedding pic's "LOVING" but just the same old same!? POWER 2 U,THIS PIC IS FLY!!
OH... how fairfulll....its terrible !!!!!
que suerte este no se casa ni ahi jaja
ahaha corre por tu vida, pero no se olvide de la comida :)
i personally think that i a wonderful wedding. they get free hugs with a t-rex! awesome or what!
+Krystyn Chong He was a friend using a camera that took special type of film. He moved before he found someone with the equipment required to process the film and it was lost in the move.
The two couple need serious prayer to avoid devious.
I pray for you that your marriege be bless by God in Jesus name amen

Excuse me:No body can marry  her ,she is mine.
If you could get married at Jurassic Park, this is what it would look like. 
and thats why I am not getting married any time soon 
Hahahahhahahaha yea me too
they all look pretty happy to me. see even the t -rex is smiling.
I only need to run faster than the slowest person.
very gud start,wish you safe landing.
Oh sam really good job

hey guys looks like spedial apperance
Perfect picture for the line in a song by E. Starr - "Feet Don't Fail Me Now."
muy hermosa y original fotografia
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