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(Sun04) Kickstarter makes some big changes. No more renderings and simulations.

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Shy Son
Change is good!
Pebble, OUYA, and Hand Stylus would not have been as successful under the new rules. Don't like three change. Hopefully another crowdsourcing site with fewer restrictions will take their place, as Kickstarter myspaces themselves.
If you are giving a feasible concept and if enough people can potentially back it and can actually see the process from concept to finished project, it makes sense to have mock ups. 

When you are designing something, no matter what-- it should stand in a conceptual phase and people need to see it, in some verse--especially if physical resources aren't available. 

If apple, samsung, HP or whoever sends off their ideas (in the concept/written phase) to the FCC or whoever to approve the build and release of a product, then it makes sense to present a concept to people who want to see what they are backing. 

If i have an idea of something and i don't have the resources to make the actual end product, it would make sense to show people something. 

Because that's what crowdsourcing communities are there for. 

Personally, I think that takes away from people that truly need legit crowd sourcing/backing for their project. 
They are saying the product needs to do what you say it can do. A Mock up is not the same as a working prototype.

They don't want people on kickstarter promising the world and failing to deliver, that is all.
+Andrij Harasewych They also do not want Kickstarter, intended for crowdsourcing venture funding, to become just another shopping site. 
I agree with you that because of that, it would be too easy to just promise the world and then make off with people's money
I agree with that, in the event that someone has the materials to do that certain thing whatever it may be. 

But in the case of people that don't meet their goals, but can still use their monies to go toward it is a great start. 

That part seems eliminated. 

The entirety of the idea of crowdsourcing is conceptual and prototypical. 

at least that's how I feel on it. and yes, one HAS to have something that works along the lines of what they are trying to accomplish. 
+Sven Olaf Potstada But investors and people are shopping for ideas to back all the time. That's the market. 

The price of stocks rise and drop based on an investors' (or buyer's) idea that they may lose their money or influence on something in the future. 

influence buying is that idea, when people don't want something because it is too much, the stock falls based on one's (or a groups) physical capital and worth of the fund or product itself. 

If someone doesn't like what they see, then they simply won't buy (into) it. 

The idea of shopping is encrusted in the very idea of funding projects. 

TechStars is a great example, because the investors now, currently give each recipient the money to visualize their concept for investors to further buy into in the future. 

From that, the potential company is encouraged to present what they have to sell, with the blessing of the Techstar investors.

that's an added bonus that doesn't come from KS, but it is the idea of potential that an everyday person might see in their home, that they can use in some capacity or may change the way the do things in their or someone's life.

I think calling it shopping is a bad idea, but i don't own KS, lol.
As the JOBS act drives unregulated angel money toward crowd-funded  innovations this makes sense if kickstarter sees themselves as the future of venture capital. I worry for them that all these changes simultaneously might be too restrictive for their hipster fans to bear, they should have eased into this one change at a time over a longer period of adoption.

Edit - oopsie, thanks +Andrij Harasewych 
The fans will move to (or create) another service.
+Bruce Goren replace crowdsourcing with the word crowdfunding :) two different things  - though you are right about the JOBS act being the impetus for the change.
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