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(Thu10) A blind person using Google's self-driving car.

Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan
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This should really help with their core products...
When will they release the flying version?
You know i didn't understand why google would invest in this but then i started thinking about what people are going to do now that we have self driving cars. Instead of wasting your time driving you will be wasting your time on the internet while you car drives you. More internet use means that google makes more money. Brilliant
Im missing something friends..Please tell me how they got the permission to test these cars on public roads. Is it not necessary for all vehicles to be certified for road so that they dont endanger the public..? How did Google go about this.?
b cuz the car is effin awesome and its google.. no more be said lol
If this is true, then role of this person inside of the car?....
I love the way google strives to take things to the next level.
I love Google... yes, they're a huge multibillion dollar company, but they're the only one who has not caused me to sit down and cuss them out for their obvious greed motivation and consumer sodomy. So far, their profit has been by making products everyone can be loyal to. And I can't wait until their gigabyte internet takes off as an actually service... oh man the bluray quality streaming will be great.
Side note: what happens if our internet speed technology explodes beyond our hard drive write speed? Are our computers capable of communicating with the server about this issue, or would a download fail? lol curiosity born of hope.
mani S
this is the future of innovative development in the field of automobile industry.
wounderful~. I expecting about this project.
Awesome! Kudos to Google for thinking out-of-the-box.
That'd be nice. But since we are somewhat power hungry and hasty beings there would be a lot of car hackers who pimp their artificial intelligence auto pilots so that they'd be able to speed, bully and swear like a regular driver. ;-)
And how does he programs the destination of the car ?
There's no cars on the roads while this car is driving. I'm just not sure how it would work out in a real world environment, where you have truckers rushing to meet a deadline, mommies trying to deal with children fighting in the backseat, etc.
Not in my neighborhood, but thanks. :)
Oh I'm not surely what do you think about any better home in the place? My old automoblie is ex-home..
Absolutely love it, im so sick of the daily commute! I wish these things were available now!
Google is really changing times with technology
This is the second video I've seen about this car, and my opinion is still the same. Amazing. Brilliant. Absolutely wonderful! I am so excited to see the technological advances that will be introduced during my lifetime, and this one is definitely something that younger people like me should be getting excited about! +Lola J. Lee Beno The first video I saw about this car ( shows it driving in traffic and making adjustments for people cutting it off. The sensitivity of this car is extremely high!
Morgan Amonett
متي تنزل في السوق السيارات بجهاز تحكم يا قوقل
is that a car or google search engine if it's a google search engine !
spoilers :) I think part of the fun of that video was supposed to be the 'surprise' when you realized he was blind.
I like the part where he was eating a taco with 2 hands and his eyes were off the road!
Jie Yu
This is awesome!!!
really WOW!!!!...........
Question: So you go to your water hole, overcelebrate a little, climb into this bad ride and zoom off. You get pulled over. Would you get a DWI?
+Will Mitchell It doesn't seem at first to help sell their core products, although +Cameron Mulder had an interesting thought. Plus it relies on Maps, which Google could monetize further (i.e. use it to drive people to certain businesses). Furthermore, when you think about the positive brand image Google has created, and how projects like this contribute to that image, it's hard to guess just how much business they'll get as a result of this car. Could be a lot. It made me like +Google more.
I hope they improve their GPS enough for this. My Goggle Maps GPS on the Android has goofed up enough where I wouldn't trust this for some time. But I know the driverless races have had great luck accurately racing up mountain side tracks, where the technology is there. P.S. this isn't only a Google thing, they are just one of the participants.
Have you been to India ?! Wonder if this can work in here !!
Fede B
para q molestarme en aprender a condusir , por fin un auto de verdad
Wow I am legally blind. How nice it would be to not depend on a physical driver to go to work and college and to get a snack when I want it and go to the beach !!where do I find out more about this??
It is amazing how this has been invented.  I have seen a few videos of this car, one with it really driving fast around cones and another in a busy built up pedestrian area and it looks like it really works.  I know people have been trying to achieve a robotic car for years but never quite got it to work safely.  This one seems to have done it.

I think it is useful for the blind, a journey to the shops for a blind person must be a terrifying thing and this must give them a great more freedom.  They can go out where they wan't and when they wan't.

As something that everyone will have one day I am not so sure though.  I think people like the freedom of driving and being able to control the car for themselves.  I think a driver after the novelty wore off of not having to steer etc etc would quickly get frustrated with the computers decisions when in traffic.  People like to find there own way and solve things for themselves I think.
This has been my wish all my life even more now....
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