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(Fri05) The latest 911 just rocks. This is the car I dream of owning.
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I can't plus 1 this enough. Love the color too. My dream car is a RUF Porsche.
Really awesome ... ^^
Keep on dreaming , maybe you'll get it one day ... ^____^
A Porsche? Really?
Surely there are more interesting cars for the price?
Very nice...I'm more of a Fiskar Karma or Audi R8 girl myself :)
I've loved the 911's since I was a little kid. The new ones are even hotter!
black for me please... :)
+Guy Kawasaki fair enough, i find 911s a bit boring. Not that they dont look nice and 'classic' just very samey.
Slick looking car...didn't the 911's have a spoiler before??
+Matthew Maber You may find this hard to believe, but I don't want to stand out--as much as a person driving a Porsche can not stand out. I just love the car. I don't car if anyone sees me in it.
And you haven't made a down payment yet? Shame on you!
Hm. Porsches have normal window stickers. I finda figured you wouldn't need the data, so it'd just say "It's a Porsche." And in my head it'd be printed on something fancy like vellum or calfskin or something.
+Guy Kawasaki its just A LOT of money for a bland (thats unfair but i think you know what i mean) car.
for the same money you could get something far more slick looking.
I wont turn one down if u want to gift me one though lol.
Who does not dream of owning this (apart from those who already own it)
Now I need a bigger christmas tree,
also, PLEASE not in white. euch at cars in white
have you seen the Top gear yet though? i agree it does look really nice but the back is actually starting to take on an Austin Martinesqe look to it. still sharp though and if i had over $200,000.00 to blow on a car that might be one of them i'd consider.
Any of the 911 line are not bland when you drive them. If you like manual transmission, then get one soon. Porsche may phase out the manual in favor of their PDK (Paddle Shifters). Personally I like the paddles, it's VERY fast and requires a different skillset to drive quickly. There are several models that you can get used, but certified.
Any of the 911 line are not bland when you drive them. If you like manual transmission, then get one soon. Porsche may phase out the manual in favor of their PDK (Paddle Shifters). Personally I like the paddles, it's VERY fast and requires a different skillset to drive quickly. There are several models that you can get used, but certified.
I've built a few....worked on DP, Ruf, etc. They were fun to drive. Drove one of the IMSA racing version
s at a test back in the day.
A new Turbo S or the 4.0 RSR will get your blood pumping.
+James Himes my dad had a DB9 and the wing mirrors and sticks behind the wheel were all Volvo branded
"...I love driving it It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up..."
Beautiful car.....white clean...
Go for it Guy. Looks good.
Funny how, all these years later, it's still got such a clear connection to the original, mid-60's 911.
I'm buying a 1989 951(944 Turbo) and restoring it with my boys. it's a 160mph 4cyl with balance so perfect it is still rated as one of the best handling cars. #CantWait
no its not a nice car I'm sorry i want a car that changes with new models this looks the exact same as every other model they have made its pathetic....
O_O - were can i get dat and how much
EL FUTURO,,,, LO estamos viviendo hoy,,, impresionante auto..
They look the same.... Yes, they look like a Porsche. The real design is under the body panels, you know, where the focus should be..
GT3 or bust... or a turbo would work. Short of that, pass. :)
True true, I'm driving a Boxster and would take the 911 cabrio plz : )
I like this sport classic car :)
All that expensive engineering to compensate for the fact that the engine is in the wrong place! RR is a solution to a 1960s engineering problem that doesn't exist any more. Gimme FR or MR or 4WD anyway (i.e. anything but RR!) 
Very......very nice.......
Ath Ell
I like how i can get one
Its an amazing car, and as weird as it might sound, far better than the previous model 997. Camp4 just ended we have 15 in the yard now getting ready to ship back. One word...WOW. Shared the vid of Camp4 if interested. Instructors and mecanics made it.

But in all honesty i'd rather have the new Boxster myself.
Looks nice, I still prefer a Mustang tho!!
do you know Nina Jaworski a history teacher?!
(Whistle) you prepared to drop over 110 grand. My car beats yours.
thats one of my dream cars
So why don't you buy one Guy? It isn't like you can't afford one.
What beautiful workmanship. Gotta love it!!
but... you're a millionaire, buy it and enjoy it! Trying to look ordinary is weak mate
oyalata terenne nathi wunata mama mekata asai :P
keep on dreaming of owning it. I will do the same
+Guy Kawasaki time to man up and get it... How cool would you look exiting with an M-9 around your neck.
2 le aai yar mainu chahidi aa...... hahahha
love he car!!!! better in red though :)
Why? The engine is in the wrong place and it looks like every other 911. I will never understand the appeal of this car. Even Porsche tried to stop manufacturing it once.
correct now power is in your hands.... enjoy it
Finally! After a few years of crappy designs, a truly cool looking body worthy of Porsche. Stop dreaming!
The sad thing is that if I REALLY wanted to - at the expense of my retirement and a trust fund for my son with special needs - I could write a check for one today. (Hmmm... Medical science will figure out how to get rid of that one extra chromosome in the next 20 years. Porsche dealership, HERE I COME!!!)
Jim, You have earned my respect! Do it!!!
Imagine if they put that amount of horsepower into a mid engined Porsche like a Cayman. I don't understand why Porsche still uses the 911 it's primary platform when they have much better designs to work with that don't weight balance issues.
nice car ,how much? i wanna buy now
Nice ride Guy. For a guy like you and no pun intended, I am sure you could just go buy it instead of dreaming about it. LOL :-)
is it me or does you camera on your phone have pink spot issues? Did you take this shot with a Galaxy S 2?
Simply Beautiful! Someone earlier in this stream said the GT-R is a better value. From a numbers standpoint I couldn't agree more. If I wanted to win a race around the Nürburgring I'd choose the GT-R everyday. But if I want to drive a supercar everyday it's this 911 without a doubt. Look more closely it's gorgeous from every angle:
I got myself a boxster for my last birthday. I never understood why people raved so much about Porsches until I had a test drive. I will have it two years and then go back to something I can get out of without grunting :-)
An Audi is just a car, a prius is less than a car, a smartcar is half a car, and Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, BMW (the m3 specifically) and Lamborginni should never under any circumstances be referred to as "Just a car". EVER.
Oh dear... boys and their toys
It looks like it has grown some. Still a nice car!
yes boys but want a girl for car
I don't ask you how much it... :D
this is a car i dream of owning, so i can set it on fire.
I could use a car like that.
porche still kicks ass when it comes to making a great car
Never liked Porsche...Never appealed to me...More like Aero kinda-guy....
Then go buy one - you only live once and you can't take it with you - HA!
my friend just picked one up, autostart etc is pretty neat
Sha Man
Common, Guy, are you kidding me? This is the Guy Kawasaki from Apple, if you're dreaming of it and not going out and getting one, then you should have hung on to some Apple shares. You must have! NOOOO , please I cannot believe that people are drooling over a 911.
than just buy it Guy! You can afford it — unlike many other people that are not less bright than you.
wohhhhhhhaw .,., nice color ,love it
so other than the obvious $$$, what else does it take to turn that dream into a reality? I hear Tony Robbins in the background.
at some point I thought it was a porche. Nice!!!!
wowowowowowowowowowowowowow whos is this
Why re-design what is almost perfection and one of the most aerodynamically slippery cars on the planet?
Porsche are my all-time favorite cars! I will own one someday!
beautiful, had the 4s and loved it, waiting for them to revamp the turbo s
Dreams make life interesting. Achieving them makes life worth living. I wish you the best of luck towards your dream Guy. to drive it.............
You kind of seem like the guy who can just buy and doesn't need to dream. It's the rest of us that need to dream. What happened, did you lose a couple of million at the cleaners or something?
I love Porsches, I'd probably kill myself in one though. Yellow for me.
He wants it because... he wants it. i also lust after it. and even when i am standing there with the means to buy a Ferrari, or Aston, or other equally yummy machine... i will still lust after the 911. people want it because they want it. i have wanted it since i was 11 years old. we dont tell our brain what it wants... it tells us.

and for those who choose to talk shit about somebody elses dream car... what on earth does that accomplish. does it make you feel better about your self to show how superior you are? really? you are that insecure about yourself that telling somebody that you want to buy their dream car just so that you can set it on fire is your way of feeling good??? sucks to be you.
What's so good about it? Does it have a good gas mileage?
materialism leads one astray. It will not bring you true happiness. We have to fight our base emotions and desires, that's our distinguishing factor.
To those who say the styling hasn't changed from gen to gen, the Aston Martin has looked the same for decades. Still one of the best looking cars out there. Guy, how many Porsches do you already own for you not to be allowed to buy this one? Hehe.
I like it, but I have to say the Ferrari Spider is my dream ride.
i have a video on this car on my youtube channel check it out
I like the newest iteration of the 911. By elongating it, they have achieved a subtle improvement in the way the car is visually perceived. The Aston Martin Zagato, in red, is a stunner.
Wanna race? Seriously, though, you need to take a car like that to the track to fully experience it.
How it be fast but it is not that good
The mid section is cute.. IMO, back and front are "meh".
what is the asking price? Or is it close to worker bees annual salary?
I'm with Liz Karschner, an Audi R8!! They look nicer in my opinion too!
hey Guy, nice choice car, i may be able to help you get that car, if interested, let me know, and i will show how? Gary Dixon
DaNM Fucking cars i love This ummaaah
Your dream car is awesome! I am saving to buy one of the new Teslas
It's a good car, I've read it is fun to drive, and porsches are the cars that all the reviewers compare other cars to. I think it looks fucking sexy, but I would rather have a Cayman R with extra turbos because of the mid engine ballance. Great for Cornering. So I've read.
You dream of owning this car? Come on Guy... if you wanted this car you would already have this car... Let's re-read some of your books to get our minds right, friend.
Work hard and just keep ur heart and eye on the price!

Base model is still around 46K. Worth every nickle? Yup....
Looks like every other 911. A smushed VW Beetle with red brake pads.
Guy, you deserve it! What's holding you back? I had a 928 S4 before I got married...Now I have a VW Rabbit, a Honda Odyssey and a BMW 5 series. I still miss her....
This is a really nice car.? NOTTTTTTT
I have been fortunate enough to race a Porsche GT2. I have driven and raced many other marks, and none compare. Porsche is the only company that builds their race cars off the same production line as the street cars. You drive what is raced. Guy- Come to Houston and I will put you in a Porsche Cup Car with a Pro Driver.
it looks exactly the same as the old one. :) I agree with many people GT-R is better looking and funner to drive.
Don't dream, just finance it.....................
if the God want that you will owning
If you can not afford it right now do not finance it. This is what got our country in trouble. Save and then finance some, less than you put down. Payment would be affordable or buy a used one until you can trade up to a new one. Manage your finances the bank will not do it for you!
That vehicle screams, "Pull me over, I'm speeding." At least it's white, so statistically it has less chance of attracting the police.

I'm happy with my Prius. Cheap to own, cheap to operate.
I with you I sure would love to have that one as well. Dreams have been known to come ture. We all have to have something to reach for in life. So reach beyond the stars and believe in GOD.
IK waht u saein kus sum ppl kant afford nunthn bhut dht iz a nice car DOE!!!!!!?????? you know who this is...Guy Kawasaki is a famous author of the 'rich dad poor dad series'...I seriously doubt he has a 'problem' affording this beaut :-P
No offense but it's hardly changed from the original. I prefer the Aston Martin Vantage
German Engineering ... You gotta love it.
Ron P.
+Guy Kawasaki if you ever do get one, make the trip to Germany and pick it up from there... It's an awesome experience!
if the 911 were and animal it would be a gecko
The new 991 (internal code name 991) model year 2012 is a nice incremental improvement vs. previous models. It was great to see the North American Debut of this car at the Rennsport Reunion IV at Laguna Seca last October, where thousands of Porsche owners gathered to see Porsche's of all vintages.

See a few of my pics from that event here..

Porsche has also released a short clip of the event on YouTube:
Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV: This is how we celebrate.

I hope you your get yours soon. The new Boxster was also just updated for model year 2013, which will be available this summer.
I dream of Bugatti. I mean, go all the way. It's a DREAM.
How much is it? I want one! I have always wanted a white porche. Who doesn't? 
latest old timer.......911........devils drive
... looks like just about every other 911 .... except for the sticker-price.
I wonder if the Camaro ZL1 is faster than this version of the 911 as well... ;)
u want to get laid that wat u want
hey rj little do you play hero smash
do you play adventure quest world too??
This car is great! What is the brand or model? How much it costs? Thanks for feedback.
Oh yes i can see myself going home in this!
I like most of the shape, but it looks like it still has those ugly round protruding headlights.
I have an M3, but I'd still prefer a 911 S if I could afford one (and I didn't have kids).
Cool Car you should dream of owning that ;)
A work of art! But, isn't it what Porsche has always been about? Hope you buy one soon - and not just in a dream!
Take it out for a test drive and don't bring it back.
Have seen a few comments with mention of the M3 (BMW). Now I own neither but I have driven both an M3 (2011 model) and the 911 - not this model though. Both are amazing cars but to say one is better than the other would be a grave injustice to BOTH. They should NOT be compared directly cos this is not an apple-for-apple scenario when it comes to these two superb machines. Watch a few seasons of Top Gear and you will soon agree with me. However, in their specific categories they are miles ahead from the competition IMO. If I could I would have one of each!!
What for? It's just a car, ok I admit a beautiful nicely build car, but still just a car :-) And with the speed limits all around you wouldn't be able to go to the limit anyways...
should be ez, tell 'em you invented Apple & iPhones :)
no dont lie stupid.....are u stupid or what.. i think u are
Godzilla is my choice too , lovely car tho , u can't take that away
I saw one of these driving by today nice car indeed 
They are stretching it out too much. Like the Gt2/3 better
dont dream it... do it bro. we'll get you there. Judo Cruise.
wow that car really rocks
Now i want to go into law inforcement... But first to finish school...
As age increases, don't let things of the physical define who your are inside, the things that truly shine through. I would love to have such a machine, could get quite crazy with it, but when thinking of financial security would opt for another outlet.
Come buy a new or used one from me at Michael Porsche in fresno,ca
itna deti hai ............................
Glad to see we have the same dream.
Sof K
wow!! its mine :D
My dream and my favorite car this logo
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