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Powerful photos from the Vietnam War, released 45 years later

Charlie Haughey shot approximately 2,000 photos between March 1968 and May 1969. The negatives was in his home for forty-five years. Recently the pictures were scanned. See a portion of them here:

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Please don't forget. Photo manipulation is done since the first Photo shots ever... Vietnam war was no fun time for all participants...
Big Heavy Sigh.
Very nice, Guy..
I was there—brings back both good and bad memories.
This war with america right?
nice  photos thank for charing.
awwww how sweet! i love dadies and there babies
Yea i knnow ,not my question though
Their servers must be getting hammered. Having a hard time getting there even from Google search.

But the few I saw we're fascinating.
Ur info from this web or u had info before? 
Anw its not a biggy ..thx anw
Wow, very gritty and intense images.  This will be a really significant contribution to the visual archives of Vietnam.  They're well composed, too.
I don't know between unitestate and vn,why they battle of war?
We should never forget what a tragedy that war was and should never had occurred. 
How many people were killed because of arrogant power of America
and how many American soldiers were remained depressed and hopeless after that war
I served in that war, We who survived, were spit on and treated bad when we came back, not like it is now. It was a horrible war, for the GI, as well as the vietnamise people. I still carry the scars of pain from that time. 
Are veterans deserve so much more from us when they come home. I wish so much more for them, i wish what they deserve!!!!
Thank u Marie, none of us choose war, but as an American, I have and had a duty to serve, and uphold the constitution of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Freedom is not free.
This photo is a fraction of what really happened over there. John Kerry (and many others) spilled the beans long ago. My uncles served in Vietnam, they said everything Kerry mentioned is true. In my opinion these feel good photos and stories are a cover up. Now fast forward to Iraq. 
I remember the Vietnam War. I was just a kid but some of the news at the time was quite graphic.
Pete, It was a fucked up war, which was called a police action at the time. True we should not have been there, however when your country calls, you answer. It was the draft back then. We didnt like the politics behind it, just like the politics now. Itd always the boots on the ground who suffers, as well as civilians. Its the ugly face of war. 
It's hard to believe one soldier or one steel factory worker can take such powerful photo! ! Amazing! But, we should think about WAR
Trời ơi sao khủng khiếp thế ?
That's a fact the ones of us who made it back home were treated like S.
I am always excited when new Vietnam photos surface. I look intently to find my dad there....
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