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(Sat02) Interactive map of school shootings around the world:

Hat tip to +Amanda Blain

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I'm wondering if pepper spray would have been usefull?
that man that just killed all those poor little kids NEEDS TO COP ON! who would go around and do that name 1 time!!! :(
Someone at some point will say they can't believe no school shootings have happened in Mexico, with all the drug violence and so on. Well, it's true; there have been shootings near schools, but not in schools. Cruel and immoral as they are, the drug cartels are a business. And it serves no purpose to them to enter a school and shoot kids. It would be bad for business even. So there.
+Guy Kawasaki Yes, the link I gave you is only school shootings. Check again. If convinced please confirm I'm correct.
A picture is worth a thousand words. 
+Ivan Raszl The Wikipedia entry would add two in Australia and one in Thailand. Still, the general message of the map is that the US has way more shootings than the rest of the world. 
+Guy Kawasaki No.

It would add 11 in Asia and Australia. It would 10 in South America. It would add 10 in Canada, and 6 in Europe. It would also remove many from the USA.

If the map was put together according to facts it would not show this concentration of shootings in the USA compared to the rest of the world.

I think you should edit the message to say that the map may not be correct if nothing else.
Much of these comments are astounding. How anyone can look at this latest horror and think it has nothing to do with guns speaks of a level of delusion that is tragic.And only 4 of your federal politicians have had the courage to speak out and say 'the time is NOW' to speak of sane gun policy.
It's like living next door to a meth addict who blames contrails for their rotting brain.
Also, I must add I don't argue against tight gun control. I agree that we should ban all automatic weapons for civilians and ban most hand guns unless there is a good reason for the permit. And with time even those should be revoked.
I think this map is very misleading and probably inaccurate to boot.  I lived in China for nearly 6 years and while there was no "school shootings" there was plenty of terrible violence.  The most hideous of which is boys throwing acid on girls faces.  Knife fights are still an old stand by for dealing with disagreements all over the world.  

People who try to blame guns for the violence that occurs in the west are as misguided as those boys throwing acid on the girls.  A better chart and one that would help lead to some changes would be a realistic chart of school violence.  

Oh and by the way Criminals in China still find a way to get guns!  They rob banks, mug people at ATMs, and all the other crimes one thinks of as gun crimes.  

These tragedies are terrible, and I have seen 2 people get shot within 50 feet of me in my life.  I have also seen 4 people get stabbed or hacked with a meat cleaver.  A number of people using bats or other bludgeoning items, and more fist fights than I care to think about.

We need to deal with the cause of violence and not what weapon was used.  I don't own a gun, and don't even have something that resembles a fighting knife. I understand that it isn't the arms causing this pain but the evil heart of many criminals.  They would do their work with another armament if they couldn't get a gun.  The pain would still persist.  We need to deal with why these people fall so far from grace and stop trying to blame the implement.. the tool they use to do their evil work.
Yea other countries dont wait till school. The kill children at homes and n the streets.
wow, you have witnessed an awful lot of violence +Mark Finch sorry for asking, do you live in a Tarantino movie? I'll watch some cartoons
Africa with no dots, i don't think so. The Mass genocide there is out of control.
oh never mind, no schools.
 "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. "
~Rahm Emanuel 
Omg the red dots in  the USA looks like an OK
For all of you who try to defend your country, the U.S.: you had some principles upon which your country was formed and upon which it prospered greatly. It basically meant freedom as long as you don't bother your neighbor. I believe they were called the founding principles. Those principles are long gone in your country, and you need to open your eyes and stop trying to blame others for the mess you created in your own country. For the rest we have more or less the same problem over here in Europe, perhaps in less numbers, but num,bers don't count when we talk about the dead. I bet in Africa and China they have their own problems. So dear American, mind your own business, okay?
sheeple is scared, big good ol' uncle Sam has devised a plan to saves us all, yay!!!
...and here's my biggest lie ever: The stated above is not sarcasm
According to the U.N., the U.S. had 3.0 firearm homicides per 100,000 in population in 2009. But there were 14 other nations that had higher rates in 2009, primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean: Honduras (57.6), Jamaica (47.2), St. Kitts and Nevis (44.4), Venezuela (39.0), Guatemala (38.5), Colombia (28.1), Trinidad & Tobago (27.3), Panama (19.3), Dominican Republic (16.9), Bahamas (15.4), Belize (15.4), Mexico (7.9), Paraguay (7.3) and Nicaragua (5.9). Three other nations had higher rates in 2008: El Salvador (39.9), Brazil (18.1) and Ecuador (12.7).

So the U.S. doesn’t rank no. 1 when firearm homicides are adjusted for population.
+Michael Dillon um, India and China have far larger populations than the USA. Canada is the same size with a similar number of guns per capita and doesn't have this problem.
Ahh yes Asia, i.e. China, the children mirdered there are done by the regime and its followers. Not to mention legal and at a much larger scale.Stop compartmentalizing tragedy to make your own skewed points.
that's because we acknowledge every body with a smile every where rather tha asking "what are you loking at" or "keep your eyes to yourself freak" LOL
Dillon is so correct!  The mindset today is "I want someone else to be responsible and to blame for my every adversity."  This, conveniently, means THE GOVERNMENT.  The politicians are more than eager to oblige by taking these liberties and making the people more and more dependent on government and less self reliant - thus, government grows stronger and individual liberties and safety are lost.   
none at Pakistan.
I will not agree to armed guards, metal detectors and armed Kindergatren teachers(!!) to satisfy the egos and phallic inadequacy of idiots with guns.

Screw them.
+Michael Dillon 

But still, with more guns available (becouse are legal) the probability this events will occur is higher, is not that true? The facts (in this case the map) speak for themselves, or you think us Europeans are less sick? I think Europe has one of the sickest population in the world.

And yes, I would love the state to take my "freedom" (guns) away, if that would make life for me, my family and my friends safer. Please do!

As a conclusion, the more the comfort the less the freedom, is logic, is like a neighbor playing music too loud, is imposible becouse someone will call the police, and he has to obey this rules in order to take advantage of what the society, or the neighborhood has to offer.

Why limit it to shootings?  China has had many mass killings in schools recently but they didn't use a gun.  Armed with just a knife people are able to kill dozens of children too.  
what do you Know about any other country but your own +Kyle Kelly ? it was a retorical question, how many languages do you master?... i thought so. stupid.
There are plenty of mass shootings in Africa and China. Due to lack of television media they are almost never seen nationally or even better internationally. In fact with the mass shooting before the latest 21 person stabbing in China the government blocked all media coverage of it especially online. It happened in november if I am remember right.
Dane is wrong. Shooting a gun makes it uniquely easy to kill mass numbers of people. (see story on today on this very topic) Recent stabbing case in China is a good example. Crazy guy stabbed a lot of kids. Not one died before he was subdued. By the logic of the NRA we should have the freedom to own personal anti-aircraft rocket launchers, grenedes and land mines. Why draw the line at guns? I'm all for people to be able to own and use guns. But for all the mahem they cause, they should be regulated, taxed heavily and very hard to get. 
What is wrong with everybody?!?!?! All of you using every excuse in the book to keep guns as easy to get as ever!!! All of you talking about needing guns for food?! Get real! And knives and even ROCKS?! Yes I do hear lots of stories about 20-60 persons being killed by a knife!!!??? And stones?! Yes that happens a lot as well. Please stop for just a second, think.

Oh, since 1996. That's why Rwanda doesn't show up; all those massacres where all the women and children of a village were locked in classrooms and shot by men with machine guns happened in 1994.
Can we get a map of stabbings? I'm betting the dots switch to those areas where there are none now.
Oh and yes yes yesterday's shooter could have used any other weapons. But if he had used a handgun, or a knife, or a bat or whatever, he wouldn't have killed so many people. the automatic rifle made it easy for him to just pull the trigger and moveit around amd kill everyone around him. That's why gun control is needed; not for banning guns, but for limoting the kinds of guns people should easily acquire. What the hell are you trying to defend against with a rifle like that? Velociraptors? Zombies?
+Deniss Mix can we get a map of self justified stupidity? I bet the hole world would turn  bright red
I live in Scotland (uk) I was child when the shooting happened at Dunblame  was such a huge thing...guns got banned and now a air gun licence..since than 0 school when folk say oh what about Africa or china..What about this or that..who cares where it is just proves that there needs to be tighter control or a complete ban to stop retards from fucking up peoples lives.

America the only country I know that bans bloody kinder eggs and irn  bru but allows a child to drive a car or go into a shop with mummy or daddy and buy a gun....WTF
So +j. massey , with your logic, since there are so many drunk drivers out there, we should make it harder for sober drivers to own cars as well?  Remember, a GUN killed Osama Bin Laden, not a Navy SEAL.
The one in Brazil (Realengo - Rio de Janeiro) was motivated by a mix of religion, christian beliefs (former Jehovah Witness) mixed with muslim rituals. That man one hell of a walking disaster.
It maybe the culture. But if guns weren't so easily available in the USA, this sort of tragegy would be less likely to happen. 
Huy Bui
What is the point?  More laws?  They should let teachers voluntarily carry.  Put an end to this nonsense!
So we need to invent guns with school sensitivity radar, so the evils that exist in this country, figure out another way of committing mass murder.

Who knows? Maybe they are getting their own pilot license, and planning on flying and crashing a plane in some college football game. 
+Gary Ellwood People are going to get guns no matter what. You cant just say " No more guns in America" 60% of the people who own guns dont own them legally anyway. Its the people that are the problem, not the guns. If you take away guns, people will get knives, or bombs. 
We're coming into the generation that was not disciplined, everyone was a "winner" and they were given everything they wanted.

Map all the school violence, to include fights, stabbings and bombings then show us the map.  Color code it if you want.

It's not the weapon type, it's the culture, it doesn't matter if someone is not right in the head or religion says for them to do it, there is an issue.
i never hard this things happen in israel, did any one?
:-( Bad people do bad things.
This is a sad portrait of America! :'(
That we need guns in school if teachers had guns on there person and that no on know thay did alot of lives would be saved but nope amarices are stuped
+William Bauer for the love of God, please think before you write. Canada and Mexico are not our mortal enemies, there is no comparison here.
I think there's a lesson here. Look at the Middle East, there is little to no such incidents. How come!! 
I think it's missing a lot of school incidents from Pakistan. Attack on Malala Yousafzai, the destruction of 200+ schools; although the Taliban did not target school children as much as girl schools themselves but to me they are all crimes against school going children. 
In Norway we have pretty strict laws when it comes to guns, but 22. july still happend. However I still think you (as in america) need to restrict your weapons a bit more. Even if just one messed up kid can't get a hold of a fully automatic rifle, and you could have saved 50 kids.
+cody eubank For the love of God please think before you write. There is no recorded instance of an armed civilian stopping a mass murder in a school, church, etc. Considering how kindergarteners behave, do you really want an underpaid overworked teacher armed? Seriously?
Glasgow in Scotland was once considered the murder capital of the point it had more deaths (knife and gun) in a month than New York city had in a year.

As the years went on.. government banned guns, tighter control on knives ...better Education, spent money doing up run downed cities ...let folk hand in guns and knives to local police station with out questions being asked..

So whats the outcome in 2012..crime rate as went down..tourism has went up...gun crime is very ralry heard of in Scotland....why cant America do the same?

Scary.  Both the statistics and the proposed solutions.
+Alexander Winand 

Good point. It's all us human and being one of em is prettty fun... I can sense DESIRE! oooh

+Lee Kiester I can see the Fox report now: "Contrary to what liberals would have you believe, the US doesn't even rank in the top ten of firearm homicides." 
Here in egypt nothing happens like thise , we have a safe country . We love each other :)
Africa, Australia, and almost all of Asia are clear. Except China had a school stabbing yesterday......
omg i did thank your and alot over amarices are stuped 1. your stuped and do not understand what iam saying 2. if you have a cansed wepon your have to go to traning and classes on safty and you have to take a background check to make shoer your ok in the head and has not do any crami. 3. one teacher with a guy shoting a person can stop alot of deaths but like you and alot of people dont understnad that there for you are stuperd and will not risk your life to save a nether wich makes someone a cowerd and to me not the amarican i know and love
I love it - the dots spell out "i love to kill" in braille. :) or is it "sorry, i just felt like it"? What do killers think about at the time of killing, maybe "hmmm, I nearly bought those trainers he has on" , or "Damn, I loaded this one with those normal pussy bullets instead of the hollowpoint". Look out for people with no feelings, they pop up now and again, in all shapes, sizes, colours and nationalities.
+Gary Ellwood  Guns are like drugs, if someone wants them they'll get them. You don't need a gun to take a life. The shooter could have easily made a bomb and killed more people. 

We should be looking at what the catalyst for the violent act was, not the means by which the act was committed. It is easy to say that we need stricter gun control, it's the obvious common thread; what if the person hadn't felt that violence was necessary in the first place?
"Lanza, 20, used a Glock 9-mm. handgun and a SIG Sauer handgun" time to change the rules.
+Matt Milsap, it was not the gun's fault. The man was mentally disturbed. A gun is only as good or bad as the person who uses it. Guns are not the problem. The dude stole the gun. What law would have stopped him? 
All those emo kids and others that have issues with a family member.....just grow up and move on. That's all you have to do.
This map is wrong . School shootings happen all the time in Africa. They are just not reported as school shootings. 
That is just sad our moral code has gotten outta control 
The guns were registered to the Kindergarten teacher.  One such rule could involve applying rules about gun ownership to positions where kids are involved.  
The Connecticut shooting happened a while again. I don't think was anything more scarier than the principal killed.
Ya had to go there, +Michael Anderson ? Showing your ignorance like that is so not wise. 1. That was war. 2. This perp was clearly mentally unstable. 3. It wasn't just US guns, it was Allied forces who defeated the Nazis and Japanese Imperial movement.

This unconscionable act has no bearing whatsoever on those who would risk their lives for their country.
I love it when people equate owning a gun to freedom. Really? What other item other than a gun is protected in this way? I don't have a constitutional law affording me the right to own a house, a car, or anything else for that matter.

A gun is not a civil liberty, it's a weapon. We have a place in our society for weapons, but they must be regulated.
+Victor Estrada laws are the problem... as you said its to easy for folk to get guns make it harder or a ban certain folk from owning a gun...

All I see really is some folk making excuses..oh its not the gun its this and that...oh what about china and its stabbing ...what about drink drivers.

The thing to blame is mankind and the so called laws we make to allow morons to own weapons...

You don't need to ban stuff to solve a problem in most cases its just spending the money and time to get stuff done..but I can bet that nothing will get done as usual and in a year or 2 there will be another shooting or stabbing.

and I wonder what they will blame this time.. I'm waiting on the reports to say it was music or a game that made them shoot every one.
Those red dots look like shooting targets already. Hm.
OMG - that is such a wake-up call to do something about this issue in the USA
There has been school shootings in Canada few and far between tho
Shame they didn't add "death's" in schools around the world regardless of method, Little red dots for everyone.
I wonder which region has the most amount of guns per capita? 
Meanwhile in America
child = Daddy daddy can I have a bottle of Irn Bru and a kinder egg!!
Father = no sorry there banned and I will go to jail..but would you like a Gun instead!!
I'm ashamed to be American today. I'm 100% behind a ban on firearm ownership. Call me a commie if you want, I don't care. I'm truly sick of hearing about people who are mentally unhinged murdering people by shooting them in groups. Sure, knives can be thrown, but only weapons that explode can cause so much carnage with so little effort. It's disgusting how we're so eager to protect the Second Amendment, but get all bent out of shape if a gay couple wants to be married.

Like I said, I'm ashamed to be American today.
How can the blame be placed on the gun? This was a defective individual, plain and simple. If he had chosen a slingshot, people would want to ban slingshots. It's time to put on your big boy pants and put the blame where it belongs....WITH THE SHOOTER.

I guess everyone's already forgotten about the asshole that went into a classroom with a machete, huh? Let's ban knives too..... and rocks.....and hammers.....and baseball bats...... and anything else that COULD be used to kill someone, even though normal people use these items everyday without incident.

We have the Second Amendment for a reason.....How could we EVER stand up to our government(which has and uses guns), if we don't have guns?  Remember, government IS the point of a gun(force), and nothing more.  Keep your guns close, or your government will keep you closer.
Oh, one more thing: what the fuck is a Kindergarten teacher doing semi-automatic handguns?!
People are already offering up solutions to this tragedy. There isn't one. 

Evil people exist, they always will. Some people are simply born broken. They want to rape, kill, hurt, whatever.

You CAN prepare for them, look out for them,and do your best to be vigilant, but you CAN'T legislate them or counsel them not to be broken.
To give better perspective this would be more informative to include all other methods of attack. 
Lesson lerned: move to East Europe or Asia or Australia.
Dav Bob
+Warren Bottoms the flaw with your argument is the same flaw that everyone has when something like this happens. Baseball bats are for playing baseball, machetes are for clearing undergrowth, knives are for cutting food, gardening etc. Yes all of these items could be used to kill someone but that isn't their primary function. Tell me, what is the primary function of a handgun? It isn't hunting, It isn't target shooting. You second amendment lot say it is for personal protection against the government. That is all good and well but the government is made up of people. Your handguns which you love so much have one primary function which is to shoot and kill people. Have hunting rifles by all means, but why do you feel the need to own a handgun?
I saw one earlier that didn't have half as many dots on the USA. Also notice how Texas looks blank?

+Warren Bottoms the blame is placed on the SPEED of the gun. I wish this kid only had a slingshot on him.
Notice also that Israel is blank. And they have people actively trying to kill their kids daily.
There have been more mass-slayings in Africa than anywhere, for God's sake
Overbearing gun control doesn't change mentality, just methodology
Hmm, so the states in the middle are doing good . Strange that most are on the east cost 
Warren Bottoms- The blame is with the shooter, but unless you have a good way to ID them early and to stop them, then taking away their guns or letting it happen again and again are the only options I see.  And since a slingshot, knife, fists or any serious alternative would have resulted in much less carnage, I reject your second assertion.  The floor is yours.  How do you propose ending this craziness?
Don’t confuse me with the facts; my mind is made up.
+Dav Bob I didn't mean to mislead you. Guns are absolutely for killing if need be. It's the ONE tool in my house I hope I never have to use. It sure beats needing it and not having it.

All the anti-gun crowd needs to realize that we are in a country that has over 100 million guns in homes. That's a gun for almost 1 out of three people here. Some are for hunting, some are for sport, and some are for protection. Why, please tell me why, 100 million people should be penalized for a handful of idiots that would have killed even if they had to use a nail file to do it?
Middle East 1, USA I can't even count how many. Who's the real terrorists then??
The last couple of people I killed I used a knife .there quiet,compact,and fun 
You forgot to include the ones destroted by the Talaban, UN forces, Al Queda, US Armed Forces, NATO, Chechnyan Rebels, Mossad, Isreali Army, Muslim Brother hood, Syrian Army, Syrian Rebels, the PLO, Hamas, etc.

You also forget to add knife stabbings.
+Dav Bob Aside from just enjoying shooting them at a range? I would hope it would never come to it but I tell you this, if someone breaks into my house and is threatening me/my family I sure as hell would want to have one on hand. People who are going to use the guns to kill people will always be able to get them. You won't be able to stop it  so the people who won't use it for bad will end up with no guns and be at the mercy of the other.
Should there be some regulation of them? Sure. I don't think a 12 year old should have one. I don't think anyone with any signs of mental illness should have them. Want to register all guns so you can identify the owner? Sure. But why can't I, someone who would only use it for recreation be unable to get one when the guy in my area who is planning on killing/mugging always has access to them? Regardless of gun control laws.

Additionally. Lets say you were somehow ACTUALLY able to get rid of all guns from "the bad guys." People would just come up with other ways to go on rampages like this. What about home made bombs? They are easy enough to build out of normal household items. Are you going to start banning household products to prevent bombs? People get really creative when they want to do something. If they want to kill people they will figure out a way. It would be better to try and stop the people than stop the guns. 
+Daniel Stickler How can you legislate away illegally obtained guns? The shooter wasn't even old enough to buy a gun LEGALLY. Criminals will ALWAYS get guns. Gun bans will only make their prey defenseless.

I'm done, have a good day.
Ban weapons is NOT the answer! Private citizens cannot purchase or own automatic firearms! "Assault Weapons" is a fictitious term created by anti-gun politcians, media and their supporters. Dressing a boy in girls clothing does not make him a girl, just as dressing a semi-automatic rifle to look like a military style weapon does NOT make it a military weapon.

This guy had mental issues which cannot be fixed by banning guns. Yes, the events of yesterday are tragic, but blaming guns based on hyper-emotional fear is not the answer!!
Dav Bob
+Warren Bottoms That's the root of the problem right there. I live in Britain and have done for my entire life. I have never even seen a real gun. I only know one person who has ever fired a gun and that is because he was in the army. No-one I know has ever been shot or knows anyone who has been shot. Your argument again is flawed, you need a gun to protect yourself from people who have guns. The common denominator in this equation is the gun. If no-one had them then there would be no need to have one for protection. 
I wounder why there are more in the us.

I guess wars and undeveloped countries aren't taken into consideration.
Cause those other countries don't have any violence that kills,children sweatshop labor, genital mutilation, underage arranged marriages, warlord trained children....easy to look at one facet to make a point when there is tragedy to be exploited. One visual blinds is more like it.
+Dav Bob Your right. But if we didn't have access to guns we would still be under English rule here in the US>
Good research! Better than thousands words. 
FYI if you want to govtovthe source of many of the school shootings in the US ask yourself what do all those killers have in common? Answer: They were mentally ill or were of psychotropic medication.

Gun are not the problem, our mental health establishment is.
+William Foos Michael Moore says it is our culture of violence, not the gun. Other countries have armed citizens but not the murder problem. 
I can't believe the idiots defending the right to own all these killing machines for what basically amounts to 'target practice'.

Get the fuck over it and GROW UP. I'm not shedding any tears because a bunch of morons can't go to a rifle range and blow things up.

 You don't need all these guns, they serve no fuckin purpose except to kill other human beings, and jack off your personal ego.
Our county has had roughly 150 school shootings in the last 160 years. We live in a violent country. This is part of our history. 
Cause those other countries don't have any violence that kills,children sweatshop labor, genital mutilation, underage arranged marriages, warlord trained children....easy to look at one facet to make a point when there is tragedy to be exploited. One visual blinds is more like it.
in my india there is no shooting !! ohh i forgot there are no schools in the first place ....
Wow - so this map shows areas of freedom - but with its cons... 
he...guys just need for scolorships
The sad thing about this whole thing is the amount of Americans (usually with photos wearing cowboy hats) saying the same old things after each one of th these episodes. How many kids HAVE to die for you to give up your toys? As for the constitution, you guys were in the middle of a war....move on the constitution is now killing kids at school!
Also, tobacco related deaths in this country are approximately 46x greater than gun-related deaths. (FBI stats) and alcohol related auto deaths outnumber gun deaths also ( stats). Where is the demonizing outcry to ban tobacco, alcohol, and cars???
Well Africa and Asia only have like a fraction of the numbers of schools and students as the US and Europe. Let's put up total numbers of violent killings, rather than just school shootings, and I bet the map looks a lot different 
I hope they do ban guns. Then I can rob ,steal,and kill without being
shot...I'll have one but not u.
Dav Bob
+Cary Rotkovich Maybe 300 years ago but I think you can let go of the guns now. We have a big enough mess over this side of the pond without trying to take on 'merican mess as well.
+Bill Dyehouse your an idiot. First off to refer to a gun is a toy already shows me the total disregard that you have for them. my weapons which i have 5 of are all locked up and i take my children to range and teach them proper gun safety. Your such a asshat. evidentally you watch way to many cowboy movies to believe everyone that has a gun in America has one. I am a Military Vet. and your welcome because twice those "cowboy hat wearing americans" pulled your country from the brink of extinction. 
When guns are banned only criminals and government will have guns. Guns are not the problem it is our morally bankrupt society.
How many Americans want to move to the blank places on the map?
If you don't live in the US you will never understand.  Stop trying to tell us how to live our lives.
Not as bad in other countries sometjing is up here why the us mainley could it be jobs prescription pills they talk about a litle marijuwan!
Did you ever hear smoke this and you could die or get  atleast 5 side affects from it?
and in china they are forced to use knives
CHina has school stabbings. Besides, these are only reported incidents
In other words people are the most craziest here. 
I feel the argument about blaming the evil behind the intention rather than the weapon is flawed.

Sure the intent to pick up the gun to kill someone is horrible but if there was gun control it would be far more harder to obtain a gun in the first place. Reducing the amount of these crimes.

Anyone can turn to this evil and feel vengeful if they are exposed to unfortunate events, bad mental health, drugs, bullying, even being dumped by a girlfriend. But having a gun so accessible makes these crimes easier to do. Control them! 
4th amendment, enough said. The people who have guns are not nearly as scary as a government that would remove the RIGHT to bear arms. Had the teacher or the principal been armed there would have only been one fatality. If you think gun control is the answer then you don't understand the question. I don't own a handgun but the day it becomes illegal is will become a criminal.
+Troy Torrison so that stops the criminals how? they can walk down any street and within an hour have a gun and ammo. really so punish the law abiding ones what a bunch of idiots.
+Dav Bob Google just told me about  UK shootings, even police being shot. So......if the people don't have guns, are the cops shooting each other?

Sir, YOUR argument is flawed.

As I said, criminals will ALWAYS be able to get guns.
+antero zid let me guess your a hadja that hates israel? israel has only returned fire on those cowardice hamas goat fuckers that hide behind women and children. 
Murder didn't exist until Guns were created.  We all know that.  It's so much harder to kill someone when you don't have a gun that most people just get bored and give up on the idea.
Wow, that's a big wake-up call. Sad
I think parenting and the school system is much of the gun access..
That is just sad...
United States has a lot and Asia barely has any
+Eon Kerewaro The problem with preventing mentally ill from owning guns, is that they might say....."you had to go to counseling after your parents death... You're mentally ill, so we can't let you have a gun, sorry." 

Anytime government is involved you can bet it will be screwed up. It's best that we blame the real problem here.....Fucking Crazy People.
The WORLD is beautiful,-Science and Technology is amazing;-it's Homo-Sapiens that have a far way to go!
I too can make a map to make people lean towards my ways of view. 
I... see a lot where they have the most strict gun control. That's my opinion anyways. Seriously...California is lit up, so is New York. All those East Coast states that place high  restriction and limits on firearms have some of the highest crime rates.
سلام خوبیید
The blank places may be next - you can't run from a problem.  It IS like we have heard - when you out law guns only the outlaws will have guns. Many places around the world don't allow their citizens to have guns - so they have no defense when invaded.  It has not helped anyone but the government.  If they take our guns away here in the US, then we will be next.  That 20 year old kid had problems, his family had guns = a bad situation.  Guns are not the problem, just like Food is not over weight peoples problems, it is the person with the gun. 
Why do the US need guns? Because of some out of date amendment??
Clearly an incorrect depiction. Show a map that is incorrect to further your agenda does not solve the real problem.

Alaska, unexpected, but it is in the U.S. (in case of a needed explanation)
Now the ranking score for schools should include probability of shooting massacre by county...
Funny because the US has always had guns and schools, we actually have been stacking on gun laws for a while... Seems like shootings are getting worse. Maybe it's not the guns...examine all the facts.
If the principal or the counselor had a CHL it would not have been a massacre. Evil will always obtain a weapon to destroy. 
+Gordon Inglis well the other view point is that the gun is only the instrument used in the symptom of the problem.  Your argument followed through to conclusion, would assume that if guns didn't exist, and we still fought wars with swords, arrows and knives, then this homicidal and suicidal individual would not have been able to kill.  That view is plain idiocy.
Where were the police that morning? They did nothing to protect. They arrived after the fact. Probably eating donuts.
 For the most part, an armed society is a polite society.  I live in an Open Carry State where 98% of the populace don't know that they can openly carry.  I go heeled almost everywhere, and when it's proper to conceal, i do, "Legally"  There is always going to be a headcase out there trying to make a name for him or herself with some kind of weapon, and if I happen to be in the wrong place when one shows up, I won't hesitate to defend myself and anybody else around me.  Headcases and Zombies Beware!
Well even with 20 kids dead people still seem to convince themselves that its not an issue of gun control. Well let's wait for next shooting 
+Eon Kerewaro   Unfortunately, you're logic is flawed because control laws ONLY apply to law-abiding citizens!  Criminals DO NOT obey the law and will continue to steal and purchase guns illegally as they always have.  The only thing gun control does is put law-abiding people like my mother who begged for her life when she was robbed at gunpoint in her own driveway.  By the grace of God, her life was spared!

It is not law-abiding gun owners committing gun crimes!  Voluntarily sacrificing my life to a car-jacker, burglar, robber, rapists, or anyone else seeking to kill or inflict bodily harm for the sake of making anti-gun people "feel good" is not the solution!!

How do you eliminate the risk of crazy/insane/deranged/unstable people from committing acts of gun violence without violating the Constitutional rights of all citizens?  What freedoms do you suggest we surrender for the sake of society?

The reality is this. We live in a free society where people choose to act for good or ill. You cannot change a person's nature through any amount of legislation. A person determined to inflict harm on others will not be dissuaded and will use any means (guns, bombs, knives, etc...) to accomplish this action.

If there are gaps that can be responsibly closed to help reduce the possibility of tragedies likes this, I would support those measures so long as they do not impact my RIGHT and DUTY to protect myself and my family.  We are responsible for our own personal safety, not the police, government, or anyone else!!
+Davino Rudolpho As a Vietnam Vet who has used plenty of weapons, I will gladly pry your guns from your cold dead hands.  All semi automatic or automatic weapons, be they pistols or rifles,  need to be banned and any hand gun that can be modified to shoot more than 5 or 6 rounds also.  I have no problem with people who are STABLE having a hand gun for protection but only ones that will not use magazines.  Or with having a shotgun for protection, but the shit people have now is totally idiotic.  I know a fool who has over 100 guns.  Says he's a "collector".  I say BS.  He's got a AK-47.  That is not a real collectors weapon.  It's a cheap piece of crap.  I know, I've fired one.  And the people that piss and moan about their "rights" and the Constitution are a bunch of fools too. Most of them couldn't recite the Constitution or their so called rights and get it right if they had to.  This madness has to stop.  As far as I'm concerned the NRA can go to hell, and like I said, I've used weapons and am a Vet.
wtf do teachers in america do to students to fuck them up so much they would kill innocent children and thier teachers
One forgets the principle of perfect information and the fallacy of assuming compete awareness when one stupidly posts such info graphics. Sadly our nation's fifth most unconstitutionally restrictive gun laws in ct didn't save the traffic deaths of these young children abs suggesting otherwise is an insult to their memory and the pain of their families. 
Take away guns from east coast people and laker fans.
You people are stupid little fact checkers .the post clearly says school shooting and you keep bringing up china stabbings. And homicide numbers. Are you arguing that we dont have a problem? Let me stop
I know we live in, what is considered the best country in the world, but what in the hell is really going on guys. 
Why do you people keep re-posting this? Your just sensationalizing this for the next tard to come fourth, who wants attention. How about these kids parents start being parents, and stop raising kids with the wrong values about how to treat others. It's not rocket surgery!
+Gordon Inglis So making guns illegal is going to stop killings like this from happening? Hummm we should make Meth and Heroin illegal also!!! Because making something illegal gets it off the streets HUH?!?
wHy don't they do them selves In an leave the poor innocent one be. Too many sick Fucks an not a hard enough system
Not to diminish the importance of discussion regarding helping victims and curbing problems in the future..but..Unfortunately, that map, and the site that hosts it are not particularly well done. The page title is misleading, and the data is bad.  For example, some are adult on adult shootings in parking lots at university parking lots, and one is "outside a local grocery store"  In addition, this is misleading.  The U.S. is transparent with data, unlike many other countries.
What are you doing wrong USA. If its not the guns, what is wrong with these people, why do they kill so many innocent people??? (Jannie, South Africa.) 
Another horror story happend i can imagine shooting children 
Majority in US. Time they ammended their Constitution.
I guess theres somethimg about school that makes people go nuts
Time to outlaw the weapons maybe
+Michael Anderson, you think that the U.S. was the one who just came in and put an end to ww2? It was a world war for a reason, multiple countries fought against Hitler and his allies including Britain, Canada, France (for a little) etc., the U.S. came in late and mainly dealt with Japan.
This photo isn't apples to apples. The comparison doesn't take into account per capita of people. This rolls up both innocent deaths, suicide, bad and good people. Unfortunately, we don't have the real picture.   What about the people that defended themselves and killed the bad guys. That's rolled up in there too.

Here in America we have the ability to defend our selves protect our family, our homes.  Those countries you are a sitting duck. If you expect the police to protect against this type of tragedy, you are naive.  Police ware guns to protect themselves. 

If a child does something wrong, we reprimand the child.  We don't blame anything else but the child, and set in place corrective action. The parents don't blame the dog or the TV or anything else.  However, we seem to think by taking guns away that will solve the solution, (the TV, the dog) In fact it will move it somewhere else. 

Moving forward, we should focus on the mentally ill.  Look for warning signs.  
I disagree with this stat sorry folks if you look at Israel the amount of deaths through guns that aren't reported is rediculous and to compare different situations of countries is dispicable don't use other countries to shove Yir thoughts on guns down other people's throats ok
This map is retarded and pointless. You gonna tell me that nobody has ever been killed anywhere in Asia with a gun.
What kind of bull shit map is this no shootings on all of Africa really what a crock if shit hey why don't you put up a map of car bombs 
And why did Japan stop at Pearl Harbor yogesh? Cause Americans are armed and know how to use them !
Only going on numbers to suit there own agenda fucking disgusting get a grip and post reality FFS 
+Ivan Raszl most states have banned automatic firearms. And a lot of people use handguns for hobbies, such as going to the gun range or joining shooting disciplines. Also, cnn has it all wrong by constantly stating that assault rifle used by the shooter. An assault rifle shoots full auto. The shooter had a bushmaster .223 which is semi auto only. 
Statistics for stupid people: How about showing murder of unarmed citizens by armed governments of the world. China, North Korea, many countries in Africa...Syria, Egypt, Iran, That is what happens to an unarmed populace. Never let a tradgedy go to waste to further the agenda of disarming citizens. Always clouding facts with emotion. Why not show how many people are killed by guns every day in Chicago where we have just about the strictest gun laws you can immagine but you won't see a flag at half-staff for that. It never matters the unintended consequences of control as long as you were trying to "do the right thing". This was yet another massacre in a gun-free zone.
This is another bullshit map trying to scare people... They happen all the time in Africa, Afghanistan and other middle Eastern countries for religious persecution... 
Hope there's none in Maryland... :l
The teachers obviously don't have a weapon to defend themselves and their class. 
That is ridiculous. Will someone somewhere legislate a good law to stop these senseless killings. Civilization doesn't mean we should kill ourselves.
My condolences to the families of the lost lifes in that tragedy. And as to the map Africa is so clean because there's no enough schools and there's many other places where you can shoot a child freely. 
Not possible to draw any conclusions from a simple push pin map.

Is this data complete? Probably not.

How does it compare to per capita population? For example, 1 in Norway equals roughly 60 in the USA when considering population.

Is there a correlation to mental health care? I'm certain our legal system is a component to consider. Liability lawsuits against psychiatrists. People not wanting to confront someone who is acting strange.

There are many variables to consider. 
Mass killings happens anywhere but more pronounced in countries with loose gun control.
The map proves only one sad fact.  The children are too busy working in the factories, building iphone 5's so we can text/chat/browse while conversing with siri to get directions to the place you're already driving to.  In summation, the missing countries have no labor laws.  The kids are at work in a factory, just for a few dollars a day stitching soccer balls.
Wow. If this map is correct There is a serious concentration in the US! I think we may have a problem in parenting.
tee jay
+Warren Bottoms I guess u don't pay attention "He used his mother's gun who pitched it ILLEGAL" it's a lot easier to stop someone with a knife than an semi automatic.....
@John price no one needs or has a good reason to kill a person...
And to all of U discussion is SCHOOL SHOOTING not which country had must violence.........
+Kelly Searles Kelly, I do understand that. If the guns had not been there to steal, this would not have happened. 
Are there any laws in the US that says that guns should be in a lockable safe?
Guy, your an idiot for not verifying and forwarding this inaccurate information. 
+Kelly Searles this is an example of why gun laws have everything to do with it.  "Legal" guns are most often used in these cases.  If these kinds of guns were illegal then there would be less in the community and less falling into the hands of the disenchanted.

Even limiting types of guns would help.  If he had access only to a bolt action 5 magazine hunting rifle the number of people killed would be drastically less. 

I come from Australia and I know my views do not align with the mainstream American.
You missed out South Africa. They are loads of school shootings. Often they don't even make our local papers.
What about the one in Russia where there was hostage situation??
tee jay
+Bald E. Locks America has also put the worlds ass in danger. An example is that the CIA created the Taliban to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. Now the Taliban is the world's greatest danger so the US has loyally screwed our asses!
Also your list is pointless, guns make killing easy so should be controlled if you don't want anymore of your young children murdered.
I know I know... what's wrong with the USA society??? I think the problem is in ours home's not in the school, I saw anothers countries were the family eat the breakfast the lunch and dinner together but not in here... and what I try to say is UNION and COMMUNICATION is the base... 
Um Jorge then if only law enforcement had guns what about the hunters? Second amendment allows us to bear arms. Maybe more SROs and metal detectors at schools wou;d help out not taking guns away.
It all started when they took GOD OUT OF SCHOOLS
tee jay
+devin mynett AND that is only what u hear& know that USA did..... if only u knew what else the US government did to ppl around the world I think lot of U would B ashamed of your do called"America"
Can someone tell me why citizens in this country need to have automatic weapons? "Machine Guns" specifically.

As citizens of this country, we really need to rethink our laws around who is allowed to own guns and mostly important why type of guns should be sold.

If you disagree tell it the love ones of the children that was just lost in Connecticut. Putting these types of guns in the hands of our public is is simply unnecessary and serves no domestic purpose.

My heart goes out to everyone impacted by this tragedy, sorry about your lost.
Drunk driving kills people everyday, but I sure as hell don't see anyone trying to ban bars/alcohol. 
That is just stupid! If they didn't have guns they would just make bombs and kill more then if they had a gun. Think about what you post b4 hand and stop watching the mainline press and puking up their vile!
Maya C.
It shouldnt look like this at all.
It is sad because America th most
+Gianluca De Santis Personal Safety is an OBLIGATION of EVERY individual!  There is nothing useless about self-defense and firearms.  Please educate yourself on firearms, self-defense, and the US Constitution and before making uninformed comments based on a hyper-emotional media and anti-gun rhetoric!

We live in a free society where people choose to act for good or ill. You cannot change a person's nature through any amount of legislation. A person determined to inflict harm on others will not be dissuaded and will use any means (guns, bombs, knives, etc...) to accomplish this action.

Suggesting that we surrender freedoms and liberty for the sake of society is ridiculous.  To quote +Jason Bakker , "all we need to solve the gun problem is the safety of a totalitarian, freedom suppressing, human rights abusing government like China!"  Jason was being sarcastic!
China must not report their numbers to Mr. Kawasaki or whoever it was that designed this map to make a political statement.  Anyone checked on edged weapon murders?  Lots of third world countries don't have the money to spend on guns and ammunition.  Do Taliban (or other extremist Muslim/honor killings) school children slayings or attempted murders count?  I don't see any of those here either.  Do we fail to count those because it's not PC to count those?
Guns make killing easy and accurate, end of story. Greater gun control is needed before more innocents die.
I would think the following is sensible:
Limit the number of guns one person can have.
Limit the type, i.e. Automated weapons can be used but stored in a gun club and not be allowed to leave the premises.
Limit the amount of rounds per magazine.
Guns must be stored at home in a lockable safe.
Mental health background checks before purchase etc etc.
Gun amnesty.
I think with sensible policies both sides could be happy.
for once i'm happy being in Africa as we in Nigeria, the society is not ready for gun legalization for without the guns we find reason to dialog and if that's not enough then show us ' who has been feeding well ' -- just kidding like we say it over here . But Seriously the stats above just show the moral decadence the in world today for i see that places that are dotted on the map legalizes guns and moreover everywhere might have been dotted if gun is accepted the world over. The human nature is stubborn, resentful, egocentric and above all is mostly concerned about himself. Guns are merely tools which can either save  or destroy a life ..  
+Phillip Hayes So why is the rest of the world just fine without a gun on every civilian on the streets? What makes America so different, why are you people so violent? 
I've never seen a gun as a civilian outside a gun range (also, all men have a mandatory military service). My friends don't carry, never seen anyone threatened with a gun, shot with a gun, even threatened with a threat of a gun.
And coincidently, I live in a country that has around 32 privately owned firearms per 100 civilians? Among the most in the world. They just don't carry them outside the forests.
I am not condemning the use of guns or comparing it to drumk drivers but machine guns just don't have a place in a society that sees it self as a Beacon of a civilized society. 
Need to work hard to stop violence in in video games and films targeted for children.
Why? What can people do to stop this killings? 1. yes most obvious step is gun control. That includes revoke all gun licences to public and confiscate all the guns. One has gun and other doesn't is like catch 22 so not why everyone come forward and deposit their guns... county by county.. Stop or ban gun toting video games. +Guy Kawasaki can you create some kind of report and submit to Obama Govt with inputs you get. 
and what is wrong with speaking german?
Embarrassing if you are an American
I hope the people who did it die a painful deth rest in Pease to all that were shot god bless you all xxx
those spots in Europe are quite close to us, but Slovenia is still safe and gun-free :) that's why our slogan is S(love)nia ;)
"Dear America. 
Talking about how to stop mass shootings in the aftermath of a string of mass shootings isn't "too soon".. It's much too late."
Peter k
-You can kill plenty of people with one gun. A limit serves no purpose.
-For automatics you have to apply and register with the ATF, have a background check and pay a $200 fee. Some states or areas still do not allow them.
-Almost all of the occurrences were NOT with automatic weapons.
-Bad people do not follow laws.
-Limiting to 5 rounds per magazine doesn't save anyone. It takes 2 seconds to reload.
-It is a good idea to lock up any guns you're not keeping for protection.
-You already do have to go through a background check here.
-They pick gun free zones to shoot people because it is where they expect the least resistance, and when there is resistance, they kill themselves.
-The only thing that stops a bad person with a gun, is a good person with a gun.
What about stabbings? Bombings? Guns do not kill people; people kill people. The question is not about gun control but how as a society are we breeding violence
+Tarek Faham Games have NOTHING to do with why people behave the way they do. It's because parents let kids play games they don't understand and haven't been taught to handle. It's all about upbringing and education, that's something parents nowadays don't care very much about. They just breed idiotically. What we should do is start limit the number of births. There are way too many people on this planet already.
If our gov. Dose not U.S. cit. Too have assulte wepones? Then our gov. Should not have thins eleagel like F.A.F. Some one or moor should be ln prison! !!!! Pa pa smruph!

"I hope the people who did it die a painful deth"

This sort of statement makes you no better than the killer himself.
"Stop or ban gun toting video games."
Video games have nothing to do with this, I've played multiple "gun toting" video games, but I've never wielded a gun nor do I intend too.

Why is it video games are the next thing to be targeted, why dont we just ban gun-toting movies and comics while we're at it. It's not a gun's fault, nor is it the fault of video games, drugs, or movies.

It's the person behind the gun, banning guns won't do anything except put the lives of ordinary citizens at more risk, because criminals find a way around laws.

It might have been alright had america not been heavily influenced by guns, but its too late now. You've messed everything up and nothing you do will reverse what has taken and will continue to take place.
This is not true there are hunderd people deing daily in countries like Afghanistan or other Asian country in school shooting...but no body cares and it also not bad to not careing about them afther all they bringing it self to themselves what ever i fell so sad and want to share there pain and i will for the death ...

Oh Boy - we've got almost all the chips! Thank you 2A!
You need to include the knife and sword attacks on school children in both Asia and Mexico just this week, gun or not it will continue without identifying what causes someone to take multiple lives. In the most recent case I think we should be looking at first person shooter games.
+Pep C. Doe  you're right,  but a lot of people seem to need an easy scapegoat.-  "Oh.  we ban this and everything will be fine..."
The second amendment says all Americans have the right to bear arms, but for a militia. To protect the public, and ourselves. We need militias. Organize gun control. I know it sounds expensive, but the militias control AMMUNITION. You can get a gun anywhere, but you can only get ammo from aa militia. And they should know why you need it.
"In the most recent case I think we should be looking at first person shooter games."

Sure, lets demonize video games, hey, while we're at it, lets also ban all movies that promote gun use.

This is so dumb.
We pray for America.....Lord let your deliverance salvation power work at all level in the heart of mankind.
shootings the operative word is what i see
Our community is making a prayer event tonight, dedicated to the macabre Connecticut School Shooting: we are going to pray for the victims, for the family of the victims, and howsoever the Spirit of God leads us to pray. I invite you to join the event at: 
Our community will regularly hold prayer events, all prayer warriors are welcome. Be inspired tonight to pray to God, to connect with God, and to pour your heart out towards Him, and let us join together as brothers and sisters in Christ to pray with great zeal tonight! God bless you with love!
@Asiq: America is bawling their eyes out because they lack foresight and people got killed.
@Jonathan: Noble of you. But I think just praying is kind of a kick in the teeth.
America you have a bigger problem in your hand, stop comparing your problem to that of Africa nd so on.
@Richman: The reality is that your country was founded on weaponry, and only now has it occured to any of you, to take action... when it is too late.
It's not noble, it's a common reaction for someone who knows God, has felt His Holy Spirit, and has known the power of prayer. That's what you might believe, but the word of God says otherwise, and we experience this to be true. You should try to seek God wholeheartedly, as He promises in His word, if you seek Him you will find Him.
and how many people and wars in the name of God??
"and how many people and wars in the name of God??"
Lets see, oh, just two world wars, the golf war, vietnam.

If there's anything which should be demonized, it is the progenitor of such a word himself.
Pep C. Doe you showing just how little you understand this world-look beyond yourself, all through history 
@Gabe: I don't know much about American History, I'm not expected to, I wasn't born or raised there, but i know for a solid fact Hitler started World War II because of his religious beliefs.
Notice Africa 32000 killed with firearms and Mexico 22000 killed by fire arms are missing strange that isn't it 
 Please post the murders per capita per country.  Also, include war zones.
This map doesn't show school deaths due to rebellion or warlords. It doesn't show the countries that had no say because there words and what they read are censored. Which I am sure would mean their survey taking skills would be admirable. If you do not like gun violence and want to end it find an outreach program. Ending the right to arms will only A. create a huge illegal drug trade, aiding those who presently, have a huge illegal drug trade. B. Not stop violence, knives ilegal guns, pipe bombs, homemade guns will be used.  Find the cause of the violence not the tool of violence and repair that.
at least obama is starting to speak up.they REALLY have to do something about this soon...........
I wonder where all the guns are?
"at least obama is starting to speak up.they REALLY have to do something about this soon..........." There is nothing they can do now, its a moot point to try and stop what has been for centuries.
What difference does it make sir one is too many anywhere when it comes especially to our innocent children.
ITT, we make conclusions based upon clusters of dots on a map without context or any other further analysis. 
What is there no schools in Africa? I can't imagine that no "school shootings" happened there. 
I totally agree we need gun control put them in the right hands and we will have it , a coward doesn't go after someone they know can defend themselves.
Check the stats on Africa 32000 mate fucking ridiculous a post like this for propaganda for their own means anyone can make a chart to suit what they wish to be perceived 
There haven't been 10700 school shootings its an over all figure they are trying to portray but post facts not fiction 
Russell: The same way one can pull statistics out of his ass?

I don't care about the chart. It's the demonization (a word i made up just now) of a senseless scapegoat that I am flustered about. I can't speak for morons though.
Could have went through my day without this... maybe it's time for a move . . I do not feel safe AT ALL!!
+Pep C. Doe I don't think so and I am neither pro nor against what I object to is false facts for someone's gain
How many people with guns are safe and how many have been attacked and brandished a gun that has saved their lives can you tell me that if not just be quiet
I think it's horrendous what happened yesterday but its the persons mentality that needs to be assessed dont you think?
"America?  Not even in the top ten, ever.  Everyone can ruminate on that for a while."

It's no news America is full of big drama queens, they cry about 28 kids being killed, meanwhile in a third world country like china 100's of kids die everyday.

So self-absorbed and narcissistic. And as they say "First World Problems."
"I think it's horrendous what happened yesterday but its the persons mentality that needs to be assessed dont you think?" I agree, people shouldn't ban guns or video games, because they are essentially scapegoats.
Only the stupidest people would shoot kids

something terribly wrong with the USA

@Russel: I did not say otherwise, you misinterpreted.

"It's the demonization of a senseless scapegoat that I am flustered about."

What about that says I support scapegoating? It would be nice if you actually read things before you started trying to insult someone who respects your viewpoint.
Anyone who tries to defend guns laws with hunting... Can you tell me the last time you've hunted with a hand gun?
I'm not insulting you +Pep C. Doe what I said was its not an accurate account on gun deaths nor am I pro nor against firearms and I do not agree with a video game being a scapegoat its the person that it comes down to not the weapon
Do you get it now I don't like false facts giving to gain someone's point as we can all make a graph up too suit our agenda OK
Removing guns is a band-aid solution that will only cause damage rather than prevent it, any criminal worth his salt can get a gun regardless of law, and even if not, you can still make bombs out of simple household objects. It will only prevent self-defence.
Wouldn't gun legislation be a gun law?
+Dale Naumoff Lots of people do. Just because it's not their primary weapon doesn't mean people don't carry them when they hunt and use them on occasion.
How many of you who are outraged at 20 children dying yesterday give a rats ass about the 3000+ children aborted in the US the same day.
I understand, dude, I also said I couldn't care less about the chart. I've been around long enough to know how the media works.

"+Pep C. Doe FFS what age are you, you imbecile " Yeah wow, you totally ain't trying to insult me bro. Don't worry, I'm used to being assailed on the internet.
This map is completely wrong and left out several shootings in Russia, China, etc. 
To be fair to the US, this is "School" shootings, I'd hate to trivialize them, but the entire world is full of a lot more red dots if it's just random shootings. Statistics are a very dangerous thing if used without caution.
Haha, its cool. Russell.

Yeah, to be quite frank, guns should be the least of peoples worries.
too much watching tvs? or playing games?
I agree Mark. Gun violence just reveals a problem in the Socio-economic structure and the family unit. Anybody ever heard of Darfur? This is just one place where the violence is extreme. Syria? Anyone. Treat the problem. If someone has a headache don't hand them a bandaid.
Is this ever or is it within a certain time frame? Also, how do we know there aren't more shootings around the world and they're just not reported as widely? And are we to believe since there are none shown in Africa or Asia that there are no problems there? I'm sure that Afghan girl the taliban wants to kill for seeking education will be happy to hear it.
It is sad instead of buying guns to hunt animals in the bushes, guns are bought to hunts kids and people having fun
Okay. well that's another point too. Because school shootings happened well before 1996. The difference in the media didn't glorify it by dedicating days of inescapable coverage to it. The 24 hour news cycle deserves a good portion of the blame for popularizing this crap and inspiring copycats.
Most gun volience in the us is the result of criminal activity, by criminals, with the myriad of guns that are not legally obtained. Automatic weapons require a class iii dealers cirtificate to obtain and/or own legally. Everyone likes to confuse semi-auto (one bullet per trigger pull) vs automatic (multiple bullets per trigger pull).

There are so many guns in the us, outlawing them and/or regulating the guns themselves would be a nightmare. I do believe a permit program would be best with firearm education a manditory requirement. That being said, it still won't stop their use by criminals. If you just focus on the isolated incidents, things look bad..but the same goes for other forms of death. No one really looks at a car crash, but if a plane crashes it causes an uproar.
Yeah, banning guns will definitely be the answer. I mean, any good murderer, mugger, robber, etc that has a shred of decency and turn in their guns to keep the field level with normal law abiding citizens, right? Only government trained officers should have guns anyway, correct? I wonder, as I truly don't know, if the bastard who did this massacre, even obtained the guns legally? If not, your point is moot. If so, your point is still uneducated, knee-jerk, and unrealistic. Also, moot. Gun control is all in the wrist, I don't need uncle Sam for that. 
I believe Liberia is under reporting.
All the idiots thinking gun control is the answer are crazy. How about people control for the mentally damaged? You think banning guns will stop shit like this? Nope, will create a new level of crime such like drug smuggling and black market firearms and innocents will still have to deal with this. People fucking choosing to kill is the problem, and will do whatever they need to if they want to. 
+Leon Decker , like I said, you mainly attacked Japan (although it was because they attacked you), Hitler Germany had been dealt with. Armed, yes. Know how to use them, check the chart.
If you ever needed proof that the US is a country built on fear, the gun control argument is it.
One real solution is continuing work and legislation that will improve socio-economic status. This man whether found to be mentally ill or not, was and should not have had a gun. Perhaps armed security for schools is needed today. Why do countries like Canada have so many more guns and less gun violence? I am afraid destroying an Amendment right would just lead to increaing power among those who won't care about the law anyways. Drugs are illegal but I would venture to say a statisticall map on drug use would be littering the screen. That also has to do with mental cognitive ability and socio-economic status and the family unit. Guns are horrible..until you need one.
all that killing then he takes his own life lanzers friend knows more than he makes on looks a bid dodgy to me 
So what you're saying is, where more children attend school, there are more school shootings! Let's ban school!
Psychiatric medication use by adolescents in US is 300-400% higher than Europe and Asia and use of multiple psychiatric medications in adolescents is 250-300% higher in US than in Europe

It is the failure (or plan if your a conspiracy theorist) of modern psychiatry, crappy parenting and a blurring of id, ego and superego due to the subconscious acceptance of violent behavior due to repetitive exposure via gaming, music, media
Look it sucks but honestly the u.s.a. Is, way better then any other country. Other places are far worse they just don't televise everything
Not sure what you're saying Jason. The plan is not to have children or people killed.Whether by handguns, knives, or other means. There is a problem in the social structure. Murder is a definate problem in the social structure.
melting pot=more red dots
just an observation 
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