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(Thu13) Just in case this writing, speaking, investing gig doesn't work out, I always can fall back on my baseball career.

Check out this great collection of spring training photos:

Photo credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images
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He's ok even though I live in Washington I don't like the team that much
pardan me can someone just tell me whats going on
Well, +Kaitlyn Williams, we are apparently a sentient species (though some believe this is still up for debate) that are born and, with varying degrees of success (where "success" is defined as surviving) until some of us have families (or not) and, hopefully after a long and happy existence, die, after which point is even more open to debate then the aforementioned alleged intelligence of the human race.

Oh, sorry, you meant what was happening HERE. My bad.

Well, myself and many other fellow humans follow Guy Kawasaki, whose main claim to fame began as an Evangelist for Apple Computer promoting a new product known as the Macintosh. He was really good at it. He was IS good at communicating a lot of really good ideas, and thus became a much sought after speaker. He's also a venture capitalist, writer, father, and generally nice guy.

He also likes to pull peoples legs a bit, but it's all in fun and never mean spirited. Oh, and he posts a lot of links to things that are rarely, if ever, dull. If I run into something Really Cool™ on this, the 'Net, before he did, I consider it a GOOD day. ;-)

Enjoy the ride!
Surely you're earning enough from your motorbike company?
... and the heavy railcar manufacturing concern?
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