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(Sat02) Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, is the youngest self-made billionaire according to Forbes.,0,6561741.story

Photo credit: Skip Bolen, Getty Images for Spanx
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Quite the inspiration to my 3 daughters.
awesome! Much respect to her for making it!
wow...its an amazing success story from day one........and now this.....
Me encanta esa lampara que tienes atras es muy ORIGINAL _ y la botella claro :P jejejejeje tu eres botina y la foto salio (Y)
Interesting. Given how much she's contributed to image problems for young women and related health issues from her product, I hope she donates a few million to some relevant causes...
Good for her, she really does deserve it. it is a LOT harder to build a manufacturing company and make a Billion, then a software as a service company and make the same amount. Her ability to scale and leverage her idea has made all the difference.
Dan O
Whatever works for her...
Now that's a mission statement!

"We deliver. We can make the world a better place, one butt at a time."
vaya mierda tu madre que bien aprende en la cama
Wheres the enchanting stuff?? i scrolled all the way down - uhh whats enchanting exactly?
The right product, shown to the right people, at the right time. IT is a good article and show that you don't have to have anything but and idea to succeed I'm proud of her
es tan importante saber escuchar para poder responder
this great people always inpire to us,,,wel done blakely
I'm cynically curious how much she made for the alcohol product placement in that shot. :-) (In an admiring way - good business sense!)
You had to post the picture with alcohol,you drunk. Kidding.
@David a strange thing happened yesterday, actually a great many strange things however one of them was someone with the same nme as you was on an open message on my fb page. and yeah
I invented spanx in the mid 1980s! If only I had marketed them!
Smart lady! Lots of companies out there selling you stuff to make you thin - she's selling you stuff to make you LOOK thin. A lot easier than doing the diet! No wonder she's a billionaire. You go girl!
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