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I don't get why they made a second button with the same functionality..
+Thorben Groth some people might not want to give a +1 = endorse the message on any given site, but would like to share the site for discussion, perhaps...
In that case i remove the plus one after i shared the article.
+Jaana Nyström I'd much rather have someone share my web page or blog post than +1 it. No one outside of Google really knows what impact +1 has on anything, right?
But you can share it via the plus 1 button, too!!
many don't realise they can share via the plus 1 button though, there's some lag before the share box pops up, but two buttons are just confusing.
+Guy Kawasaki oh yes, me too. Well, both +1 and share would be even better! :-) To my mind this new button encourages sharing. Many times I've used the +1 for bookmarking an article to be saved in my profile's +1 -page and not for sharing.
Especially for the new users the Share button makes it easier and clearer as the same principle is used in other platforms, too.
+Thorben Groth +1 to be able to share and then removing the +1 is tedious. I did that first using the +1 plugin for Chrome, but it became really boring, and I stopped and removed the extension. This is way better. +1 is a "seal of approval", "Share" says "I think you might find this interesting".
+Frédéric Donckels The chrome extension is indeed sometimes a little bit of a pain when you have to close the window and lose your content.
+Guy Kawasaki I'm not sure to really understand how much "more powerful" it is compared to +1. To me, +1 if a very convenient way to store what I like and occasionally I just share it using the inline sharing functionality that popups up after you +1'd something. I think I miss the real power of it. In what way is it more powerful for you?
even if its not as important as the +1 the ability for websites to implement a share button to a site is awesome! TY ;)
+Nicolas Embleton Let me use a restaurant analogy. A +1 is like tipping the waiter a buck. A share is like telling all your friends to eat there.

Which do you think will generate more revenue?
+Guy Kawasaki I got that very meaningful analogy. So did I got the main difference between +1 and sharing. :). But +1 already have a sharing ability. Do you mean that +1 "without sharing" is just fancy, "Sharing" ( +1 or not ) is just awesome. Am I getting your point right?
+Guy Kawasaki , the fact that we are seeing a split in how well this new feature is received, warrants a second look by the Google team.

On one hand we like to be able to +1 and endorse a page (i.e. your endorsement would appear in the search results for those GPlussers who have you in their circles) and the ability to share content without endorsement.

On the other, having two buttons to do that is definitely not elegant, especially when most GPlussers might not even care about the differences.

I'd say launch a g+ button, which then brings up a simple form that allows you to +1 or share the content.

This way we can endorse without sharing, share without endorsing or endorse and share.

And doesn't this idea sound familiar? Well it should, this is how the Android G+ app work. I get these options at the top right corner every time I click into a G+ post.
Personally being able to share and +1 a page creates user functionality and web designers control in their social sharing abilities. Sounds good to me so why not have both...some ppl may only want to +1 things while on the other hand some would like to spread the word on something amazing...
+Julian Chow the current +1 button already allows you to plus without sharing, but you can't share without plus. I think to the average users, they don't really care which is which. Twitter and Facebook both have only one button.
This is a big deal and it is where things should be.

I am going to use too many words here, but it is late.

One of the biggest values of "social" comes from sharing. It isn't the social aspect that is the magic here, many of us have only tenuous connections to the people we are supposedly connected to.

The big value is that people are empowered with the ability to take concepts, content, ideas and insight and bring them to the attention of others - with very little extra effort or even in sometimes the knowledge of the originator.

All of those people that were consuming content, are now acting as force multipliers in disseminating this insight and content throughout a population. And along the way people contribute their own thoughts and perspectives to what was originally provided, allowing gaps to be filled.

People are moving from being net consumers of content to being partners in its provision. They are not just consuming, but adding, changing and adapting the content to their own needs and tastes. Consumers also provide, providers also consume, and content adapts more quickly and effectively.

That is a good thing.

Hopefully sharing becomes the combination of consumer and content, instead of just passing ideas back and forth without adding our own contributions to the mix. So much seems lost when that is not done.

One frustration I have with most social sharing tools (even with G+) is not that so many people share the same thing even in the same circle, but that so many people do not add their own insight and perspectives to what they are sharing.

They just blind share. Here is an article, or a picture, sharing what they found, but little of what they think, feel, or know related to what is being shared.

It is the insight and perspectives that are unique. Even if everyone is sharing the same content, the varied reactions and interpretations of that content is valuable. Even when you disagree, ESPECIALLY when you disagree.

Posting a single line or a quick remark, to a picture or article just adds to a database or pictures or articles that we can all see. Providing your own insight along with it, helps share knowledge and knowledge not information is what is generally most valuable.

With +1s the sharing was more about giving votes to who is sharing, while this new feature seems to make it easier to actually share instead of simply keep score.

I am looking forward to it.
I've added Google plus share instead of G+ button :)
+Guy Kawasaki if +1 worth a buck, how much do you think facebook's frictionless sharing worth? it spreads it to a wider audience, but it isn't word of mouth and it has no context.
feels like this new button is competing for screen estate with the FB Like and share of mind of non g+ users.
+Guy Kawasaki you say you didn't know a + 1 button allowed a share. Do you think lots of g+ users know/don't know that? would you run a poll, as in a short post with 2 answers underneath as your comments with the 2 possible yes/no answers inviting + 1 to each as a vote?
Y- Fi
yeh G+ button allows share only in case you wanna share something from another web page
+Trung Nguyen Wherever you find a +1 button and you click it, then wait for a while: It should open up a tab where you can add some text and share it to your circles or public. By clicking at the image displayed you should also be able to change the pic shown on your post.

There are extensions for that too, this for Chrome:
With this you can +1 and share any outside website.

If you didn't know it, all your +1:s end up in your Google+ profile, too.
Here are mine as I've made them public:
I use this as a bookmarking tool.
the key difference between a Share and usage of a + 1 button is the word Publicly that Google prefix with the + 1 button. It means that your + 1 activity to that URL will be appended to search engine results, whereas the Share button allows you to do so privately. +Jaana Nyström +Trung Nguyen
+Jaana Nyström I know that thing, Jaanna - however, I'd focused on that quotes "After they’ve shared, the button turns red. They can click to share again." - We can click to add Google+ again if we use G+, right?
I didn't know that the +1 button allowed to share, either. And I always found that very annoying.
I actually used the +1 button only one single time (probably mainly to try out the feature). For all the other articles on the web that I found interesting, I copied the URL, went to G+ and pasted it into the share box. Which is really tedious,
And I did this precisely for the reason +Michael Kelly talked about: I don't want to just share something without adding any comment to it. When I share (or +1) stuff, I always make some kind of a statement, implicitly. The problem with implicit statements, however, is that they are completely open to interpretation. Did I share an article because I agree with it? Or because I disagree? Or because I just find it interesting without having an opinion about it yet? Nobody knows.
So I prefer to make explicit statements by telling people why I shared something and what I think of it.
So for me, only a share button works.
Here's a tip for when you want to share from any of those buttons or the extension:

There's a small inconvenience in the share box. It does not want to accept the 'copypaste' directly, so just type any letter and a space in the beginning and then 'paste' the text you have previously, before clicking on the +1 or share button copied as if you click on the +1 you then cannot go back and copy any part of the text without the share box disappearing. Remove the letter and the space.

So at first copy a part of the text, click the button, add the text to the share box, add your own insights, use the * and _ at the end and beginning of those words or sentences you'd like to show better to underline your message, then choose the circles or +mention the persons you want to share the story with. And only then click share.

Any good for you +Guy Kawasaki? I got plenty more tips... :-)
What's next? Share +1 Google+ Like Tweet
+Trung Nguyen short answer: both! as a marketer i want people to + 1 a URL because it will be visible within search results and could attract serendipitous traffic. however the psychology of Share is important to also boost the awareness of the platform and to cater for + 1 shy people (even though many do not display their + 1 tab, that's a separate rant!). Subject to space i will try to include both on sites I manage. ideally i would like to a/b test them but current g+ traffic for me does not permit statistically valid tests.
I don't see a share button on my iPhone app for GooglePlus, and I didn't see a share button on the website when viewed on my iPhone. My iPhone is where I do most of my social networking. If a feature isn't there it might as well not exist (I'm looking at you, FB share link). C'mon - Google can do better than FB. 
45+ comments on how to use/differentiate a button. Folks, this is a sign of a feature with no strategic planning behind it. If every service needed multiple buttons to perform social services, we'd be in a world of hurt. Google isn't alone in this, by the way - Twitter has struggled with Favorites vs. RT vs. Quote. Still, Google has had the benefit of watching and learning. So from my perspective, this whole +1/Share confusion is quite unfortunate.
We need a "Google - " button as well for a richer feedback.
I don't get it... I use this button for months and people say it only started these days?!?
It's the only button I use now.  Dramatic increase in conversion ratio and pages indexed instantly.
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