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I knew that, but confirmation is always good.
Science, creativity and one of my favorite paintings. Score!
Unless you're a rock star - an alarming percentage of them die at 27.
Tim, that is down to low self worth and self esteem. Once they release the fear, values, vision and passion flow into creation! :)
good but neck and head connecting area some 
I'm having an illustrator 88 moment
When you see a Botticelli, you just wonder at the depths of our human creativity.
Sona Le
wow, so wonderful!
I recently discovered the best way to reduce daily stress:  retire. It's amazing.  
Play daily. It's the only way to stay young & creative... and it's proven to reduce stress, which lengthens life! Now, if you'll excuse me, Mr Potato Head is calling... :)
is this a painting or wat?
That's Venus Williams on the Half Court.....or is it just Venus on the Half Shell.  By Leonardo De Caprio.....DaVinci?
+Ivile Mini  It's by Botticelli and is in the Uffizi museum in Florence, Italy.  "The Birth of Venus."  
wow its sooooooooo brilliant
I got to see this up close and personal in Florence.  Wow.  I don't know if I need a longer life, exactly.  But I certainly am enjoying a FULL life!  
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