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Ah, the People's Republic of Berkeley...
Apparently the prize was not awarded for grammer. That punctuation is atrocious.
Unless there is deliberate distortion in this image then the font selection and kerning is rather poor also!
My new business will be making these signs to put in front of your own car when you park. That way you can be sure to make an arrogant impression.
+Guy Kawasaki close call! Any post that has the words "Parking at UC Berkeley" associated with it is likely to give me a panic attack. +Thom Pastor what a great idea. You could make slap-on magnetic thingies like people put on their car doors ... Reserved for Queen Empress of the Universe, etc.
I once saw a church building which had a main parking lot and a smaller parking lot. The smaller parking lot had a sign that said, "This parking lot reserved for those with physical limitations." If you know of any human who does not have physical limitations, please let me know. LOL.
Nobel Laureate at "all times" - even the future?
I guess this gets filed under "How Berkeley Can You Be?". Anyway, how do they enforce this? Do the eligible have to bolt their Nobel Prize onto the car hood ( like a taxi medallion, or is this just a cynical way for the school to cultivate a generation of free spirited scofflaws who believe they are special and only fools obey "The Man"? For those interested, here is a link to the very impressive list of folks who may park in the shadow of this amusing signpost.
Note to self: Avoid visiting UC Berkley.
At UChicago, we have a whole parking lot for Nobel Laureates next to the Econ department :-)
Now the benefits of the Nobel award become clear to all. Forget the kudos and the cash, reserved parking at UC Berkeley is the real prize.
Why is this significant and why should we care?
Guy - why don't you take some photos of the natural beauty around you. Take some photos of spring, flowers, the ocean, architecture. This photo of a parking sign does nothing to enhance anyone's life, brings no inspiration, and is just spew.
No, really -- they have so many of the Laureates that they had to do something...
Perhaps, in order to enhance the status of its science establishment, the State of California should provide valet parking to all resident Nobel Laureates.
I think that's awesome. I would like to see more recognition and social advancement of the top academics.
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So if someone changes their name to "Nobel Laureate" does that mean they get free parking?
When my son went on the tour before starting school at UC Berkeley, the NL parking spots were one of the highlights. The joke was that parking is so difficult in Berkeley, the always-available parking spot was more valuable than the Nobel Prize
After examining the G+ page of +Miami Tom and seeing a picture of five women in bikinis jumping on the beach (captioned "CELEBRATE") as well as some form of pastry captioned "Holy Communion", it is impossible to take +Miami Tom's criticism of +Guy Kawasaki seriously. In fact, I'm willing to declare him a first-class hypocrite. An alternative hypothesis is that he enjoys trolling people on the Internet, but that seems unlikely from the latest comment.
Finally got a response ... the whole premise of G+ seems to be about broadcasting to as large a number of people as possible ... so you wound up being recommended to me by Google ... so then you're in my "stream" and so then you spew into the stream and I see it ... and so then I comment on it ... so then you finally respond ... what an eco system ... perhaps you want me to be one of your sycophantic suck ups ... I'm just responding to YOUR posts in my stream ...
Lol, fantastic, really. He trolls here long enough to annoy, gets attention, and people visit his profile. Another mediocre photographer grabs a few views and some undue attention. I also imagine there's enough people following Guy that there will a be percentage that agree with his assessment. Playing the numbers and counting on the law of averages, or at least presenting against the status quo creates a larger niche for him. "Any press is good press."
I wish I was that smart. It really comes down to just being jealous of Guy's superior marketing skills. He's way better than I could ever hope to be at selling bullshit. Dammit. 
Everything is bullshit, but it's in our belief that some bullshit is better than other bullshit that we wile away the time until we knock off, so there's no use in shitting on another man's bullshit because you don't believe in that line of bullshit. Respect the bullshit and use the better parts of other people's bullshit to improve your bullshit. Then people may come to you for your bullshit and you too can someday have a troll calling your mad skillz bullshit. The circle of life.
Thanks Will I'll take it under advisement. 
Bezerkely my insane alma mater! Go Bears!!!
There are several of those signs at the White House now ;-)
+Guy Kawasaki : given the amount of grey hair one usually needs to win a Nobel prize, is this sign synonymous with 'Parking for the Elderly'? :)
I am a future Nobel Laureate, so does "All Times" apply to me?
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