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(Sat06) You go Brooklyn Castle!

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chess, that game i rage quit at
This looks absolutely fantastic! Great post Guy...can't wait to see this.
Have to "check" this one out!
I like the kid doing the voice-over at the end.  He's got his next few moves planned out. :-)
Seems very inspirational. We need more movies like this. Great post. TY. 
Oh, yes, it's truly inspirational! I believe I read the story a few years ago in "Chicken Soup for Souls."
As a former member of the United States Chess Federation, I've gotta see this!!
I totally suck at chess but I will be watching this with my boys as soon as it comes out. Thanks for the post Guy!
+Guy Kawasaki It would be great if you could help raise awareness for this club. As a child growing up in South Philadelphia, I really didn't have much in the way of moral support and things to distract me from what was considered common. I grew up and started to be like those around me. At around 14 or 15, I was selling highly addictive drugs and robbing people at gun point. I started to play chess frequently at school and became a member of the oldest club in America, Franklin Mercantile in Philadelphia.

I was lucky to find something that consumed me mentally and helped me focus on improving myself outside of the violent life I was living. I take the same drive and emotion to writing software and working on my start-up. I really try hard to give to kids like this because in some twisted way, I see myself in them and I really wished someone reached out to guide me and provide me with a mature path through life.

I'm sure if my childhood friends has such a chance, they wouldn't have been dead by 20.

I plan to fly back to the east coast and visit this club in December. Not many people value our inner city kids, but these kids are the ones who put their life into what they do. They have nothing to lose and seek so hard to be of value to someone. I almost want to classify this emotion as a disease. Most of these kids would kill to change their life and have people care about them. Most of them do kill, but never gain from it.
+Guy Kawasaki Out of the 3.3 million subscribers, how many do you think it'll actually touch? I mean no offense. You've helped many more people than I have, and for that I'm very appreciative.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I'm unsatisfied with how many people I have been able to help.

I'm very passionate about everything I do. I guess that's sort of the disease I made mention to in my post. A lot of these kids grow up with a personal feeling that you haven't given enough. Even Bobby Fisher displayed this behavior and it can often turn into self hate as in the case of Fisher as well.

I guess the real question is, what more can I do.
I admit I'm a sucker for "feel good" movies - especially where the geeks & underdogs win in the end... can't wait to see this one!
This looks like an awesome movie!
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