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Its an amazing video check out the link
wow what in the world. cool stuff
Closest thing to getting to feel what a black hole would feel like, dontcha think? :D
If you want to see aliens or go to time space, pls jump in.
uh arkadaşım burası neresi?
nah its real i've seen the inside of one of them
is a drainage system in case the dam is flooded
True ryt? then How come it became a perfect circle?? Does anyb0dy wandering why??
True ryt? then How come it became a perfect circle?? Does anyb0dy w0ndering why??
wat the is so cool and wow i never seen someone put upp a pic like this before
I thought the Silver Surfer made one of these in his last movie in the middle of the Thames.
The comment which accompanies the photo says:

This funnel allows water to avoid the dam rather than adding undue pressure. Personally, we would’ve made the opposite, an enormous spray of water shooting over the dam. Hydraulic engineers just have no room for imagination.
could u tell me how it happend?
How I feel sometimes when the day is just not going well :)
Hi everybody ...It is not a water hole ... it is a kind of Dam spillway...
I happen to see that same thing before ..!!! it's a wormhole,,science explain that phenomena!!!!! I tried once to undergo on that hole and it seems like a tunnel deep inside...!!!!! so deep that many attachment hole appear in the inside!!!!
this is sooo scary lol how do you get such pictures?
looks to me to the the intake for a hydro electric damn!
is it fake..?sometimes could be real~
I'm confused ... really u dont know that it is a kind of dam spillway?
Dam ... A means to store water and generate electricity.
I would like to see what it looks like inside of it?
hey Mohammad y u got to b so mean
Fantastic Picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its the glory hole ... we skate it, when its dry ... enjoy the ride !!!
well watever it iz it iz very childlike
call him cause u need him (omg)
ok everyone....get ready......set..... JUMP!...
i am sorry for b in so mean but u were b n mean to me
Jemy TM
where is this water hole ?
qui a tiré la chasse d'eau ^^
Alex W
Wonderful imagination Guys:)), It's just a Weir, and when Water reach a specific point, it pours in that hole, in order to reduce hydrualic force on dam. if you can imagine it from its side that i am confident you can;), it's like L, and convey water to downstream of the dam.
I will upload a bigger one on my page, which from Sepidrood dam in Manjil, Guilan, Iran.
HOLY CRAP!!!! That looks never ending. It also looks like someone
whith awsome editing skills...
See guys never ever divide by zero or this could happen again
the day that the Republicans pulled the plug on the Dam project!
i want to go in there even though it is dangress but it looks soo FUN!!!
thats awsome! wat is that?
on dirait le fond d'un verre d'eau
oups!! il est ou le bébé...........??!
is that added on if not thats scary
that werid and creepy at the same time
Wow... Never seen nothing like that before... Very interesting..
It would be way creepier if it was natural.
Ninu x
Étrange mais très joli !
It's cool but it looks exactly like the black hole on 1 of the Disney movies
i wonder what it would look like i went down there
trust me buddy thing absorb all and destroy all i prefer to watch at a distance...looks great but deadly near :/
cool to swim there,,,,,,,,,,,,,heya
wow it is amazing lovely seen, i would like to see in real life..
खुपच छान…………!!!!"
Wow that's gonna be your life if u ever swim there.
Some one Divided by Zero......
اكنون كه ب ه ياري خدا تمتم مراحل
This is a hydro-electric power station... :)
That's a heck of a hole if I may say.
My father says I'm like a black hole because whatever money he gives me vanishes #jokesobadthatitsfunny
tu ses meme pas ecrire bolosse hugo
Passage vers un autre monde ou effet trou noir ?
who divided by 0?
ta guelle toi la avc ta tete de pd
that's ware the hulk did a cannon ball
May God protect me from ever falling in a hole that damn big.
La "salope" elle t’emmerde et c'est pas un petit de 10 ans qui me fais peur.
omg... omg... omg... is that even freaking possible?????
TA CRU Jé PEUR DE TOI??? aaaa aaa et jai pa 10 ans mais 14 donc va baisé ta mere
those things scare me so much
Sure would to see how that came about, what a phenom, I wonder if that is the draw from the community's demand on a daily basis, wowsy, is right, any body know,,,,,
It's the overflow on a Dam...It prevents water from reaching a higher level
I've heard of a sink hole but a water hole? Not until now.
woow mais c'est quoi ça!!!!!!!!!!
Lake Berryessa's Glory hole, Near Winters CA… many fond memories on the lake
you just divided by zero din't you ?
just imagine jumping inside it.
This is the Glory hole at lake Berryessa(sp) in northern CA.
great, now the earth is eating water
Wow! Makes you want to look in. Reminds me of the Water Temple in San Francisco.
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
scary for ignorant like me...what is life after jumping off that hole?
Lake Berryessa, Napa/Solono Counties CA. Look on google maps, the water isn't high enough and the concrete structure is visible.
Like none of you guys have ever seen an overflow preventer in a dam? It' helps keep the water level stable, so it won't overflow over the damn and cause a disaster downstream in populated areas.
Why don't we throw death row inmates down one of these? Save electricity.
wow that looks cool but im scared i might fall in thet thing
It's an overflow pipe for a dam. To keep the lake it create from just flowing over the dam.
that is so cool
Scary. Can you imagine getting sucked into that hole?
Hey look ma the source for old faithful...
il s'agit d'un entonnoir d'évacuation régulant le niveau,par exemple au barrage de Venda Nova au Portugal.
great wooh ....this is The greatness of the Creator Allah...Allah is the creator and can do all thing....but maybe someone do this on computer...any way good
holy heck, that is one hole you don't want to fall in!
Is this in Cordoba , Argentina , cos I have seen one there years ago.
Man that's gonna take a Massive plug to stop that emptying out
wow! what's this?!
whoah i wonder where it goes
looks nice but actually dangerous
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