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(Wed03) Best breakfasts from around the world:

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For me Nasi Goreng is the best hehehehhehehe....
Can't beat a good Saturday morning fry-up after a Friday night on the town. #fact
Ho Liu
There isn't a fried slice. :(
Looks very British/heart attack-y-has baked beans, bacon, sausages,fried eggss and black pudding,ie, a 'fry-up'!Just had something similar-bacon and baked beans
Ed Egan
I think the Hawaiian is a bit optimistic. Where's the SPAM?!
but i still love my chinese breakfast..just like the ReGanMian.Wow....
Has anybody tried Indian breakfast here? It's way tastier, uniques and at the same time very healthy particularly South Indian "Masaala Dosa"!
Breakfast????It's appears to be lunch or dinner for me. =)
Breakfast is my favorite meal! The only thing that trumps it is chocolate. And, of course, you can eat that,well, anytime! LOL! ;)
Jealous... Minus the what appears to be over cooked eggs.
I never have breakfast
that is a lot of food init pall
i usually just coffe for breakfast
That is a dangerous mix of toxic substances called food
Give me a Full English any day, although not every day as that's gonna be an artery killer !!!!!
aduh.....komo lamun di tambahan uduk hanuet. dijamin top markotop ....
Speaking as a Brit that looks pretty comprehensive. Hardly ever have one myself - except when staying in a hotel. Then it's pretty much compulsory!
as i know that in a day, we have to consume 2 eggs. if we eat 2 eggs at breakfast, i think we should not eat it again.
Sooo... this is a launch... WHERE IS MY FRENCH BREAD AND MILKSHAKE?
English breakfast is nice. I would have mine with a cup of tea.
I would have my espresso after I finished the meal.
Umm how accurate is this.. I say.. not much :-/
Many of those dishes, while they look amazing, are not "breakfast".
totally agree... English Breakfast, i have it every single Morning !!
I had one of those for lunch yesterday! :D Bacon butty for breakfast and Roast Pork for evening meal.. You could say I "pigged" out yesterday ;)
I'd leave the beans off the plate. But, otherwise . . .
just want to eat....
Nice and clean.
that's GooD.
I would need a nap after the Polish or Irish breakfast! Thanks for sharing the Breakfast Around the World link!
ITS DELICIOUS...but wach you hight level of your cholesterol.:}
Josef, apparently some Spanish scientists have proven that an English Breakfast, when cooked with Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil, can actually lower cholesterol... Hehe ;)
Otherwise known as a fat boys breakfast ;)
That for breakfast and your set for the day!
looks more like breakfast, lunch & typical breakfast is orange juice, granola bar & coffee...
Im sorry but this looks nasty, and i would rather have Dennys !!!!!
you called this....breakfast?! take a break!!
There was many a morning I sat down to a breakfast like this. Is there any black pudding on the plate?
Ah The Great British Breakfast Just Do It Mines the veggie one but missed the fried bread and toast
What is the black stuff between the ham, eggs, and potatos?
A good bkfst >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
+ Samantha O'Rielly Portebella Mushroom fried but upside down poss grilled but as we dont do grilled defo fried
i would to have this for breakfast. Looks really good
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