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Guy Harris (VoiceoverGuy)
Award winning British male voice over - Heard worldwide on TV, Radio, Games, Apps & Virals
Award winning British male voice over - Heard worldwide on TV, Radio, Games, Apps & Virals

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Really nice series of Videos for Bank Sohar in Oman. A nice relaxed conversational voiceover was needed. With a well written script, that was easy. Do check out some of my other work for more Explainer Videos.
#voiceover   #explainer   #BankSohar  

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Even with complex subjects and topics, let me make them sound simple.
Nice animation to support this Explainer video voiceover for Wisdom Hunt.
#voiceover #explainer #WisdomHunt

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This is one of my favourite Explainer videos.
Every Last Drop. I love the animation.
Do check out their website too.
#voiceover #explainer #water

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Cyber Security is a big concern right now. Get the knowledge o and info in how to protect yourself. Here is another Explainer Video I voiced.
#CyberSecurity #Voiceover #Explainer

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Another game trailer, this time for Siegecraft commander. I bloody love voicing trailers...
#gametrailer #voiceover

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Experian came along with a fun explainer video and also needing a fun quirky voice. Roll on out this style. Kinda meets the brief nicely. I do like voicing these videos and nice to add them to my brand portfolio.
#voiceover #Experian #quirkyvoice

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Just a nice Explainer video voiceover for Epsilon Abacus. Interesting points on there benefits to allowing your data to be shared.
#voiceover #explainervideo #sharingdata

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Just a fun promo for BBC Radio 1 ahead of the Easter weekend.
They wanted the classic cheesy radio commercial sound and I happily provided the fromage!
Sale now on!
#voiceover #radio1 #bankholiday

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There is a kind of SPAM you CAN love! It's the one I also was asked to voice. Watching it makes me wanna go out and buy some!
#Spam #Voiceover

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Just a fun David Attenborough Impression I put on this great viral for Biffa - Wasteaters in the Wild.
#voiceover #PlanetEarth #attenborough
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