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Guy Gonzalez
"I was made for the library, not the classroom."
"I was made for the library, not the classroom."

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Check me out talking books on Book Riot's Reading Lives podcast, including completely botching which Piazza book inspired one of my tattoos. It was Why New Orleans Matters, not City of Refuge. Womp womp!

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I love EVERYTHING about this essay, and am especially proud that +School Library Journal had the nerve to publish it even though it indicts us, too. Read it, digest it, share it.

"Many members of the children’s literature community clamor for greater diversity but remain silent when another Black teenager is shot down. They cling to the fantasy that white supremacy has shaped every U.S. institution except the publishing industry. Like racism in police forces across this nation, racism in publishing is cultural and systemic; the problem cannot be solved merely by hiring a few (more) people of color."

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Curious what the buzz is all about and I had some Google credit, and now you can take a free listen and check it out for yourself.

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"Getting" Soccer

"America, where you can’t forget where you are. But it was a good-natured laughing, since we are of divided loyalties. There may have been a note of envy in there, too. What would it be like to be a person who put up a flag? Which flag would we put up?"

Reading Mara's thoughtful essay made me realize that one of the reasons I've never really connected with soccer is, like college football in NYC, it's a secondary sport in the US, and my ties to countries where it's a big deal are tenuous at best. I've never been a rah-rah "USA! USA!" type, but adopting another country feels like the worst kind of sports carpetbaggery. cough*Yankeesfans*cough*Heatfans*cough

But the stars have clearly aligned this year and the World Cup has my attention for the moment, from a number of different angles. There's no question that a soccer game can deliver the kind of sports drama I really like, and few sports are as fun to watch in public settings, so while I'll probably be that guy picking teams based on word association, uniform colors, and/or good old contrarianism, this just might be the year I finally "get" it.

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"The best-selling monthly comic book in the first quarter of this year was DC’s Batman, which sold slightly more than 100,000 copies per issue. Even for popular characters like the Flash, Thor, Wolverine, and the X-Men, 30,000 to 60,000 copies is more typical."

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"DC’s core audience can’t support such a sprawling line, but DC’s editorial approach can’t reach a wider audience."

Insightful look at what went wrong with DC's New 52 PR stunt, and the subtle differences in Marvel's approach to similar challenges.

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Some really interesting data here that breaks down the real "problem" with public education: institutionalized racism and blind privilege. Period.

Public school population shift, 1968-2011: Hispanic, +495%; black, +19%; white, -28% (aka, White Flight)

"For black students, the South now is the least segregated section of America." (So much for the "liberal" North and post-racial America.)

Many of the best schools in the U.S. are public schools, but that's rarely mentioned in the push to charters and privatization. Also ignored: economic segregation. Gentrification basically boils down to your grandparents fled integration; you returned for cheap rent, had kids, and NOW you care about school reform. GTFOH.

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The poetry slam was both my gateway into the world of poetry, and eventually became the exit ramp that launched me out of it, but after sitting back watching the early part of the season progress, enjoying a variety of interesting new [to me] voices remind me what’s always been special about the slam — not the competition, but the community that forms around it, despite it — I jumped back in with both feet.

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Domination: Titanfall

My favorite mode in Titanfall, it's the best fit for my playstyle which leans more towards strategy and stealth than run and gun. It's also the one mode I can hang in with more experienced FPS players. 
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