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Two more #raspberrypi arrived!

Those cases are pretty good, too 
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Do it, mine's great which is why I got another plus one more for tinkering! Farnell sell those chaps cased like that.

Can happily post a 1GB OpenElec XBMC card image if needed
What do you do about storage? I would like to cut the PC out of the loop completely so need about 500gb is the sata? Or have to use USB HD? 
I'm pretty sure you could bung a USB HD on there no problem. Not tried it but sure it'd work. Then you could add it as a source in the XBMC UI.

Mine's connected across the LAN here. (So likewise you could use a NAS drive)
You bet. I found a cracking good one recently, too, called Yatse which is a bloody odd name but it works like a charm!

You can also go to http://my-pi-ip-address/ which will give you a basic web browser interface, too. just go through your System settings on the XBMC and set HTTP control on and remote controls & stuff.

You'll need to plug in a usb keyboard for the initial setup and (if you're using OpenElec image) the IP address then remote away!
Thanks guy. Remote looks good. How is it with codecs?

Don't think I will bother with a nas just stream it off the PC can't see that being to eat much strain 
That's what I do, not found a common codec it can't play yet :o)
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