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Never suffer a fool. Gladly or otherwise.
Never suffer a fool. Gladly or otherwise.


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Well no, they're not dumb, in fact I'm quite sure many of them are very clever (perhaps cunning is better).

They just assume that we are dumb.
So what are our spymasters up to with their sudden public ragings about encryption. I've seen comments about them being dumb, but they are not dumb people (and even if they couldn't tell their arse from their underpants on IT they are well briefed (sorry)). There are suggestions that they are lobbying politicians - but that also doesn't make sense. They don't need to, they have other paths into the corridors of power, and loud yelling is not their usual tack - is almost alien to them in fact. Not only that the NSA and their minions in GCHQ had a unified message. So they clearly had meetings, planned and co-ordinated between agencies before going live.

So here's another suggestion:

- We have a bunch of US companies who are already taking a huge hiding in the global market (Microsoft have pretty much been shown the door in China for example)

- We have a bunch of spooks who believe (and probably genuinely believe the big data propaganda)  that if you collect everything and stick it into computers magic will happen and it will save the world (see collect underpants, ? , profit)

- We have a political elite who are scared of foreign terrorism (irrespective of rational risk assessment) and also of serious disorder causes by the gap between rich and poor.

One of the interesting jobs of the spooks is to protect US economic interests - the US apparatus spies on governments, business deals, trade treaties, and according to US definitions that is their job.. If the UN gets cross and Angela Merkel doesn't appreciate having her phone tapped then in their book the offence was "getting caught".

Driving Microsoft out of China and killing Google is quite the reverse of their job, so they can't actually publically win a fight over "strong" crypto without losing a bigger battle and having everything they really want to spy on move out of the USA entirely.

Neither the spooks nor the government are going to give up on intercept. They don't care about fringe community projects, and they don't care about distributed social networks (because encrypted or not they provide the critical relationship data by connection information).  They probably don't care too much about Tor because they now own enough endpoints to do entry/exit timing attacks.

They cannot however have Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc as black boxes. That breaks all their mapping of relationships because they can no longer see "A talked to B" just "A, B, and a million other people talked to Facebook"

The big companies seem to bitch a lot - but in the ISP case they bitch about who pays, and in the general case the leaks suggest they are actually rather more compliant than they pretend to be (indeed given the US demonstration that they as willing as supposedly 'nasty' governments to bury even CEOs who don't play ball - see Joseph Nacchio) I somehow doubt they want to fight too hard.

However they have a problem - if people think they are NSA proxies then they will move elsewhere.

The spooks have the same problem. What's worse than people moving off US cloud platforms - people moving to foreign ones. If tax evaders or terrorists decide to move to Russian or Chinese or Brazilian services or setup their own cloud then their job gets harder. If businesses move off US cloud platforms then they lose their intelligence gathering on business deals and the US economic interest that they must protect suffers.

So the spooks and elite need intercept to remain, it's clearly not a negotiable issue for them. The companies need to be seen to not be NSA stooges.

This leads to the following interesting possibility

- The spooks will continue to yell a lot to convince people the are losing and the US cloud is now "secure"

- The vendors will continue to be seen to implement strong encryption and fight the evil NSA people to continue to get business (and suck in things the spooks want to watch)

- And behind closed doors they'll work together to keep up the appearance of a big fight while they continue to plug the NSA into everything

Isn't that a happy thought ....
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Goddammit, is stuff like this that makes scrapping a car a sad event...

The L-reg Honda Prelude (2.2 VTEC 4ws) has been sat on the drive for the years and it has to go cos I drive the jag. So it can be towed onto a scrap van I decided to try and start it so it could unseize the handbrake so put the battery on charge for 4 hours this morning with the intention of using the electric pumper to reinflate the tyres and trying to move it. Which all largely depended on it starting in the first place.

Which it did immediately on the first try, after having being stood for two years on the drive. This thing is the most epic advert for Honda engineering ever.

So, if anyone fancies a track car for two hundred quid give this thing a good home code it bites so hard to scrap it when it's so reliable (but a bit rusty and dirty). Service it, mot and insure it if you want, it'll probably do another 100k without fuss. Will need a new battery.

Will be booking the scrappy next week for it so if you or anyone you know might want it and can collect with 200 cash shout pronto. Four good tyres, clutch replaced 4k ago, cambelt done 14k ago, air con compressor non functional, silver paint work, 144k on clock
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I didn't think they'd be able to get it right...

Even in the United States of Americaland it's 17-07-2014 (note correct date format, America...)

#bungie #fail #bungiefail #destiny #ps4
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I read an interesting article yesterday and I wanted to to a little survey. We know Autism is in the genes even if it skips a generation or two but this article said that if you have a thyroid problem at the time you were pregnant, you were 4 times more likely to have a child with autism. This as those close to me would guess, grabbed my attention. What I want to know is how many people with children with Autism developed Thyroid problems later in life? #autism   #thyroiddisease   #thyroid   #autism_awareness  
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But seriously, is anyone surprised

As if 'football mentality' isn't basic enough in of itself, someone let the Americans join in

Was hoping for an Iran vs USA match but looking unlikely...
Stay classy, American sports fans.
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Oh dear

Having watched my son playing Destiny alpha last night I suspect I might cancel my pre order

It looks like Call Of Duty in space and while I was expecting something towards jaw dropping visually, it wasn't

Maybe I've been spoilt by Warframe (which is free, too) which I can't put down

#ps4 #destiny
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So. We received a mystery copy of The Sun newspaper in the post this week

Just discovered that apparently many people suffered the same misfortune.

Why are those lowest common denominator c2de shits delivering nudey porn to my house unbidden where my children can pick it up off the mat?

Shredded ours for cat litter. Wouldn't even wipe our own arses with that rag.

+The Sun #thesun
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