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Two questions:

First, is there a BOM for the Smoothieboard? I burned up two of the small MOSFETs and cant find the part numbers.

Next, what are the max values for the PID settings?


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Hey everyone, I just upgraded my extruder from a Chinese knock-off E3Dv6 to an official E3Dv6 and need some help with surface finish. Printing TPU at 30mm/s with 0.2mm layer height. Top part is with official E3dv6 and bottom is with knock-off. On the old print the top section of the bottom part in the picture is very smooth. Using the same settings with the new extruder the wall is rough. Any ideas?


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Anyone know why the temp stops 1 degree before the set value after an upgrade to an E3dv6 hot end? The target temp is 245 and I can get there when manually setting the temp but during a print it never reaches 245.

Im using the following config:

temperature_control.hotend.enable true # Whether to activate this ( "hotend" ) module at all.
# All configuration is ignored if false.
temperature_control.hotend.thermistor_pin 0.23 # Pin for the thermistor to read
temperature_control.hotend.heater_pin 2.4 # Pin that controls the heater, set to nc if a readonly thermistor is being defined
temperature_control.hotend.thermistor Semitec # see
temperature_control.hotend.beta 4375 # or set the beta value
temperature_control.hotend.set_m_code 104 #
temperature_control.hotend.set_and_wait_m_code 109 #
temperature_control.hotend.designator T #
temperature_control.hotend.max_temp 260 # Set maximum temperature - Will prevent heating above 300 by default
#temperature_control.hotend.min_temp 0 # Set minimum temperature - Will prevent heating below if set

# safety control is enabled by default and can be overidden here, the values show the defaults
#temperature_control.hotend.runaway_heating_timeout 900 # max is 2040 seconds, how long it can take to heat up
#temperature_control.hotend.runaway_cooling_timeout 900 # max is 2040 seconds, how long it can take to cool down if temp is set lower
#temperature_control.hotend.runaway_range 20 # Max setting is 63°C

temperature_control.hotend.p_factor 120 # permanently set the PID values after an auto pid
temperature_control.hotend.i_factor 1.951 #
temperature_control.hotend.d_factor 175 #

temperature_control.hotend.max_pwm 255 # max pwm, 64 is a good value if driving a 12v resistor with 24v.


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Im running a firmware from mid 2015. Is there any compelling reason to get the lastest stable build and do I need to update my config?

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More progress. 

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Making more progress on my new micro quad. Still need to add the VTX and GPS modules. Almost there!
April 29, 2016
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Designing my second multi-rotor. This one will be about 123mm motor to motor and CNC'd rather than 3D printed. What do you think?
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