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Guy Arnold
Author, sales and customer experience adviser, 7 habits advocate and general business myth exploder.
Author, sales and customer experience adviser, 7 habits advocate and general business myth exploder.


Buyers want you to make their lives easier, not harder

Problems cause pain, admin usually causes pain, complicated terms and conditions usually cause pain, hidden prices cause pain, half-truths cause pain and poor systems and poorly trained people cause pain … for your customer.

An easier life is what the customer wants: they want to move away from pain and towards gain.

And they are prepared to pay for it!

On the other hand: The customer does not want their life to become harder by dealing with you.

< so make sure all your processes, systems and procedures make life easier for the customer:
< do  all the admin for the customer: just get them to sign after you’ve been through it with them
< make  your terms simple and clear
< no  hidden agendas or unfair contract terms
< no hidden price pain
< no  half-truths or misleading marketing
< ensure your systems and processes deliver consistence and continual improvement (please see my book ‘ Great or Poor ‘ for help and guidance on this)
< ensure your people are trained, not only in the essentials and product knowledge they need, but also in how to sell effectively (using the ideas in this book), and how to communicate brilliantly (which means listening a lot more than talking … and using the ideas in this book).

The easier you make it for your customer to buy, the more they will buy, and the less time they’ll take doing it: Win-win.

The great example of ‘making it easy,’ resulting in huge sales and profits, is Credit Cards.They make life easy for the customer … and, by doing this, generate huge revenues.

⌊ Continually assess all your systems and processes, admin and rewards.

Are they making your customer’s life easier?

If not, start to change them through the ‘Go the Extra Inch’ process.

The easier you make life for your customers, the more they’ll buy from you.And remember your internal customer: make it easy for them first!⌋
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 Life is more than money

“This planet has - or rather had - a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem,but most of these were largely concerned with the movement of small green pieces of paper,which was odd because on the whole it wasn't the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy.” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

In today's dysfunctional world, this principle is very hard to remember. We are bombarded with
adverts for flashy gadgets, exotic holidays, new furniture, and shiny cars.

Yet truly successful people know a little secret:

-money is useful, but only if it helps you achieve what really matters to you.
-most people think that more money will make them more happy: but happiness is something you create every moment of every day , by deciding what's important to you, and taking action to be aligned 
with that
 -if you do what you do excellently, the money will follow ...
not the other way around.
Of course we'd all like to be paid more, of course we all like to be able to buy more, but, let's keep real and remember we are all mortal, and money is just a form of energy to help us get material things and services ... there are plenty of other forms of energy that we can harness and enjoy to make our lives successful ... as well as money.

Truly successful salespeople focus on the customer's needs, not on the generation of money.

‘Who would you rather sit next to in a plane? A happy person or an unhappy person?’ The Dalai Lama


… and guess what: happy people make
more sales!!!
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There's a lot of talk about how important 'customer service' is: but why is it important and what output do we want from getting it right?
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Ego yo-yo

As hunter gatherers, the ego is extremely important: it is the automatic response system that keeps you alive, either through fighting or through running away ... it is the control point for the flight or fight syndrome.

And amazingly, many people still act as if they are hunter gatherers in today's world.

Look at the ridiculous antics of overpaid sports people, look at the ego battles that destroy businesses, the ridiculous shenanigans that politicians get up to, and egomaniacal chief executives who destroy shareholder value. Look at the adverts on television promoting goods and services that will make you feel or look better … my arse!

It's time to get real: real and long term customers hate businesses and people with large egos, and the larger your ego, the easier it is for other people to manipulate you by massaging it.

Come on: it's time to move out of kindergarten: we all came from nothing and we’re going back to nothing.
What do you want to be remembered for? Being someone:

who was helpful and
genuinely pleasant to be with
and deal with,
or a bit of an arse
because the gap between the two of them isn't very large.

Life’s much more fun and prosperous for everyone when you stop trying to get what you want and focus on trying to help your customer get what they want.
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Why learning and success is all about Mindset / Mission / Desire: call it what you want!

Remember, you can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!
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