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Problems and solutions for coastal and seaside homes

No-one knows more than us about the damaging effects the weather can have on your home exterior, but what about if you own a property in a coastal, moorland, sea-fronting or cliff top location?
The outside of your home has to not only look good all year round, but it also has a more important function in keeping you and your family warm, safe and dry.
Most homes have a moderate amount of weatherproofing built in, after all, the UK isn’t famed for it’s long dry spells (!), but what about if your house lies in area that “get a lot of weather” during Autumn and winter?
No-one knows more than us about the damaging effects of the weather on your home exterior, but what about if you own a coastal, moorland or sea-facing property?
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Guy Alexander Bell

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Puerto Vallata, Mexiko 
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I still fail to see how I have amassed 20,000 followers on this "Ghost Town" social network.  I wonder what the percentage of people on there are in Great Britain? Very few I should imagine!
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Would people stop adding me to their circles please, this is getting embarrassing. I dont know you, and you don't know, or give a fuck about me, so why add me? Meet up with me on twitter or facebook and THEN we have a proper chat instead of google plus irrelevant shit
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Too late, now you have to add  me, and I will think about it. LOOOOOL!
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Country walk in the Yorkshire Dales at Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire, England.
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The latest Tweets from Guy Alexander Bell (@GuyAlexanderBel). Hi! I'm a writer, author, teacher, businessman, parent, collector, .....holy crap, is there NOTHING I can't do?. Plymouth, uk
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I still don't "get" why 20 thousand people follow me on google plus? I dont really take part much any more as, quite frankly, its shit. People keep adding me to their circles etc, thanks, but why? All the people i am connected with on twitter or facebook, i actually KNOW, but here, i would think out of 20,000 i know about 50 of them!!!!!!!!! Listen, please stop inviting me to shit groups, spammy posts and photos that bear no frikkin relevance at all to my online life. Google plus is a total waste of time, a failed google project and i would think the plug will be pulled very soon, even the bosses of this have gone, so who is running it? I'm on facebook if anyone REALLY wants to connect with me and actually have a decent, intelligent and meaningful conversation. #google #twitter #facebook #meetingpeople #conversation #realfriendship  
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Guy Alexander Bell

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                      ♞   ZORROs Circle   ♞
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The character has undergone changes through the years, but the typical image of him is a dashing black-clad masked outlaw who defends the people of the land against tyrannical officials and other villains. Not only is he too cunning and foxlike for the bumbling authorities to catch, but also delights in publicly humiliating them.
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Illustrated by Tim Parker
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A very tired supermarket in need of a revamp. Exterior signage and car park unkempt and filthy, bland cafe with ultra harsh lighting and 1980s decor, unhelpful and sometimes rude staff, and like most morrisons full of fake special offers. Which is why people go to aldi and ildl now.
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We only went to the Unicorn as Wetherspoons on the ridgway was so busy, in fact i think that has taken a lot of trade away from the Harvester and I can see why. The Unicorn is a total rip off. Mediocre food from a very limited menu, cooked with no flair, presented as plain and bland and shocking prices too. The drinks with the meal are also a total rip off. "Ooh free salad!" BIG DEAL! All in all a total waste of time, very poor value for money and would not bother going here again.
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I would highly recommend Darren and the website, marketing and SEO services he offers. We paid for a website review recently, at a very reasonable cost and what we got back was excellent, very professional, very informative and packed with great tips and suggestions, many of which we have already put into action. His site is worth checking out too as it has a wealth of effective, honest and actionable information, tips and tricks to help the contractor succeed. A great fella and we would not hesitate to use him again.
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Very slow and surly service, shockingly expensive for both drinks and food, mediocre quality meals. I would definitely NOT go here again. What a rip off. It was not very busy but we waited 20 mins for the waiter to take our order, THIRTY minutes for our starter and then a further 25 mins for our main courses. The puddings are also a complete rip off. The staff are far too busy to deal with customers (The main reason why they are employed) and in reality I wish i hadnt gone.
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Me parecen muy buenos profesionales, ya he trabajado con otras empresas de mudanzas Málaga en otras ocasiones y son los que mas me han gustado. Ademas son muy correctos en el trato y cuidan al cliente. Muy recomendable, yo seguro repetiré cuando vuelva a trasladarme! Muy Bien! :)
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