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I wanted to find out if the LG D820 actually is the mystery nexus on the Android KitKat video, so I took an image of the FCC filing and a video frame and turned them into this gif. Looks like a match to me! The shape, camera and flash position and size are a perfect match.

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all about perspective I guess. Amazing that as large as the new Nexus appears in video compared to the Nexus 4 being held by the female, the device is actually right about the same size. That guy must have burger king hands #tinyfingers
Great GIF. I just feel sorry for this guy. His photo is all over the Internet and he is probably taking all manner of piss-taking from his Google colleagues. 
At least he didn't leave it in a bar.
+Sam Izadpanah Or, if this is all a staged leak, I'd imagine he'd be feeling pretty lucky right now!
in the picture, the phone clearly larger than Nexus 4,  I think it will 5.2 (like LG G2) or even 5.5 inch.
in support of this thoery,  only 2 mounth ago LG  present  5.2 inch smartphone dysplay  and we have now LG G2, but now they  announced  5.5 - inch  2,560 x 1,440 dysplay with only 1.2 mm bezel and 1.21 thin!!
I think it will be perfect for NEXUS 5 :)
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