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Gustavo Rubio
Desarrollador de software, emprendedor y amante de la música
Desarrollador de software, emprendedor y amante de la música

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Touchpad gestures?

Hey guys, I've been using OSX at work and one thing that I miss are touchpad gestures, especially for switching between desktops. A three finger swipe switches beween them.

Is this something that can be done within our beloved gnome? I'm on Fedora 23 / Gnome 3.18 and AFAIK my touchpad is a Synaptics touchpad (Dell XPS 13)


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Added photos to Google I/O Extended Tijuana.

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Bad Quality pictures that I took on Google I/O Extended Tijuana 2015
Google I/O extended Tijuana 2015
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Is there a GUI way to change the time format from 24H to 12H in 3.16? Can' t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!

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Hello, was wondering if gnome photos 3.14 support uploading to picasa albums. I see I can organize existing pictures inside picasa/gphotos onto another folder but not local pictures. Is there a way to do so or keep them in sync? Thanks!

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