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That was the first game I really enjoyed in the PC era. Will be awesome to have this running again.
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Well, 6502 is a well understood CPU. There are plenty of emulators for it. So I expect it wouldn't be hard to make it work, or get it transcoded to another language. :)
6502 is not an easy CPU to work with in any modern language. From experience I can state that assembler and BASIC are about as far as it can reasonably go. Yes the Apple II could run UCSD Pascal, but that was a real stretch and the compile times show it. It is after all an 8 bit CPU running at 1 Megahertz , with a very limited instruction set. In fact, the part was never intended to be part of a "computer", but was forced into the role by Jobs & Woz primarily because it was cheap. If I recall correctly a limit of 256 bytes for the jump instruction was a major problem. That and the lack of any kind of memory paging arrangement. The Apple 3 had to rig up special hardware to do paging but it just wasn't the right way to go. The Motorola 6809 would have been a MUCH better choice but Apple never embraced it - probably because by the time the 6809 came out Apple had an installed base to worry about supporting. Those were interesting times...
+David Rook I think you misunderstood. I was suggesting that the 6502 is understood well enough that it would be possible to port PoP to a modern language and run natively on newer systems. :)
Oh, god, the invisible bridge at the end... I took flying leaps from every single point on that tower except the bit I was meant to run off -- because that was the single bit that was obviously stupid and fatal.

Ah, good times. Did you ever play the Sands of Time? That (alone among the many, IMO) was a genuinely worthy successor...
Hah, I recall doing something very similar at that place too. Took a while to, well, give up and jump into "death".. :-)

I had a quick look at it, but I never really sat down to go through the game as I did with the original one.
I am pretty sure that this is close to the extent of crazy when it comes to Prince of Persia, 11 years later reverse engineering the entire game and porting it to the Commodore 64. Even Mechner himself "That's crazy! Back in 1989, when I was making POP on the Apple II, I couldn't get anyone interested in doing a C64 port... because it was too old a system :)"
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