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Contest for Go QML applications?

We were just considering whether it might be fun to organize a contest for applications developed with Go QML.  The idea would be to offer the next two months preceding GopherCon as a window for applicants to create a GUI application based on Go QML, and we'd get together at GopherCon to judge and announce the winner, with some prizing to be defined.

Of course, this is only fun if we have enough people interested in participating, and I realize we all have schedules, so it seems worth asking before going ahead. If you'd like to participate in something like that, please respond to the inquiry in the mailing list:
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A few of us in India/Bangalore run Go meetup groups.  It might be interesting to organize a workshop + hackathon towards this.
By any chance would anybody have like a series of slides/steps to step an audience through QML+Go ... maybe towards creating a simple game with a bird and one has to go through a maze of tunnels.  But seriously, is there any?  Would help to have a few tutorials.
+Gustavo Niemeyer I still cannot understand what QML itself can and can't do. Is there a simple way to create trees? Or datagrids? Examples I found until now seem so simple... Where can I find some good introductory material?
Kinda the same issue I'm facing. 
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