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Meew, mother fucker, meew!
Meew, mother fucker, meew!

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Here is my GOG Wish-list:

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That was fun...

Always check that the lid of your bits and bobs case is properly before picking it up from a table... 

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Idioter som inte förstår sig på enkel matematik säger saker om saker som är baserat på matematik.

Jabes Comby är en jubelidiot. 

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To watch later. 

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This shit is scary 

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Project idea: USB one byte block device serving random numbers

I have been thinking about RNG (Random Number Generation) for a few minutes now, and thought that "would it not be nice to have a block device that contains random numbers generated via radio noise?"

Generating random numbers via radio noise is not something new, some sites use radio over PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) to feed random numbers into programs that serve random numbers.

My idea was to remove some of the software side of things and create a USB thumb stick that generates random numbers and serve them one byte at a time when read (It is actually a block-device stream). Meaning that when a read is done, it serves one byte (8bits), four bytes (32bits) or eight bytes (64bits) of random data created from radio noise.

The idea is simple:

1) the device listens to noise (from radio) and converts it into a bits,
2) a bit-ring-buffer is filled with these bits countlessly,
3) when a read happens it blocks reads until the buffer has progressed enough for the bits to be shoved along.
4) reading is done by serving the bits in the buffer to a peace of memory that is than transmitted to the reader.


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Just read PoC||GTFO 14:03, in it Naib Manul Laphroaig speaks makes an analogy about Cybercrime, Sand and Water.

I recommend everyone to have a gander.

(This article is published in The International Journal of Proof of Concept or Get The Fuck Out 0x14)

And a new Poc||GTFO volume is out!


14:01Let us share some water
14:02 Z-Ring Phreaking
14:03 Concerning Desert Studies
14:04 Flush+Reload Side-Channel Attacks
14:05 Anti-Keylogging with Random Noise
14:06 Random NOPs on ARM
14:07 Ethernet Over GDB
14:08 Control Panel Vulnerabilities
14:09 MD5 Postscript
14:10 MD5 PDF
14:11 MD5 GIF
14:12 This PDF is an NES MD5 Quine

This issues special:
After our paper release, and only when quality control has been passed, we will make an electronic release named pocorgtfo14.pdf. It is a valid PDF, ZIP, and a cartridge ROM for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
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