+Hank Johnson, you asked for advice on accepting the position as head of the NIA. Here is mine.

You should accept IF you feel it will better humankind. With great power comes great responsibility, and vice versa. You have proven yourself a man of great power, and so it comes to you to accept great responsibility, if you think you are man enough to handle it.

The fate of the whole god damned human race is on the line for what we end up doing with Exotic Matter. Do we use it to usher in a new age of Enlightenment, or do we sever the connection between XM and Humanity? Either decision will have profound consequences. Fast forward 20 years from now. Make the decision that will leave you knowing you made the best use of the tools made available to you in order to keep not just your future kids and grand kids enriched and happy but all of humankind.

For those who say you should not accept the position because you 'are the explorer', ignore them. You are not 'The Explorer'. You are a man who have explored. Nothing more, nothing less. What you do going forward is YOUR choice. I was in New York when we captured your last shard which put your future as the 'Explorer of the Niantic Magnus' in the hands of the Enlightened, and I was an adviser to the Enlightened agents who set your destiny free of those bonds. We did that because we thought you deserved to choose your own fate. You are no longer bound by the Niantic Magnus archetype. You are free to explore whatever destiny your heart desires. Use that freedom!

You are a scholar of ancient cultures, so of course you know of the ancient Greek idea that the wise man is not a one dimensional expert but instead what would later be called a 'Renaissance Man', one who cultivates all sides of life. Enlightened XM is drawn to all aspects of civilisation: hiking trails (the physical), libraries (the mental) and sculptures (the arts). You've done the physical and historical exploration. Imagine the value of that experience if held by the head of the NIA! We need cross-pollination of ideas and ways of living to make sure that all aspects of human civilisation is represented in determining the future of Exotic Matter. I see no one better suited to shaping our future than a man who has spent his life exploring our history. I would feel safer with you as the head of the NIA than some political power-hungry shark.

Finally, you do not have to be the head of the NIA forever. You can try it for a while, and if you decide that it does not suit you, you can elect a predecessor. So what do you really have to lose?

PS. As for the monkey suit, you do not have to conform to the idea of what a head of the NIA should look like. You would be the boss. You would decide what is and isn't acceptable work life clothing. I think we could all do with having a less elitist clothing standard in political life. Make it more connected to ordinary people. Show that you can be successful while remaining true to yourself. Personally, I'd still remain clad in leather no matter what position I'm elected into. :-)

+Hank Johnson +Project Isthmus +H. Richard Loeb +Ingress​ #Ingress
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