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Download the code from here:

OSCAR the Roomba/Google+ hangout robot!

Wrapped this up this morning, some quick links into the video:

0:26 Intros -
0:53 Who is oscar -
1:15 Oscar moving for the first time on air -
1:33 Intros from our guests from the community -
2:05 Oscar's view in the hangout -
2:18 A brief description of how Oscar works -
3:35 Oscar explores around the table and studio -
5:22 What does OSCAR stand for? -
8:40 Discussion of AR drones in hangouts -
10:45 Would other people be able to use this for their robots? -
11:48 Oscar's close-up - cardboard, paperclips, and binder clips -

Huge thanks are in order for +Jenny Murphy  and +Louis Gray for helping to make everything so gracefully! 
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There's no doubt we want to, and will be sure to share if we get something going. There's another hardware project that we've been bouncing around too, and I really want to add some History features to OSCAR, so if you expect anything, expect to see that first :) It'd be sweet to see an AR drone implementation from the community!
I can't seem to find the source code, is it online yet?
It's coming soon :)  Hopefully we'll get it live early next week.
+Gus Class Can you bring OSCAR to the Robot Party hangout? :D It would be so much fun!!!!!
Is that a windows tablet in the hangout? Because in your article you're talking about a PC on top of the roomba and in the code I noticed a requirement for Windows XP SP2 or Server 2003.

Any reason why you've chosen for windows tablet in stead of android?

There is windows version of localtunnel too btw: I would prefer to just forward the port 80 in my router, but you might not be allowed to do that at Google :P.
+Joren Van Severen It is a Windows Tablet.

The short answer to "Why Windows?" is that I had most of the code and hardware sitting around from an older project and just reused what I had.
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