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Gunnar Forsgren

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Will these be considered serviceable at all by service shops ?   Anyway if so I want to see a typical price tag for glass repair. Labour time should be considerable more than older units that could just be screwed apart. Here there is a lot of fuzzy steps needed that require special skills for getting progress and a reliable repair. Design wise Samsung went all out for perfect looks at the cost of, as it seems, almost abandoning serviceability. In any sensible opinion these screens should be built as integrated assemblies that you easily detach within a few seconds. I doubt the total repair cost would be higher even if this triples parts costs, since you would save dramatically on work time.
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Gunnar Forsgren

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Great piece of music
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Gunnar Forsgren

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Did you get it sorted ?
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...and the UI Guidelines, essential if you have ambitions to publish apps to the Samsung app store.  They will assess your app to check that it aligns with the guidelines :
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I only had a chance to try out the Tizen wearable SDK briefly so far. Initially there is focus on making HTML browser based apps for the watch. The phone side apps are not so much addressed in the current SDK version. I would guess they put this together as an initial release. The SDK announcement page hints at a more developed SDK to arrive:
Samsung state during the install phase that not all functionality is in place.  So what are your thoughts ?   All ROM leechers here or is there anyone into looking at developing something ?
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Finally Samsung has released the Gear 2 Tizen based SDK:

So we might be able to explore and discuss this SDK here from now on. 

My first impression is that Samsung is doing exciting things here. The SDK seems much more open to third party developer initiative than I had expected. It looks like it will be possible to provide ones own phone side Android peer apps and if so this opens the Gear to considerable innovation.  I work full time on other stuff during daytime so I will only be able to explore this during other hours.
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We can only be bystanders
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That's profound, dude.
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An introductory video Introduction and Overview of Samsung Tizen Gear 2 SDK - MWC14

But its going to be HTML only (Javascript, CSS, etc)
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Software developer (C, C++, Java, Android, etc)
SW/HW engineering, mobility, mobile machine interaction, wireless, vehicle restoration
  • Cybercom Group
    Consultant, 2013 - present
  • Mobimation AB
    Self employed - Mobile solutions contractor, 2010 - 2013
    Owner, developer
  • Sony Ericsson, Ericsson Telecom, Ericsson Radio, etc.
    1980 - 2009
    Development engineer hw/sw
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Gunnar tinkering with vehicles, computer tech and various stuff GMT+1, Solna, Sweden
Hello I am Gunnar, located in Sweden (nine hours ahead of PST).
I work as a sw industry consultant during daytime.

My personal interests often align with the profession. I do otherwise have some diverse superpowers such as a skill in motorcycle and car restoration.
I have two daughters 20 and 22 years old and live in the Stockholm area, Sweden. I do maintain a relation with the Female Companion and her two siamese cats.   She can resemble that girl Betsy that de Niro takes to a movie theater in Taxi Driver, but that seems to be my cup of tea. Cover photo is a centerfold from a 1960 brochure for the Volvo Amazon that I photoshopped to remove creases, rusted staples and punched holes. I´m that kind of detail guy.
Stuff posted here will be strictly reporting about my non-office-hour technical interests.
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Worked 28 years as Ericsson developer. Restored two 70's japanese motorcycles that won concour events. My daughters 20 and 22 live good lives. Featured in a 2012 Google TV team "Google TV Fan Spotlight" post on Google+, see
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Solna, Sweden
Värmdö - Aspudden - Ullånger - Kista
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