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Gunnar Forsgren

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:)  Internet of Things starting to influence the design of home entertainment Big Time !  This is the year it happens with the dramatic introduction of 2 dollar System on a Chip nodes that leaves developers in intensified respiration over figuring out what to do next and how to plan their own sleep/development hour cycles going forward.

Google translated chinese;

"main function
1) IoT @ Home app displays a notification on the device screen U + tv G
Gas hot rock alerts / notifications gas lock lock
- Door Lock password fifth error notification (later service plan)
- Also yeobyu alerts when motion is detected (future service plan)

2) IoT @ Home app as U + tv G Control
- Controlled by voice recognition
(Set Top Box Power On / Off, change the channel, find the volume control, remote control)
- Controlled by the automatic operation,
(Mnet latest music listening)
- Door view real-time video view of the outside (later service plan)
Developers Contact:
As the Han River in Seoul, Yongsan-gu, 32 (Note) LG U +
+ 82-1544-0010"

There you have it:

Offer all kinds of little micro services consumers can tick off a list and pay for monthly. Their rewards come from all sorts of little amusements and social enrichments experienced  from being a Service Plan customer. Accomplishing the retention is ever so exciting now for a service provider with all the combination of experiences that can offered by a media platform in combination with mechanical tactile design. The entire Internet is now the artifact repository for even a little toaster :) and the possibilities  so distinctly place old gear in the technical museum of what was. Natural progression once more.
1) IoT@Home앱장치 알림을 U+ tv G화면에 표시
- 가스락 고온 알림/가스락 잠금 알림
- 도어락 비밀번호 5회 오류 알림(추후 서비스 예정)
- 도여뷰 움직임 감지 시 알림 (추후 서비스 예정)

2) IoT@Home앱으로 U+ tv G 제어
- 음성인식으로 제어
(셋탑박스 전원 On/Off, 채널 변경, 볼륨 제어, 리모컨 찾기)
- 자동실행 설정으로 제어
(엠넷 최신음악 듣기)
- 도어뷰 실시간 외부영상 보기 (추후 서비스 예정)
개발자 연락처 :
서울시 용산구 한강대로 32 (주)LG유플러스
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주요기능1) IoT@Home앱 장치 알림을 U+ tv G화면에 표시 - 가스락 고온 알림/가스락 잠금 알림 - 도어락 비밀번호 5회 오...
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Gunnar Forsgren

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I look for consultant assignments on the swedish market.
See my contacts info and CVs here:!konsultarbeten
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Gunnar Forsgren

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Recent photo of my developer space setup.
This runs three 24" displays powered by a micro ATX motherboard that runs OSX in a silent configuration with no moving parts (passive cooling)
The TV on the wall is a Sony NSX-46GT1 "Internet TV", the american market Google TV product from Sony. I importd this unit to Sweden back in year 2011.
Today I use it hooked up to an Asus Nexus Player device that runs Android TV and with HDMI towards the Sony TV the Nexus Player can be navigated using the Sony remote.
This results in a user experience as if the Sony TV having been upgraded to Android TV.  This immensely increases the usability of this TV set in Android app development for TV. I do not use this for watching TV but to increase my skills in developing Android TV apps.
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Gunnar Forsgren

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Google TV Music Playlist builder app for hotel room TV music
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Thanks for Emma+ for Spotify on Android TV. It works wonderfully.
Is there a way to add muting the key click sound when navigating ?

Could possibly "public void setHapticFeedbackEnabled (boolean hapticFeedbackEnabled)" be involved ?

BTW: If needed I could contribute a swedish translation.
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Of course; it was system wide. Thanks. Again; all praises for Emma for Spotify+ (TV)
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Gunnar Forsgren

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Masterpiece in taking Spotify to the big screen (Android TV)
Please install and test the the free basic version Emma for Spotify (TV) fi...
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Gunnar Forsgren

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Google TV !   Android TV !     I decided it´s pretty much the same from a developer perspective so I will use my beloved Sony NSX-46GT1 as a general wall mounted monitor for Android TV development !
Not only does it carry the magic of being the original Google TV icon product (Sony Internet TV codename " asura ") but will double as a monitor for the ADT-1 and Nexus Player devices while I develop. Thus continue to delight with its appearance.  

In photo below I had to lay it flat on a floor for some servicing because one of the internal wall mount brackets had come loose inside the enclosure so fitting the brackets proved a chore.
But opening the case from the rear was easy.
These mounts are held in place by a brittle design where the metal brackets sit in small recesses internal to the plastic enclosure without any contact with the internal chassis. The plastic tabs that hold the threaded metal brackets easily crack after a few sojourns of wall mounting and when screws are removed the now loose bracket will drop down into the chassis. Easy solution is to glue them back with some epoxy. I just screwed the bracket in place while the case was half open.
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Gunnar Forsgren

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Many months later and I now am in possession of an ADT-1 as well.
Great to have for TV app testing. For TV app dev I have the Nexus Player hooked up to a Sony NSX-46GT1 Internet TV which works great BTW due to the HDMI-CEC integration for the Sony remote control.  I will check to what extent this works also with the ADT-1.
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Gunnar Forsgren

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Android development workstation setup in year 2013. I pretty much retain this configuration today for Android app development due to its fantastic performance with a totally silent operation with no cooling fans or other moving parts.
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Gunnar Forsgren

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Android demo I made for Cybercom AB in preparation for applying for a position at various swedish developer companies in year 2012. It showed use of some Android apps I had developed for TV at the time.
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Earlier complaining about the old NSX series Sony TVs not getting upgrades, google TV declared dead, etc, isn´t that big of a deal.

I hooked up the NSX-46GT1 now to Nexus Player and.......

BIG SURPRISE (at least for me) - it turns out the Nexus Player IS the upgrade....
Essentially just plug the NP into a HDMI input and the original Sony remote then controls the Nexus Player !   Due to this unexpected integration with the TV set remote the user experience is pretty much that the good ol Google TV set is now an Android TV set.  I am delighted.

Example: Navigating Nexus player using Sony remote running a TV channel "Play app", here the swedish "SVT Play" :
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+Renato Wisocki Junior The volume control would still work with the same remote because it is controlling the TV volume at that point and not the Nexus Player. Also software can control the volume of the NP. I recall at least one app (media player) had the ability to do this. Wish they would implement it system wide. In the case of a game pad it could be controlled with the right analogue stick. 
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I decided to bring my Google TV back into the realm of the undead; it had been hiding under a pile of clothes in the cellar for half a year.
Google TV !   Android TV !   Well not that much of a difference from a developer point of view albeit the new take has a more developed architecture.
I will use the beloved NSX-46GT1 ( Sony " asura " Internet TV ) as a monitor for Nexus Player and ADT-1 while continuing to enjoy some Google TV.
Here it lays flat on the floor; when installing wall mount brackets I found one of the threaded mounts inside the back cover had fallen off into the case so I had to open up the cover and recover it. Surprising to see these threaded plates inside of the case has no connection to the chassis but the weight of the entire TV set is taken up by the rear plastic case that clamp between the threaded shims and wall mount brackets. Weighs only 20 kg so little problem.
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It was too bad that a custom ROM was never produced for that devices. I have the Sony Bluray and Vizio Costar.... Too bad the can not been updated.
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Software developer (C, C++, Java, Android, LTE Telecom Sw Team skills)
SW/HW engineering, mobility, mobile machine interaction, wireless, vehicle restoration
  • Mobimation AB
    Self employed - Mobile solutions contractor, 2010 - present
    Owner, Developer, Contractor
  • Sony Ericsson, Ericsson Telecom, Ericsson Radio, etc.
    1980 - 2009
    Development engineer hw/sw
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Gunnar tinkering with vehicles, computer tech and various stuff GMT+1, Solna, Sweden
Hello I am Gunnar, located in Sweden (nine hours ahead of PST).
I work as a sw industry consultant during daytime.

My personal interests often align with the profession. I do otherwise have some diverse superpowers such as a skill in motorcycle and car restoration.
I have two daughters 20 and 22 years old and live in the Stockholm area, Sweden. I do maintain a relation with the Female Companion and her two siamese cats.   She can resemble that girl Betsy that de Niro takes to a movie theater in Taxi Driver, but that seems to be my cup of tea. Cover photo is a centerfold from a 1960 brochure for the Volvo Amazon that I photoshopped to remove creases, rusted staples and punched holes. I´m that kind of detail guy.
Stuff posted here will be strictly reporting about my non-office-hour technical interests.
Bragging rights
Worked 28 years as Ericsson developer. Restored two 70's japanese motorcycles that won concour events. My daughters 20 and 22 live good lives. Featured in a 2012 Google TV team "Google TV Fan Spotlight" post on Google+, see
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