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Gunnar Forsgren
Gunnar tinkering with vehicles, computer tech and various stuff GMT+1, Solna, Sweden
Gunnar tinkering with vehicles, computer tech and various stuff GMT+1, Solna, Sweden


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En språkligt mästerlig Myrdal med skarpt minne försvarar yttrandefriheten och pekar på hur ordinär media försöker begränsa den !
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Swedish newspaper scandal; Dagens Nyheter (DN) published an alleged interview with Russianforeign minister Sergei Lavrov.
What they did was posing a subjective review of an interview as representing an interview, where they have omitted parts of answers and translated them to swedish in incorrect ways to hide certain replies and points made by Lavrov.

In response to the misconduct Russia has now translated and published the interview (held in Russian) to english that portrays a different picture.  Comparing the material shows that the question/response has been modified to support a "western agenda" portraying Lavrov as issuing a threat towards Sweden amongst other things.  This made international headlines thanks to DN falsification.

Links to be added....
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Final Defender left the Solihull production line today.
Here Queen Elizabeth riding in a Land Rover with the Duke of Edinburgh, in September 1953, reviewing 72,000 ex service men and women
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I read people in the U.S who feel oppressed in speaking their mind freely are attracted by Trump:  “This political correctness nonsense is causing us more harm than anything you can imagine,” she said on Tuesday in Winterset, from under the shadow of Wayne’s cowboy hat at his birthplace. “We have the freedom of speech in this country. Well, we can’t! You’re censored for everything you say.”
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Panasonic Toughbook !!   What CF model is the russians using ?
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:)  Internet of Things starting to influence the design of home entertainment Big Time !  This is the year it happens with the dramatic introduction of 2 dollar System on a Chip nodes that leaves developers in intensified respiration over figuring out what to do next and how to plan their own sleep/development hour cycles going forward.

Google translated chinese;

"main function
1) IoT @ Home app displays a notification on the device screen U + tv G
Gas hot rock alerts / notifications gas lock lock
- Door Lock password fifth error notification (later service plan)
- Also yeobyu alerts when motion is detected (future service plan)

2) IoT @ Home app as U + tv G Control
- Controlled by voice recognition
(Set Top Box Power On / Off, change the channel, find the volume control, remote control)
- Controlled by the automatic operation,
(Mnet latest music listening)
- Door view real-time video view of the outside (later service plan)
Developers Contact:
As the Han River in Seoul, Yongsan-gu, 32 (Note) LG U +
+ 82-1544-0010"

There you have it:

Offer all kinds of little micro services consumers can tick off a list and pay for monthly. Their rewards come from all sorts of little amusements and social enrichments experienced  from being a Service Plan customer. Accomplishing the retention is ever so exciting now for a service provider with all the combination of experiences that can offered by a media platform in combination with mechanical tactile design. The entire Internet is now the artifact repository for even a little toaster :) and the possibilities  so distinctly place old gear in the technical museum of what was. Natural progression once more.
1) IoT@Home앱장치 알림을 U+ tv G화면에 표시
- 가스락 고온 알림/가스락 잠금 알림
- 도어락 비밀번호 5회 오류 알림(추후 서비스 예정)
- 도여뷰 움직임 감지 시 알림 (추후 서비스 예정)

2) IoT@Home앱으로 U+ tv G 제어
- 음성인식으로 제어
(셋탑박스 전원 On/Off, 채널 변경, 볼륨 제어, 리모컨 찾기)
- 자동실행 설정으로 제어
(엠넷 최신음악 듣기)
- 도어뷰 실시간 외부영상 보기 (추후 서비스 예정)
개발자 연락처 :
서울시 용산구 한강대로 32 (주)LG유플러스
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Many months later and I now am in possession of an ADT-1 as well.
Great to have for TV app testing. For TV app dev I have the Nexus Player hooked up to a Sony NSX-46GT1 Internet TV which works great BTW due to the HDMI-CEC integration for the Sony remote control.  I will check to what extent this works also with the ADT-1.

I look for consultant assignments on the swedish market.
See my contacts info and CVs here:!konsultarbeten
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Android development workstation setup in year 2013. I pretty much retain this configuration today for Android app development due to its fantastic performance with a totally silent operation with no cooling fans or other moving parts.
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