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CCW Classes in October remaining.

October 22, 2016 Stonewall Range at Noon.
October 25, 2016 Stonewall Range at 8:30 WOMEN ONLY
October 30, 2016 Stonewall Range at 11am

Go to to register or call (216) 990-6110

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GunIQ's new website goes live Monday!

Live Another Day

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M&P Shield
Are you one of the thousands who've purchased an M&P Shield for everyday carry? Here's a good list of the available holsters for the Shield.

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Serpa Holsters
Serpa holsters have a retention device that locks on the trigger guard of your pistol. A button must be pressed by the trigger finger to release the gun. (Serpa is not an acronym; it's the name of the inventor.) These holsters have become controversial. There have been a number of accidents related to the trigger finger slipping onto the trigger during the draw, with the result being an inadvertent discharge, sometimes into the shooter's own leg or foot. Educate yourself and understand the controversy before you buy.
Defend Yourself

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All gun owners aren't "enthusiasts." Some simply see the gun as a tool for self-defense. If your purpose is self-defense, training is critical. When you've learned how to establish a proper sight picture, to press the trigger smoothly, and to hit the target at 21 feet every time, you're just getting started.
live another day

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Here's the current Ohio reciprocity map for your Concealed Handgun License. If you don't have yours yet, check out our reviews here:…/reviews/. We pride ourselves on being the best. Defend Yourself

GunIQ Tactical Pistol Classes
Here are the upcoming Tactical Classes at GunIQ. All are on Wednesday evenings from 7pm-9pm at Stonewall (except for the Home Defense Course). The two-hour classes are $30 each. Visit to sign up.
Cleveland Tactical Classes at Stonewall Range (CLE)
4/20 Controlled Pair Course 7pm-9pm
4/27 Controlled Pair/Mutlitple Targets 7pm-9pm
5/25 Controlled Pair/Multiple Targets 7pm-9pm
6/15 Concealed Draw Class 7pm-9pm
6/18 GIQ Home Defense 9:00am-5pm
6/29 Concealed Draw Class 7pm-9pm
7/6 Failure to Fire Class 7pm-9pm
7/27 Failure to Fire Class 7pm-9pm
7/31 GIQ Home Defense 9:30am-5:30pm
8/17 Advanced Draw Class 7pm-9pm
8/31 Advanced Draw Class 7pm-9pm

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Choosing a Gunbelt
If you're ever going to carry your gun outside the waistband--and even with some inside the waistband holsters--you're going to need a top-notch holster. Your leather belt in the closet now isn't going to cut it. We recommend Ares (, but they aren't the only good belt maker. See the below article for additional help.

Coming up soon at GunIQ.

These classes are at Stonewall Range:

1. CCW/CHL License Training Friday, April 8 9am-5:30pm
2. CCW/CHL License Training Saturday, April 9 Noon-8pm
3. CCW/CHL License Training Sunday, April 17 11am-7pm
4. CCW/CHL License Training Tuesday April 19 8:30am-5pm
5. Controlled Pair Accuracy and Speed Class April 20 7pm-9pm
6. CCW/CHL License Training Saturday April 23 Noon-8pm
7. Controlled Pair/Multiple Targets Wednesday April 27 7pm-9pm

Go to for details.

Defend Yourself

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Obtaining the Ohio Concealed Handgun License (CHL) is serious business. You need to ask yourself several questions before applying for the CHL:

1. Do you have the right mental outlook? Do you understand that a gun is something that is to be drawn only in the most dire of circumstances, when you need to defend yourself or someone else?
2. Do you have the ability to carry a gun on a daily basis and draw that gun and fire it if required to defend yourself if you’re threatened with serious bodily harm or death?
3. Do you have the firearms knowledge necessary to competently carry a firearm and the training necessary to use it safely, quickly, and accurately?
4. Do you understand the law, how it may be applied to various situations, and have you had the opportunity to ask questions about the law and have those questions competently answered?

GunIQ specializes in providing you with training and answers to the above.

Defend Yourself
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