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Guillermo Garron

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Nice version of Bolivian anthem, in a beautiful place
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Linda la nueva versión, me gusta.
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Guillermo Garron

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Guillermo Garron

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Create your own CDN using VPS on strategically located Data Centers and AWS Route 53 DNS service
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Guillermo Garron

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Starting with LaTeX?
LaTeX tutorial, covering: Uses, Introduction, margins, images / figures, tables and a cross platform editor: TexMaker
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I have some small comments:

   Special characters

You could mention that _ and ^ only works inside math mode, using them outside will throw an error, and exactly what use & has in tables.


10pt and letterpaper are the default values, so adding them isn't strictly necessary. It might be worth mentioning that with article the only valid options to 10pt is 11pt and 12pt. You don't say what the titlepage option does either.


\maketitle doesn't take an argument, the brace pair is unnecessary.

   latex my_first_latex.tex

Personally I think I would recommend pdflatex instead, it is more convenient for most users, DVI is required only in some cases.


You don't really say how to change margins etc., but it seems like you're suggesting changing the lengths directly. This is not really recommended, use the geometry package instead.


Presenting it as you do could make it seem that the figure environment is required to add images with \includegraphics. This is wrong, and from questions at TeX.SX it looks like a common misunderstanding. The figure environment is used when you want floating figures with captions, which isn't always the case.

In your first example you write the filename of the image with the extension. Having the extension there is not required.

About filetypes, have a look at


You don't say what the position parameter for tabular means, and that might not be entirely obvious.

Both m and b columns require the array package to work.

Also a bit curious that you don't mention the table environment, which is the floating  equivalent of figure.
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Guillermo Garron

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Rightly so ;)
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Hola a todos, estoy tratando de escribir una serie de tutoriales sobre Wordpress.

El enlace a los tutoriales es

Espero escuchar sugerencias para los siguientes temas a tratar, pueden ver algo tentativo en el indice general.

Muchas gracias por su tiempo.
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Guía y tutorial de WodPress
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Guillermo Garron

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"Servidor de correo en Ubuntu, la alternativa a Gmail" #go2linux #feedly 
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Alternativa a Gmail para tu correo con push, IMAP y sin que te espíen el correo, todo manejado y controlado por tí de manera segura
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Guillermo Garron

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Create your own CDN using VPS on strategically located Data Centers and AWS Route 53 DNS service
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Guillermo Garron

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Create your own CDN using VPS on strategically located Data Centers and AWS Route 53 DNS service
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If you want to setup your own CDN with three or four VPSs and AWS Route 53 service you can do it.
Create your own CDN using VPS on strategically located Data Centers and AWS Route 53 DNS service
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Guillermo Garron

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Guillermo Garron

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Sad :'( 
Rest in peace, Leonard "Spock" Nimoy. You lived long and prospered!

Baruch dayan ha'emet
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