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On one hand, the idea of reusing common gear in a creative sense is nice, but on the other hand many engineers worked many million hours to develop small AC-DC converters with high efficiency...
Yep, I use that lousy ATX PSU to work on my embedded boards, I hooked it up after unboxing the little guy.
+Guillermo Amaral How old is that dinosaur? Have you recapped it? Just because a PSU still puts out power doesn't mean  the power is still any good. Any PSU with electrolytic filter caps in it over 5 years old is suspect.
+Paul Frederick Well Richard.. Can I call you Dick? Oh who am I kidding I'm sure I can. ;)

Well Dick, It's about 7 months old:


Now I know that a smart person like yourself knows when somebody makes a sarcastic remark that should not be taken seriously, since let's face it, who in their right mind is going to hook up a OUYA on top of their computer and hook it up to an ATX power supply.
Nobody that's who, but I'm glad you find my ATX conversion so interesting, I'll circle you so we can keep in touch. (I only hope I don't hit block by mistake...)
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