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Operation SOFA, June 27th, 2015

The Enlightened team of Bordeaux, the capital of wine located in the south west of France, has a long history with multi-layered fields, and big ones, see our previous one, 37 layers - 22M MU (https://plus.google.com/+GuillaumeTz/posts/4Y3CAvTiQmx). However, things change...

When coming back from this big operation, someone said to our fielding expert @chewulong "Chewie, we are home... But? What now? Do you plan an even bigger one? More layers? More triangular?"@chewulong was puzzled... But he then remembered an idea given by an agent, a long time ago…
@Naise had a wish… Creating a field art... But based on a particular symbol, the Enlightened logo… Decision was made to create this gigantic field art all around our city... 

The date was chosen for the operation, agents from several surrounding cells were solicited and keys were farmed. Nights before the D day, agents went on a cleaning trip to clear blue links, to collect missing keys...

Saturday evening, everything is set, we have a Go for the operation. After a diner all together where last keys were swapped from agents to agents in capsules (the blue ones not the red ;), teams went to their designated areas. 5 areas in total, 5 teams, 23 agents...

After clearing the last blue blocking links, all areas were created quite rapidly with the central part, the eye covering Bordeaux... Well, we have a certain reputation to maintain after all ;)

The field art passed one checkpoint but a part of it was quickly destroyed by an overactive resistant,@RivmanBx. The other areas lasted a few days after the operation...

In total, this field art:
- was composed of 45 links, longest one: 135 km
- measured 150 by 250 km

You can see the creation process in the gif attached to this sitrep.

Very big thanks to all of these agents:

Make sure to keep contact with us... We will come back... Better, stronger, faster...

From Bordeaux with love,
Bordeaux Enlightened - "Chocolateam" & associated...

+John Hanke +John Zuur Platten +flint dille +Archit Bhargava +Brian Rose +Matilde Tusberti +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Lamia Alonso 
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Operation SOFA
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