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Focal now available in CyanogenMod 10.2!

Focal has been pushed to the official CyanogenMod repositories, and is now available automatically in CyanogenMod 10.2 builds!

.. It is technically possible to build it for CM-10.1, but we're not officially supporting that as CM-10.1 is now under maintenance mode thanks to the quick progress we're all doing with CM-10.2.

.. It is still considered as unstable: We haven't removed stock camera yet until we're sure Focal is 100% stable. Keep in mind that our tests were limited, as well as the number of devices we tested the app on, so bugs are to be expected. We are aware of ALL THE BUGS so please don't report any until further notice.

.. No plans to publish on Play Store for now, as it would be too much work to maintain.

.. I won't give any support at all to unofficial builds, and/or not running on CyanogenMod.

Have fun!
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You guys simply rock! 
Huzzah can't wait to play with it! Any plans to publish the apk on xda? 
Why are you going to remove stock camera?
This is great, but is it too hard to release an apk or flashable zip for those of us who don't build their own ROMs? I don't mind bugs and glitches - I just want to try it out!
Can't wait till they release another cm rom
+Andre Grey here you can download the Focal.apk from my Dropbox.
Just install as any other app. I did not try everything, but most is working. When rendering a picsphere focal crash's/fc's at 96% (blending pictures)
But maybe that's because focal does not only rely on the apk, maybe on some libs too. But I don't know. Picture, video, panorama is working.

Here you go!

+Guillaume Lesniak The app looks great. And I like how you swipe the setting up, and how the different settings are shown when you tick them :-)
You did a great job! 
+Rifdhan Nazeer Dont know. Maybe the download is corrupted. Download again and try again. I just download it myself from my my Dropbox and it installed fine. 
thanks +Strain Hunter  with 10.1 the front camera has a green tint over it, and the rare camera resolution is horrible but I LOVE THIS ROM....this is something i just have to deal with
+Strain Hunter oddly enough it works now... Unfortunately several features are broken, but it's something :P
+Strain Hunter if you can keep posting the updated apk as and when u extract it it'll be of big help
Wow focal app is starting to look epic!!!
+Guillaume Lesniak: I know you don't want bug reports, but what about a feature request? It would be really nice if Focal included the option to add location data to the photo.
Had to revert back to my stock HTC Google edition ROM for now
Thanks strain hunter.

Like I thought UI is really hard to use one handed. Looks like I'll be sticking to other camera apps for now.

+Strain Hunter Hmm, that's weird it crashed. Eventually I'd accept logcats for these kind of issues where it goes all the way through except at the very end (to exclude the possibility of build problems).

Other than that, remember that some devices needs a specific configuration of the app, thus won't work properly until set if you take it from another device.

I'm taking a short pause for now because the lack of sleep is killing me, but I hope do to a complete checkup of all devices to fix the few crashes.
If you want to experience Focal properly, my advice would be to use a Qualcomm-based device
Is the Nightly for galaxy nexus out ?
Hi !
Is it planned to write the compass info in the exif tags of the pictures ?

 I'm an Openstreetmap contributor and we take a lot of pictures to add objects in the osm database.. It's really useful to see the picture direction when we import them in Josm. The exif tag are GPSImgDirection and GPSImgDirectionRef.
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