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I remained silent about the whole Focal relicensing troubles for now. There was a lot of drama between the app being GPL, and the fact Cyanogen Inc wanted to use it, which drove some frustration between me, some CM contributors, and CM leaders. As a result, to avoid any problem, Focal has been removed from CyanogenMod. I think you deserve explanations and “behind the scenes” view on how all of this happened, and to know it’s not just a last-minute decision or ragequit.

This is the true, fully-featured story of the “Focal drama”. It's not a rant about how Cyanogen Inc is bad or anything (and it can be a good thing, with a few conditions, see at the end of the post), but just an insight on how this all happened, and how some people were and are feeling. 

A few months ago, I decided to work on an app to replace AOSP’s Camera app after +Steve Kondik  expressed concerns about the camera experience on CyanogenMod in a G+ post. I decided to take the challenge, and build up a camera app that would be up with users’ expectations: accessible and innovative UI, but fully-featured.
You all know how that worked out - the app has been out for some time now. I’ve been keeping the “internal” CM team (read: the CyanogenMod Dev private G+ group) tuned with my progress, releasing them mockups, screenshots and videos of the progress. Luckily, nobody ever leaked what it was, even with the big storm we started with the Nemesis trailer.

A few days before we started organizing Focal’s launch, I was approached by +Koushik Dutta  and +Steve Kondik . They wanted to talk to me about CyanogenMod’s future developments, that sounded cool. Koush told me in a video chat Cyanogen’s plans since he left Samsung: they found investors, and they’re ready to push forward Cyanogen Inc, a company selling services for CyanogenMod. At first, that sounded amazing, getting a few bucks for working on something I’ve been doing for free for some time. That would allow the student I am to get some stuff and get a kickstart for my future life. That would have given me the chance to spend more time on CM, as I wouldn't need to work elsewhere. Now, I didn’t have much information about what were Cyanogen Inc plans to make money, but I expected it to be through some kind of services - koush told me about CMID, which later became CMAccount, or other premium things like a one-click installer, or even a CMPhone. That sounded like a nice addition to CyanogenMod, leaving the community intact, and adding more value to the software distribution.
I had a similar chat with Steve, where he explained me some of the other aspects of Cyanogen Inc, his philosophy about it, etc. Okay, that sounds like a good plan, get me involved and enhance the open distribution I know and love. I have a few emails back and forth between Steve, Koush and me, talking about what I could work on, what I could enhance on Focal, etc. They’re telling me they’re looking into contracts, and I wait.

That’s when the “drama” started.

I got a Hangouts chat from Koush, saying that Focal would need to be relicensed because GPL isn’t ideal -- wait what, not ideal for an Open Source project?

“The issue is that we need to be able to relicense it”
“It’ll be open as GPL, but CM can do what they want with it.”

Yes, Cyanogen Inc. will need to do changes in CyanogenMod’s source code - because here’s another way they will finance the project: customization for their customers (e.g. carriers). This will imply the work done by the community will be sold to a third party by Cyanogen Inc, and that they have to do changes that they cannot put online publicly. A future conversation with Steve Kondik will reveal that they might need to put hardware-specific enhancement for some camera devices, and that has to be hacked in the Camera app code. Putting these changes inside Camera apps instead of Hardware Abstraction Layers (HAL) could break other apps, which ironically kind of go against the goal of CTS (because then, only the “official” camera app will have those enhancements). Of course, those hardware enhancements are trade secrets, so they cannot be published back to CyanogenMod’s public repositories...

So this is where I started to feel screwed. I didn’t think much further, but I felt like I had no other choice but comply with Cyanogen’s relicensing, and allow them to do whatever they want with my code, and sell it customized to their vendors. They used the Contributor License Agreement as an argument, saying that basically they could do anything with my code since I submitted it.

At the same time, the “” domain was discovered, and concerns rised about what the hell it was. People such as pulser_g2 started to find connections between, Kirt McMaster, Steve Kondik, Koushik Dutta, and all these people working at a “secret company” in a “secret location”. From ways I cannot even explain, he was able to come up with everything Koush and Steve told me, how they’d make money, and what are their future plans. Since he already knew everything, I told him about what was going on with Focal licensing, and he came up with the fact that this wasn’t legally right: the software is licensed as GPL, the repository on CyanogenMod’s github is forked from my GitHub, so it didn’t go through the Contributor License Agreement (which only applies to Gerrit submissions), and the Berne convention can prove through the commits history that I did fully write the app, and not Cyanogen Inc. - and even if the CLA would apply, it only allows them to sublicense the software, not relicense or dual-license it without my permission.

I didn’t want to be a jerk on that licensing story, and went ahead to resolve the issue directly in private with Steve. At the same time, other people such as Andrew Dodd (Entropy512) beginned to hear echoes about something was going on with Cyanogen, and heard about the GPL licensing issues around the time Land of Droid revealed the connections. He got really upset about that, getting only silence or vague answers from CM leads, turning around sentences.
That’s where they started lying to the community, denying they had something to do with, denying there was a commercialization of CyanogenMod going on. When people said “Why would Focal get relicensed?” they would just say “No, it’s not relicensed. It will stay GPL.” - yes, that’s where “relicense” became “dual-license”, where the app would remain GPL publicly, but still allow Cyanogen Inc to do what they want with it. But they didn't mention that publicly.

pulser_g2 raised some points on an XDA post that became quite famous, quoted by some news websites, and raised to the attention of some CM leads.
The official answer was: “Don’t interfere, don’t reply, let it go”

So, they didn’t confirm or infirm that CyanogenMod was or was not going commercial. If it wasn’t going commercial, they would have denied it. But here, they ask to “let it go”. Why not tell the truth? For them, it was better to just sweep it under the rug. But who was right in the end?

At that point in time, I still had no news about the contracts I was meant to receive weeks ago for working with Cyanogen Inc on Focal. I pinged ciwrl, who told me to check with koush, who told me to check with Steve, who didn’t reply.

At that time, they also started scrapping features from CyanogenMod. Device’s “Advanced settings” disappeared, without getting a proper replacement first. Some features aren't considered as useful enough, and didn’t make it into the new CMHW HAL. Even if users want something, they won’t get it if it’s not useful enough. Save to external SD disappeared as well from the AOSP Camera app, because it breaks Google’s CTS. Root access is planned to be COMPLETELY removed by default, and to be downloaded in a separate package. Users don’t use root anyway, they say. All of this because of a future CyanogenMod Phone, which has to pass CTS to get Google Apps officially. Want some exotic features? Too bad. You won’t get them if Google don’t. Wasn’t that the point of CyanogenMod originally? Derp.

That’s when my concerns started to raise about the community contributions. People such as +Nebojša Cvetković  contributed a lot of features to CyanogenMod’s launcher “Trebuchet”, and felt bad about not getting any reward for his work, when Cyanogen Inc. would make money out of it. Same concerns were raised by other maintainers and developers who contribute, or used to contribute to CyanogenMod. It was the last bit required for multiple people to leave the CyanogenMod development community, or for some users to simply stop using CyanogenMod. They didn’t know exactly what Cyanogen Inc was up to, but since the leaders would just lie to them to hide the truth, they felt let down. And it was clear from my chats with Steve that they had no ideas or plans, besides contracting everyone, to reward contributors. But they cannot just contract everyone, like nebkat as he’s not old enough yet to have a contract. Some other people just don’t want to be contracted, but still want to get a reward. It’s only recently that I told Steve that people would be totally happy with some perks (computer stuff, t-shirts, usb drives, devices for big contributors, etc.), and it seems like he didn’t think about that at first.

This continued for some time, until now. Cyanogen Inc is now public, and they revealed (part of) their plans for the near future. And a sentence struck me on most news sites that relayed the news: they talk about “Cyanogen’s new Camera app” -- what WHAT? So it’s Cyanogen’s camera app now? It not a CONTRIBUTION anymore?!  - They claim it's their app, and I still had no news about the whole licensing thing, even if I had the chance to raise the point a few times.
This was too much this time - I pulled the alarm. I first contacted +Abhisek Devkota  on why it was phrased this way, to be welcomed with a “You submitted it…” … Uhm, no, but he wasn’t going to argue with me, and told me to see that with Steve, which I did. After some chat, explaining how he could reward nebkat and other contributors, he told me that he was still waiting on me to “list my pricing, features and milestones for Focal” -- which I did, back on July 23rd. I never had any answer, seemingly because the “Focal drama started” and he got frustrated. From there, it seemed like Steve just wanted to stop dealing with it because “this is too much drama”. The exact drama part that bothers him? Well, some contributors weren’t happy about what Cyanogen Inc is. +Andrew Dodd really insisted and wanted to have explanations on WHY Focal would need to be relicensed, and why all this secrecy, without any real answer ever. 

And how does Steve deals with these kind of reactions now? Easy answer:
“Oh god please tell me the story. grabs popcorn

Well, here’s your story. And here’s how they treat huge contributors like Andrew, who aren’t big enough and don’t open their mouth with the right people. The most ironical thing? If they want to dual-license, it is to make non-open changes to the apps. So, we’ll need CyanogenMod for the CyanogenMod Phone, because the code shipping on the device won’t match the public code.

Steve’s argument to avoid rewarding people, is that people wants to be “retroactively paid” - but he doesn’t seem to understand that people contributed when CyanogenMod was still a project all about open source, that wasn’t removing features from the ROM, and that had no commercial intentions. Nebkat contributed a lot of stuff in the Launcher, which is a central component of CyanogenMod today. But he did it a few months ago, “before” Cyanogen Inc, so he doesn’t deserve anything. But Cyanogen Inc can sell it to his customers.
Entropy512 wanted to clarify that point for his situation, which is true for many other contributors: “Some people like myself contribute to the project to keep our minds sharp and it's rewarding in and of itself.  I make more than enough money in my day job.  If someone is planning on creating a closed source fork, which is the only thing that dual licensing enables, it is no longer rewarding.”

Now, don't get me wrong. Cyanogen Inc is a huge milestone for CyanogenMod, and I can only applaud Steve for the initiative and being able to get there. There are not only dark points with the company, far from that. There’s a big bright side: CyanogenMod will become more stable, and will eventually get more features (even if they’re not going to do anything against CTS). Device support might get enhanced, since they’re paid to work on it now (even if issues existing for a LONG time aren’t fixed). And users maybe will get official support.

But the community can feel let down at some point. People from external ROMs would have loved to contribute back to CM at some point. However when Cyanogen’s leaders refers to Paranoid Android or AOKP, they call it “that other ROM”. Steve, always saying “Go ahead and fork”, isn’t actually taking seriously contributions from other developers. And since external contributors know their contributions are going to be ignored, they just don’t submit anything.
I could go on and on with many other things, how the code review is done (or rather, not done), how submissions are just -2’d without explanations, how they criticize XDA users (yes, where ¾ of their user base come from), how they complain people don’t contribute, when they DID but the patch was ignored because the maintainer didn’t want it at that time, how unstable devices are tagged as RC/stable (without asking their maintainers ; Netflix won’t run on a “stable” build of CM for exynos devices), etc. But I’m not here for that.

At this point, on my end the issue is solved, Focal is pulled from CyanogenMod. It wasn't a last minute decision, it wasn't just because I discovered it just now. It's something that has been running for around two months, and the solution was only found yesterday after a long discussion, and because it had to be stopped quickly.
I will keep on improving the app, fixing bugs, and make it better. If it’s not in CyanogenMod, then it will find room in another ROM. The app is GPL, and I will put it up on the Play Store at some point.
I have plans to raise the awareness of the importance of Open Source, and how GPL doesn't prevent any paid work, and that that there are easy ways to keep the community happy with such a situation.
And at the same time, I wish the best to Cyanogen Inc.

Keep in mind: CyanogenMod wouldn’t be what it is today without its contributors. If you’re able to run CyanogenMod on your device today, it might not be only thanks to Steve, Koushik or Ricardo. There are hundreds of people behind them who pushed many patches, and enabled many devices as a hobby. Have you ever heard of them?
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"Have hou ever heard of them"

Yep, I remember you, Andrew and Espen working on that famous drama that was the Exynos 4 CM10.1 developing.

Andrew is gonna say his points about this?
Thank you very much for revealing this information, it's really disheartening to hear what people I used to look up to can do. Especially Steve's reaction to all this (popcorn? On a post about a funeral? I know you used to call yourself Team Douche but please, have some restraint). It will definitely be odd if the CM phone ends up having proprietary components to act as distinguishing features. I really hope this isn't the case, because honestly I don't know what else I would use if not for CM, all other ROMs are too focused on adding random features. Koush and Steve do great work but it doesn't give them license to treat their contributors like dirt. I know they probably don't care but I've lost a lot of respect for them over this episode. :-( 
Returning to Focal, it was completeley useless on my Nexus 10, if you need some testers maybe you should create a private community to keep it beeing developed and tested
You have done a really good job on Focal. Being an i9300 user, I respect your work!
Thank you +Guillaume Lesniak long awaited and understood now why you were so silent . I feel sorry. And gobsmacked. Anyway, all the Best for you and Focal :-) 
+Guillaume Lesniak  Thanks for this summary, it really gives a good perspective to us direct/indirect users of CM. Even though I wish them luck, I have to say that I'm dissapointed with CM inc. team.
For me it seems that they are turning away from that what made them who they are now. And that's Contributors to CM.
As a OSS supporter I really despise this licencing strong arming that they tried to pull on you, and was really hoping it wasn't true.
I would love to see Focal as a part of some other flavour, like +Paranoid Android .
Good post, very long but I did read it all. Very good to hear your side as well. Thank you for your effort in all this and I am looking forward to seeing Focal improve further as it has a lot of promise. 
I just can't shake the feeling that era of android hobbyist and hackers is ending just as it happened with linux. I really hope I'm wrong about this.
Resharing to myself to cone back and read again :-/
If developers like you fall apart then I am sure its RIP for CM.
Thanks for writing your perspective man.
Since the announcement, I believe I saw this coming. Not about the Focal app specifically, but about about all the contributors which inevitably will feel disappointed and maybe stop bothering at all.
+Tapio Valli LOL I didn't say it was over. I was referencing on what has happened in the past with commercialisation of linux/gnu distros. And the current road that is taken by Ubuntu. Of course Linux as a kernel is bigger than ever. Also this is OT sorry about that.
Focal on Paranoid Android would be great :) 
When money is involved, things tend to get messy 
I understand and support you completely on the subject.Very well written. Back to AOKP I guess...
+Alex Boag-Munroe read again the whole point of view mentioned here by Guillaume. Of course "it is shit" as it is no longer available to CM Inc. Has the same tonality of "grabbing popcorn" in the other post of Andrew Dodd. See who commits the message... :O
Steve definitely needs a better PR consultant. The molto dilettante strategy won't work anymore. Bashing users is strictly reserved for xda, but not on a CTO level.
*grabs popcorn*
I guess this CM version will be the last one for me. I really do not like screwing with the dev community this way. + I hate removal of widely used features as save to external SD, Root (???? WTF????). I guess I should start looking for AOSP alternatives.
This sheds some new light on things. Initially I was fully behind Cyanogen incorporating into a business, but this dual-licensing stuff is way too sketch, and it's obvious it's going to be used for closed sourcing things.

That I'm not okay with, and removing features that were central to CM by default (read: root) just so they can make a phone that runs CM with gapps out of the box is ridiculous and I can't support that. 
Thanks you for going public with this.  I've known about what's been happening for a couple of weeks and have kept my thoughts to myself.  Sorry you and several other great developers got/are getting shafted.
+Jesse Moyer well, that's what it takes to be able to officially distribute gapps I'd guess.
+Alex Boag-Munroe Not quite:

Steve Kondik
Sep 19 10:19 PM
Patch Set 1:
I spoke with Xplod at length about this. I think Focal is a great piece of work with huge potential, but there's now this perception that CM is trying to steal his hard work and run with it. I would rather see him continue this as a standalone project (which will no doubt be successful) rather than continue to generate drama in the community.
there are how many contributors to CM? I'm under the impression that there have been hundreds over the years.  How are they going to pull off going commercial without avoiding a class action lawsuit from past contributors?
I have an idea for a solution to all this, and while it is not ideal, it seems better than what is going on. Keeping up with two branches seems difficult, but it would be possible to create a submition, send it to gerrit, and than Cyanogen Inc. would decide if it goes in both branches, or just the main branch. That way, the CyanogenPhone would not have any of these problems for CTS, and everyone else would get the normal, fully-featured branch.
+Jachym Kokesh Lukes The save to SD is on the CM stock camera. And the "WTF removal of root" has very valid point. The biggest threat to security is inexperienced user with too wide access (root). And most of these users do not consider themselves inexperienced. 
Thanks explaining all the drama and explaining me that I should "row row away from cyanogenmod"
+Jachym Kokesh Lukes the root is getting removed as the CM installer will be and app and you will not be flashing it yourself. So right now most of the CM users will be almost-root users. But once the CM installer -thing comes there will be utter chaos if root is kept
+Adam Sobotka I'm simply saying it's not worth bundling gapps or making a phone if that is how Google plays.
+Gunny Wallen Class action lawsuit for what? It's contributed under various licenses, but all of said licenses allow them to use it, sell, it improve it and delete it. Some licenses don't allow closing up source, but a lot do. (And the majority of non-kernel android code is Apache licensed which DOES allow it)
This is what capitalism can do to people. Kondik and Koush have been seduced by the allure of money and fame.

Good lesson to all the kids who follow CM. 
+Gunny Wallen
They probably could rewrite fragments from authors that didn't respond/agree to re-license their work. Or just play dumb and do it without asking. Unless someone challenges them in court they will be fine.
+Ibrahim Awwal   +Obi Hörnchen  It was Andrew who started the bullshitty link between him visiting a funeral and Cyanogen Inc, so it's hard to blame Steve for tastelessness there. Provoking was the sole intent of that post; which is what I would call immature.

+Guillaume Lesniak I could understand the issues you're having with this whole thing, but why are you dragging false assertions into this? Things like the SD card thing (which actually was merged into the AOSP gallery) or DeviceParts (would CMHW have been adopted that quickly if the DeviceParts link wouldn't have been removed? And it's still possible to ship a standalone DeviceParts app...).
I'm also not sure I understand the review process critique. Yes, review is too slow (we're severely lacking review bandwidth), but where are the random -2's you're referring to?

+Tapio Valli Exactly. Most people seem to confuse "disable root by default" with "remove root".
Awesome post and thanks for keeping it GPL! I'm a huge believer in GPL! 
Sigh.. looks like it is time for me to seek out a replacement ROM for CM. The general concept of CM removing features pretty much goes against the entire reason I was running CM and not some other ROM in the first place...
Thank you for telling your story and sticking to the GPL. Much appreciated. 
+Danny Baumann if you could understand why you abstain on commenting the whole core issue and go on focusing on minor things on the text that in your opinion shouldn't be there?

Also, about the funeral thing, its far away from the first time that Steve and the whole set of douchebag groupies react with....sarcasm and irony to say the people that have different opinions. If you always behave like that, don't expect to be treated kindly when you screw things.
Alan M
I'm glad you didn't agree to re-licensing, GPL'd code provides huge benefits to users and developers in my opinion. Wasn't part of the point of CM to be open..  You should add an IAP (or something similar) donation type option for those who may want to give back for your work, as your said open doesnt mean you cant make a living.

As well as the play store it will be good to see focal on F-Droid. :)
Your reasoning is exactly what i felt when I heard about Cyanogen Inc, lot of devs contributed because it was in the spirit of Open Source. They weren't told a small bunch of people were going to monetize it. I don't say that they shouldn't make money, but just not this way. Hundreds of ideas and features are from the community.
I have switched from CM to Slim as soon as I heard news about the whole Inc deal. I love the community, I don't want to do anything with the company. I am taking all my 6 people who I support with installation of custom roms with me. It was bad move to monetize on community. 
I'm glad CyanogenMod is becoming a company, but it seems like they handled it incorrectly.

I'm all for FOSS companies making millions, but they have to handle it carefully. :/
Andrew Dodd
One thing to note: Steve has been promising that everything you see now will remain open source. Yet only a bit over a month ago an attempt was made to relicense a major component to one that would allow the new company to create closed source derivatives. While many things over the last month have annoyed me, the mere desire by the new company to relicense Focal is incredibly disturbing.
As to issues with Focal keep in mind development nearly stopped over a month ago when this happened.
I'm still traveling so won't be able to say much more until at least Saturday evening.
+Guillaume Lesniak  c'est assez fou cette histoire. Décevant également. Quand le fric pointe le bout de son nez... 
+Pedro Carneiro I did say I could understand him on the core issue, which is exactly why I don't understand he brings in inaccurate stuff. I can't really comment on the core issue because I have way too much of an outside view on that (I just don't know who is "right" or "wrong" here), but review process and feature critique is stuff I have a view on, because it pretty much directly relates to what I am doing for CM.
+Andrew Dodd Yes, the stalled development is a fair point here. I was just bringing up the user voices from another thread. I am glad this situation is getting solved, so that both Focal and CM can move on and see more development. Also I appreciate to hear everyone's own side on this. 
In my humble opinion, it's good to see that a group of enthusiast can make a company out of their hobby. In this case, It seems like they forgot where they came from and who made them this big and popular. XDA is their user base, outside XDA, not many people know CM and they should keep that in mind when starting the company.  From what I've read the last couple of weeks, it looks like if they were trying to get the crown-jewels to kick-start the company.
Lot's of people are using cyanogenmod, not because they don't like the original vendor software, but because their heart is with open source software...At least mine is ;-). Thanks +Guillaume Lesniak+Andrew Dodd  and all the other devs, who made my phones  (N7000, SGS1) run the best open-source software! I hope you'll find another great project to work on.
Thanks for sharing. I'm a huge CM fan and have been running it on all my devices for quite some time. After hearing about CM going commercial I'm now looking for a new ROM and won't support this kind of greed.
Trade secrets, closed-source code, proprietary features... that's what got us into the Exynos mess.  That's the sort of thing that CyanogenMod seems to have been about fighting.  If that ever changes, then IMO they will really have sold out the community.
If you read my posts you'll see what I spoke abt +Ricardo Cerqueira among other rude CM top-rated members.

briefing: "I told you so!"

I am a tester and I had been testing for CM for almost a year, not directly, but thanks to +Rafael Salas . And I dont feel comfortable to do so since a debate I had with +Ricardo Cerqueira a while ago, which I asked him to threat kinder the users.

When you have a deep look at how CM commit cycle works, you notice an, at least, misty environment... I could bring a lot of questions here but I'll serve you with just one of them: If the goal of custom ROM is to be embraced by the community where is the sense on treating as a proprietary thing the new submitting of new code, as features or improvements? Why the CM time is not aligned to the community's time since CM grown up as community?

Today I dont even use CM anymore. I just dont feel comfortable to do so and I've been contribuiting to #CodeFireX  , #MIUI  , #ParanoidAndroid  among others. 
Thanks for the insight and for your work on open source!
Wow... +Guillaume Lesniak Thanks for sharing this!
I think Koush and Steve are handling this really bad...
And the "pop corn" comment... Well... I don't know what to think about them anymore.. 
+Carlos Paixão 'Treating as a proprietary thing the new submitting of new code'? What do you mean? Do you generally question code review? And what do you mean by 'CM time is not aligned to the community's time'?
(BTW, seeing MIUI - the most closed 'custom' ROM, whose mother company is a multi-billion-dollar company - as alternative to the 'company-driven' CM doesn't go without a slight irony IMHO)
Thanks for summing that up. I fell that CM has given up what it once was. Sad for me as I started loving it and contributing. Good luck in bringing focal to the people on other channels :). The app deserves it.
Thanks +Guillaume Lesniak for clarifying things, think I read pulser ranting about this some weeks ago and thought it was some sort of "conspiracy theory"...hope some other open source project can embrace your coding
This is roughly what I was afraid of...
Phrasing the old Cabaret song "money makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go round..."
+Sven Daw So you're saying that after over a month of trying to resolve this he should just lie down and silently accept it forever?
Very insightful. I've had a couple of conversations with my phone modding friends about how Cyanogen plan to monetise what is currently a free product and this gives us a lot to digest. Thanks 
+Guillaume Lesniak I would firstly like to thank you very much for your contribution. It is people like you that make me happy when using a custom rom.
I find it disappointing to see how you and your other contributors get treated.
May I ask you a question: Wouldn't it be a good idea to come up with an alternative true open source Cyanogenmod ran by you and your contributors?
Thanks for your take on this.  Bravo for Focal. awsome app.  sorry to see it go from CM.  Let us know if you find a new home for it (ROM)
What's going to be left to make Cyanogenmod .. Cyanogenmod? Remove all the features and you get AOSP. Disappoint.
Rob M.
As a user I saw some mud slinging from both sides, and didn't enjoy either. But as a user I'm just that, someone who has benefited from yours and CM's work, with no effort on my part. Thanks to +Guillaume Lesniak and +Andrew Dodd and the countless others who have contributed, look forward to seeing what you guys are up to in the future.
High quality write-up, thanks for sharing in a detailed yet comprehensible way the story and your analysis about what happened here.
It's obvious that not only moderators on "some site" are not liking what is going on +Russell Holly but hey, I would praise them too and bash the people pissed about this if koush gave me the exclusive story for the focal app when the actual developer of it promised exclusively to another site and got to run it a day before the developer had plans to announce it on that other site. 
To me, it seems like growth drama. When a company becomes "big", they shed what they feel to be "dead skin" and streamline their money flow and ROI without ever contributing to the originals.

As the famous saying says, "Complete power corrupts completely." It saddens me to see the "darker" side of the named people, but I am not really surprised. People will always (seemingly) step on everyone else to further themselves.

As for myself and what I use on a day to day basis, I don't need some high folluting commercial grade CM inc mod for my phone. I'll go and find a ROM made by hard workers that don't get jack for their work really and, yes, it may have some bugs and EVERY time I experience a "bug", I will remind myself of what happens when a mod goes "inc" to remove bugs. I will cherish every bug that so many developers are working on for free in the open source community. 
Oh +Patrick Hill, it's like you try really hard to know what you're talking about and then stumble at the finish line. Obviously you've been misinformed, but given where you spend your time I can't say I'm shocked. 

+Koushik Dutta didn't give an an exclusive on anything. I blew an embargo because I never agreed to an embargo. I had a long chat with +Artem Russakovskii afterwards because I dicked him over accidentally and felt bad about it. I'm glad to see you care about the Android blogs your cohorts have so eagerly looked upon with utter and complete disdain in the past though. It'd be touching if I thought it was sincere. 

Not that I feel the need to explain myself to the likes of you, but I'm actually not pleased with what has happened here. By all means though, continue making grossly inaccurate assumptions in your private fortress of no one gives a fuck.  
First of all, thanks for your contribution, it's broken on my phone, but I recognize that stability and maturity come with age.

Without commenting about the situation (and going slightly OT), I would like to throw out there that I would like a rom that is /stripped down/ with bare necessities and let me figure out what I want from Google Play (or whatever app store, for that matter). That would completely would clear up many licensing issues, and gives many power users the distribution we're looking for. As an example, I DO NOT WANT the file manager that comes with Cyanogenmod. It's amazingly inferior to Fx File Manager, but it cannot be disabled without some hacking, or a root uninstaller.

I understand this doesn't necessarily work for a rom which comes preinstalled, but I believe that bare should be the default.
+Jeff McIntire I learned to be fluent in both stupid and crazy during my brief time as the XDA Portal Admin. 
Reading about this "drama" at dark corners from internet for a while. ( seems, me a single user that don't have nothing with cm, knows more than some evolved. dhuuu).. well. Since the irc development channels started to be closed/no logs ( :-) +Atin Malaviya  ) my curiosity started to grown and puff... Sad that the ones that already "HACK" like  +Andrew Dodd  ( sorry about loss, hipp hurra yu Entropy512 ), pulser_g2, +Nebojsa Cvetkovic  , +Guillaume Lesniak  (I was dreaming focal and dreaming my note 2 sphere with full camera resolution and hight frame hate record)... Oor +supercurio François Simond  and their own drama times ago and very similar. Itś a lot of good names.  I'm happy by the Cyano team but same time sad. Maybe will be good? ( who knows? access to private docs and more stable kernels/framework/hall for all comunit? like malli shit?) or not? My only wish is you guys still working in your projects, still contribute and maybe start the cyanogenmod from cyanogenmod, lol but go ahead.... give time to time... WE NEED YU GUYS... :-)
good read, thanks for sharing. 
So when its all said and done CM won't come rooted anymore? We will have to do that separately? And it will lose its custom settings? Then what's the point? 
Pluss one.. Pawit Pornkitprasan
Shared publicly  -  06:24
A lot of this reflects my opinion.

EDIT: To clarify, I'm not quitting CM, just being cautious about the direction it's going in.

So.. the samsungteam all are breaking?
When you put Focal on the Play Store, please release a free and paid version. I'm sure there are tons of people who would want to support the developer.
+Danny Baumann I can give many commits that has been -2 with no explanation - I'm on my phone right now but I can give some links later. External SD card also have an official post somewhere (in the Gerrit comments of the forward port I think) telling it had to be removed, including lots of complaints from SD card devices users on xda. +Andrew Dodd have had a patch totally forgotten, or some controversial patches are not considered (remember how much users fighted for Pie controls?). Even no later than today, there was a point raised in terms on the lack of communication between the internal and external ux team. You can't deny that there were/are cases that aren't properly dealt with. And as +Pedro Carneiro mentioned, you are focusing on a very minor point.

Good read, I was expecting this already actually... I removed CM from my devices until things clear up a bit. I might not do much but if everyone who disagrees does the same it will send a signal...
Good post and thanks for the explanation behind your part of the ordeal. 
Once +CyanogenMod has a proprietary fork I'm done. I use cyanogenmod because of it's opensource values and it is an OS built for the people by the people. Once it becomes closed it will be for the money by Cyanogen Inc.. Without opensource there would not be a cyanogenmod today.
John N
Very dishearting yet insightful POV on the state of Cyanongen's business practices. Thanks for the post.
Hopefully this doesn't turn into another Boxee debacle. A lot of people felt abandoned and offended when Boxee shut down the open source software and went strictly commercial. They are now failing.

So when are we going to see you on #ParanoidAndroid? I kid. Man you and so many more contributors deserve better than this. Although I wished PA focused more on the core development than silly wallpaper graphics. You deserve better. 
Actually sounds like good news.  If it ends up in the play store or as a separate app more people may get a chance to try and love it.  
I'm looking forward to seeing Focal on the Play Store.
Thanks for the post! to me +CyanogenMod is useless as closed source software. If they kill good apps and features because google says so and they make the entire CMaccount thing closed source then they are just being google in blue. I am using +CyanogenMod because of the awesome features and because i can trust the source code since it's open source.
Amazing article. I agree with you completely. Its sad to see something with so much potential be treated so carelessly. 
+Sven Daw  so you mean to say ,you Make something for the team and your collegues dont give you credit, you wont fight for it? 
keep the faith Guillaume ... at least Samsung employs about 222,000 world wide, which means they actually pay that many people something for their service ...
Thanks a lot +Guillaume Lesniak for all the work you've done. Though as a user i no longer feel good about using CM, I would like to thank you and all the other developers for the man hours you've put to make my life easier. Wish the #ParanoidAndroid  Community evolved into what CM was in its heyday. 
Why Cyanogen inc. scrapping features from CyanogenMod such as Save to external SD from AOSP Camera app? WHY NOT HAVE TWO VERSIONS, one without that exotic features for google's CTS allows use GAPPS officially and one that we can flash gapps separately but with all exotic features?

We want to have all features preserved, no NEED to cut them.
I want an explanation for this please.
+Guillaume Lesniak Can you also give any more commits with -2 than in, say, the CM7 time? At least from my subjective perception I'd say it happened way more often at that time. The SD card thing was - IIRC - an IRC comment that was retracted short time afterwards (something among the lines of 'screw it, Samsung is doing it as well'). Andrew's patch suffered from a) low review bandwidth and b) lack of a matching user space user. And - you may remember - pie controls are in.
It may look as if I'm focussing on minor points, but that's due to me both not having a final opinion on this licensing stuff and me being tired of correcting people drawing incorrect conclusions based on your incorrect facts (see e.g. the posting of +Lucas Menezes Sá Teles ). This is simple unnecessary distraction from your dispute with Steve (which - as I said before - won't take sides in, because I simply lack sufficient insight).
+Guillaume Lesniak Talk with +Paranoid Android I bet they will love to use your apps in their builds.

In fact, I've already told this before, but lately, CM disappointed me in many ways. I know I'm not a contributor, I know I should not complain for free stuff, but the answers that the team provided, to actual important questions that raised, where non existent, their fixation with CTS was frustrating, refusing to implement HALO was just a WTF for everyone.

Freezes on Mako builds every 5 minutes even when other ROMS had it solved within a week... this is just madness...

Will see what happens with CM, It's a good ROM, if not the best, but the path I've imagined and the one you are descriving are awfully dark ahead.

We do not want to have another ROM that looks good but at the end of the day tastes bad...

Anyway... I bet PA will love some community love, maybe it's time to help them be the next "over 8kk installs" ROM on sight
Maybe a stupid question but if we have to pay for CM what will happen with roms that use CM sources like PA and AOKP? 
+Yannick Charron PA does not use CM as source.

CM will not be paid, just not that open and they seems for now, that they might be selling out the CM code.
+Gerard Umbert They are using CM sources, which is what +Yannick Charron stated. Both are using a large number of patches plus all non-Nexus support code (in the case of PA, that relates to unofficial ports only, though).
+Danny Baumann People have the impression that PA gets all CM's source code, add their stuff, and compile.

It's been a while since we know +Paranoid Android gets AOSP code and merges SOME patches from CM, security guard being on of them, but that does not make PA a CM based rom. I'm sorry, but just it does not. Do not mislead people on this one.

In fact, if you ask me, I bet there's way much more code from PA, in PA builds than CM's code.
+Danny Baumann ok thats what i thought... i couldnt see what else they could have been using.

Thanks for the details!
Now my next question. If PA uses CM sources and that CM start selling their code im guessing they wont let PA use the code for free... correct me if im wrong.
+Yannick Charron Read my last comment on that please. They are missinforming. PA gets the code from AOSP and merges SOME patches from CM, it actually makes sense, if it's open source, why recode stuff that has already been solved? That does not make PA a rom based from CM... it just takes a few lines from it.
+Gerard Umbert I have nowhere stated that PA is based on CM, that'd be wrong. +Paul Henschel also stated that there's more PA code (not to be confused with ideas!) in CM than vice versa, but failed to provide any proof for it. I'd say the total amount of PA code in CM is 500 lines or less, which equals my ascending ringtone patches alone which they're carrying. If you want to bet on it, I'd check the source repositories first to not get a big loss.
+Gerard Umbert So now no more CM comits in PA if CM start selling the code, am i right? But no big deal since PA make alot code and use alot of AOSP code.
+Yannick Charron if it's all true, CM will stay open source, they will only close source some APP's or enhancments to those specific apps to work with "more features" in commercial phones.

So, people can continue basing their work on CM "non enhanced" source code, or get some patches from them. What worries me is... how many of those features will end up on ROMS for phones like +OPPO (wich they have a video with steve in it) or other Carriers...

What worries me is that I have to manually install root on a ROM that will not be on one of those devices, or that some features will only be in those phones instead of all of them.

That's basically whay +Guillaume Lesniak just expressed here in a nutshell.
+Danny Baumann Read again and carefully. I said there's more PA code in PA's code than CM's code in PA's code. Not vice-versa.

You saying "They are using CM sources" instead of "they are using some CM patches" will make people think that PA gets CM's code. And that's not it. People can be easilly mislead by that, just as +Yannick Charron proved saying this "ok thats what i thought... i couldnt see what else they could have been using" just after your inmediat reply to me.

Prooving my point that that particular way to put it in words makes people think that PA is based on CM. Wich is not true.
Wow man. I am sorry to hear. Is this the end of CyanogenMod?
+Davide Brutti Don't forget codeworkx when talking about the Exynos platform. ;-)

Why on does this remind me of Canonical so much?
+Roger Van Unen you can bet it is not. Even if CM as a company fails (wich i don't think it will happen) they will still have their open sourced code up and running and they would provably go back to how it was a month ago
+Guillaume Lesniak I have been a moderator twice at XDA & a member from the days of BuzzLightyear & Itsme. I build a personal based on PA ever since they moved to AOSP & have been having an issue I can't iron out in the code, relating to bluetooth audio. While I am not a developer, just a hobbyist, I do on occasion find bugs & even wrote a few patches which I would always submit. Nothing ground breaking or profound, but anything that increases stability is icing on the cake. With this recent issue, I was set on moving to CM for my base & now I am back to the drawing board. I have seen this kind of thing born out of XDA more times than I care to remember, so I am not surprised by any of it. It is also the reason I no longer contribute publicly. I don't have time for frustration, nor the inclination to deal with self-important douche bags that would paint thievery as anything but. Oh well, I guess CM Inc feels the world needs another Kindle, without the shopping).

At any rate, I wish the best to you & hope for great success regarding Focal.  
+Gerard Umbert It's also likely that there will be some changes if this should happen.
I just don't think this will be forgotten.
I do not have a very thorough understanding of how open source licensing works, but if CyanogenMod becomes a moneymaking entity; the fact that the thousands of people contributed to the current powerhouse that CyanogenMod now is, might never be compensated for  their contributions makes me feel sick
Thanks for the post, I think most of the drama created is just because of secretism and lack of public information, and I think it's clear who's the one to blame for that..
I just wonder how many low profile contributors that help maintain unpopular devices will disagree with the new corporate direction and stop to contribute their free work afraid of it being sold for profit?

+Yannick Charron we merged a few things from CM, CM has code from us on the other hand, the entire base of PIE - which was then heavily modified over a couple of weeks, extended desktop, recents /// and minor upstream patches merged by jesus (d4), most recent one was a launcher patch to prevent layout alignment issues in fullscreen. Why we're upstreaming? Because we consider CM a standard and expect such changes to creep into 3rd party software aswell (Apex, Nova, Holo).
we're even. PA bases on AOSP and if CM would disappear tomorrow it would change nothing for the rom landscape. as Guillaume has already said, they get much of their code from other roms or contributors for a long time now. for 4.4 KK PA will dump all CM code and start from scratch, but in a more UI friendly way with more impact on design. 

+Guillaume Lesniak you would be welcome of course.
+Paul Henschel Just do not forget to rearrenge properly the things PA implements, I'm always lost trying to find X feature.

Also, fullscreen means fullscreen, not only hiding the status bar, for once, CM got it right before PA (even when I know PA was the one who made fullscreen possible)

Thanks for all your hard work. I'm switching to PA again one of these days. Halo is awsome and CM refuses to do so so...
After reading this, I understand why there seems to be much less functionality on CM 10.2. Also, thank you for this read Guillaume.
+Gerard Umbert Yeah.
The two major gripes I had with PA were that I was getting lost in the settings and that ~50% of the OS wasn't translated (german) at that point.

I wonder how much has changed...
After all, I could help with the translation.
+Philip Wenta As far as I can tell, it's now fully translated to various languages, including Catalan (wich is a "minor" language here in Spain), so, that should serve you as a guideline, if minor languages like mine are supported... i bet yours will provably be.

About the getting lost thing... that was the only thing that made me go back to CM each time, well, the lack of CyanPing as a notification tone too, but... i've already got it out of my phone for when I switch back to PA x'D
+Gerard Umbert Thanks for the information. Looks like I'll try PA again tomorrorw. :-)
After MIUI became the bloated ROM I used it to flee from, I can only hope that Cyanogen Inc. doesn't pull a Canonical, if you know what I mean. ;-)
Time to go full AOSP.... Still stunned about the possibility of removing root all together from cm. Wow.
+Gerard Umbert Two of us are Catalan! About being lost we have thought about a learning curve on first boot.
+Philip Wenta About translations feel free to contribute!
+Guillaume Lesniak +1 To everything you said and wherever you go you'll success!
+Sfera Dev WHERE???

Back when I gave PA a fist, second and last try, I wanted to. Eventually I searched the internet where to start but did not find out anything. Granted, this was rather long ago.
If you tell where to go, I'll be glad to help.
+Sfera Dev Well hello there then!

When you say "learning curve on first boot" you mean that "tuto" that android 4.0 and up poped up explaining some basic things? Or just the typical learning curve that users have when using some UI?

If so, that would be a good or bad idea depending on how it's implemented.

I, at a personal lvl, believe that is not needed, everyone who can install a custom rom knows what he's doing, so, if you guys focus on sorting each feature on the correct place, people will find it naturally, yet, i know many things can go over here or over there, that's the challenge of UX dessign.

If you guys ever want some input, I'll be glad to help, I've had some credits about UX in college (I bet many of your team too) so, if you ever want some "external input" just ask!

+Hassan Tillman The worst thing is that it may be even for the devices that do not need to be CTS compilant since they are not partnered with those companies... time will say i guess... u_u
+Gerard Umbert The learning curve it's some quick settings that will define how you use your phone. Also the features should be self explaining instead of searching the exact setting!
+Sfera Dev Ofc! But you can't place a sound option inside advanced settings instead of merging it into the sound section, that's what I mean (and this is just a made up, not actually happening on PA)
Very disappointing but Guillaume don't sweat it get together with the other contributors and make a better ROM truly open source because that's the future.
Money money it comes....thanks for again having ruined such awesome ideas....again....
+Sven Daw I fail to understand how giving your opinion on something creates drama. Not only +Guillaume Lesniak is entitled to but WE as a comunity are entitled to some light shed on what happens behind the scene about a project that was FOR the conmunity BY the community .. j ai Beaucoup de respect pour ceux qui se tienne debout whatever that implies. . Oh and I ve never +1 so many pists in my life.. best of luck to steve and the rest.. that being said I hope all the support given to them ends up in the proper place..iv my people.. cuz that's my people .. my people..
No for hardware-specific enhancements! :)

This is what makes it impossible/harder for Galaxy S 4 or HTC One phones to have same image quality in Nexus GPe devices. 
+Guillaume Lesniak  why not found something new, a fork of cyanogenmod to be open source? I'd suggest "BornRed ROM" as the name. Sounds good, doesn't it?
You just learned the hard way how not to license code you value enough not to see others profit from your hard work.

The only fighting chance you have is that you didn't contribute your code to their repo and that it's owned by you... but you better read exactly what the GPL is and if it can save you... and it may not (I can't remember, but there was a reason I made my own license years ago to use with my software).
I was always unsure about CyanogenMod when I saw it became Inc. I'm going to watch this play out.
As usual, everything goes to shit when money becomes involved. The CM team should have been more upfront about the entire matter if they supposedly had no malicious intentions. Faith in humanity lost yet again.
the message only ( * There are a number of issues with this app, and it's currently not working very well on most devices.) so sad :( 
+Guillaume Lesniak "good things come to those who do good" don't worry too much man (understand how you must feel though) People will still give credit to those who deserve it, you and many great devs made CM to what it is today and people know this, I think you and some of the main contributors who worked their @ss of for people to enjoy running Android 4.3 on their 3 year old phone should be rewarded for their work, please do your magic and amaze the community with awesome features released through Google Play (for a small fee) so we can show you our support :)  (schedule a meeting with +Andrew Dodd, Daniel Hillenbrand and some other devs, get drunk and the world's your oyster :) 
RedHat did wonderful with Fedora. If CyanogenMod keeps trying to steal from free to closed, they can go fork themselves. Fan base is made from root access, advanced options and freedom. Take that apart and they're just another kiddo compiling Android.
I know it's a bit too far-fetched, but if you want to collaborate to a project that takes rejecting non-free firmware seriously, then please collaborate with Replicant:
I may need to reconsider CyanogenMod, and that's unfortunate. I enjoy root and the extra features. If these are going away then I have no reason to use it.
Thanks for the tale, lot to chew on. When the power button started going out on my N1 someone suggested Cyanogen. That was my introduction to aosp.
CyanogenMod was great untill they star licking Mr. Green ass.
Ubuntu Touch FTW. Well not untill next year though.
Well.. This is certainly going to make any future Android BBQ get-togethers pretty fucking awkward. 
It sounds like the CM folks are heading down the road that I've always feared they would. Monetization always seems to complicate things. I wish them well, but why is it that they must bite the hand that's fed them. The true strength of CM is the community, IMHO. How very sad, down right depressing. I'm just a nobody on xda. I can only imagine your frustration. Best of luck in future endeavors! 
Unless CM won't come up with a community-friendly solution, it might lose quite many users. I personally couldn't care less as I use PA, but I feel sorry for the people whose devices are only getting support by CM and are now being screwed up.
The death of CyanogenMod is near. PA and AOKP here i come!
Offtopic: Is it possible to get RAW images instead of JPGs? 
+Guillaume Lesniak Thank you for Focal .. Kudos for choosing the GPL and for sticking to your guns.. Full respect.
Any other ROM would be foolish to not include it in their distribution .. I wish you the very best with Focal and hope to see it in the Play Store soon .. peace
+Jun hui Foong It's nothing like Facebook story. The problem here is that CM was community effort. Huge number of people were contributing thus creating CM. And now core team is getting paid, while all the rest feel cheated.
Honestly I don't think that even this is a biggest issue here for people like +Guillaume Lesniak  , it's more the fact that everything was done secretly, while trying to change licencing with hidden pretenses in a goal to better incorporate code for future incorporation. 
Payment should NOT be the issue here. It is OK to make money off open source / free software (this has been emphasised since the beginning by Richard Stallman and others). Kondik et al found a way to do it (they have promised it will remain free and open), more power to them, the rest of the contributors can find a way too if that bothers them. Lots of people are paid (by Red Hat, IBM, Google, etc) to work on the Linux kernel. Lots of others aren't. Such is life. The question is of treating contributors fairly. And every time someone asks you to relicense code and you feel uncomfortable, just say no. And if they claim you already relicensed it by submitting it via gerrit to their project, read the fine print and check with a lawyer. +Guillaume Lesniak , your contributions are appreciated, please don't let these events get you down and don't unnecessarily badmouth Kondik and others, who were working towards a vision that was not the same as yours.
This has unfortunately been cms calling card for a long time. Using code from others that they take credit for as inventing to profit. If they want something they just take it .. And do whatever they have to to call it their innovation .. Money makes people greedy. I know a couple of kernel devs that cm loved to take from. Which is a big deal but what makes it a big deal is how they took it the lengths they went to cover up how they got it and how they took credit for it. Because of their following, and their potential for profit they are permitted to do what they want. I applaud you for standing up with your proof and saying "no". Thank you man for your honesty and work
Money fucks up all the things. Steve and Koush are dumb asses.
Adrie H
AOSPA? +Guillaume Lesniak?
Long post is long but interesting read
Yes let the backstabbing begin. Just think how fast this has gone south for them.. Its been only a fees days and look. 
Adrie H
AOSPA? +Guillaume Lesniak?
Sighs. The usual problem within open source community when the leaders want to go commercial. I'm sure there were better ways to come to an understanding with all the developers and contributors of CM. Without them, CM wouldn't have been what it is today. But I guess fame, press attention, user base as well as $7 million just made Steve think wrong.
Thank you for your hard word and the clear explanation.
And I will be leaving Cyanogenmod in 5....4....3...2... NULL
If it hadn't been for Guillaume Lesniak, Andrew Dodd, Adam Outler and most likely others I haven't heard about or remember I would have discontinued my use of CM more than a year ago. I owe so much to theese guys, arcee and more for the great time I have had on CM and the greatly educational documentation and public exhanges around the subject of android development.
Wow. We all want everything for free. And when one our own have the opportunity form a bridge from our community to the OEM's and Google, we hate on it. I don't get it. This is the greatest accomplishment this community has achieved on and here we are with the teenage drama. What do you want to be when you grow up little boy?
Adrie H
There will always be irrational people like +Matthew Fisher blind to the real matter at hand 
I never was a CM fan basically because the way some mantainers criticize XDA users and non-CM developers (I can't respect people who don't respect others), how unstable devices are tagged as RC/stable and also how difficult was to find what are the current bugs (it always seemed to me like if they wanted to hide it).
After what happened recently I still  don't see any reason to become a fan of CM
welcome to first days of last days of cm =)
What a sad story, +Guillaume Lesniak  I really wish it hadn't gone this way; your hard work deserves better. But you kept it classy'll get yours one day :) Keep your chin up!
this is happening quicker than i expected. i'm glad you didn't get lured in. CM has done it wrong, they should separate the commercial from open source domains. what CM needs is a new maintainer (and new name?) - let the Cyanogen Inc. guys do their commercial thing.
I personally never used  CM daily, but always respected the project and was happy to see them come up with something bigger. Im writing in the past now since what I have to read here does change my mind alot. What is it about money, that makes people that egocentric and blow all of their honorable approaches?!
I think that oversimplifies the situation. It is not about people getting egocentric and losing honor (although I think that can be construed). I think it is just a basic philosophical difference between people working towards a common goal in the open (eg. GPL) versus investors wanting to create value through monetising the entire process. On the one hand you have hundreds of thousands of hours of effort people have put into a project with the understanding it was for the greater good. How do you reconcile that with the desire of a few of those people to try and claim ownership? That is the way this situation is turning out. I can't help but feel that if dealt with correctly, this could have been a win/win.
Hopefully 4.4 is being released soon.. Getting off CM an sticking with stock 4.4 would be my next bet 
codefireXperiment is looking promising - it is more or less straight up AOSP, with support for many devices
En Francais, ca donne quoi ? :)
This was one of my concerns when I first heard of CM's move, remaining true open source .. this is not good... I am very saddened by this revelations...
Great post. I am repeatedly saddened when the bickering frustrates and drives away the best, experienced devs, cools all the enthusiasm, robs the joy of the tinkering and hacking. Might as well get an iphone and settle down, huh?

Well, not every innovation needs be part of CM or any other banner. Play or sideloading. Got us where we are now.

So the best success to all and ... let's enjoy it.
I would like to state honest fact, or rathet what i conclude from this, a community can be a community only if it serves people's purpose, but a community will be a company if it serves its purpose! #hardfact 
+Guillaume Lesniak I think putting it in the play store will be better for the app. It'll reach people who may not want full cyanogen. It's impressed me so far on my nexus 7. It seems better than stock camera except in low light, but stability has improved every night so far and it's faster with lots of great extra features.

This sounds like a tough story for you. I think that they should have been more upfront with their plans to keep developer interest. Cyanogen will probably popular, but I wonder where the majority of developers will go now.

You've been more honest with us than the cm leaders, which is appreciated, and I expect you'll find something else.
This is just to sad. Well cya CM and hello PA. Changing rom. Not gonna recommend CM to any1 anymore. Goooo Focal
Like the focal app and have it installed from the play store. Not all the way there, but lots of potential. Keep up the good work!
+Philip Wenta That guide it's pretty old, gerrit stopped working lot of time ago, github account it's very recommended though. If you have a working build and a working config (Mk, envsetup, adds, removes...) feel free to fork and pull request the addition of your device to jb43-legacy branch (assuming you have a little experience with git so first go buy a good git manual).
If you have further questions reply to that thread cuz some of us check it daily! G+ IMHO it's not the best place to ask development questions, xD!
+Sfera Dev Thanks.
I'll post future questions in the xda thread then. Just one more thing, while we're at it.
I've build PA for my Nexus 4 using the "jb43" branch, not the legacy one. Is this a problem? I've picked up that Nexus devices should use it instead of the legacy one.
So far I'm only interested in doing the German translations, since studying and having another (still private) project going prevent me from diving into android development any deeper.
Very bad news.. looks like this might be the focal point (pun intended) for CM's downturn. It was a good run.. but I'm afraid a commercial ROM won't survive in the already populated userspace. The masses will move onto something else, and then contributions simply won't appear.p;
+Philip Wenta Sure I supposed you were building a non nexus, for Nexus jb43 it's OK.
+Dima Braun I wouldn't say that just now.
CyanogenMod is way bigger than Cyanogen Inc.
Let's just wait and see.
Best decision to bring focal into playstore!
You have my complete support
Takes too long to read whole thing.. What a drama... Aren't these developers should cut a percentage on every device or download as their work is going to be commercial...
Is this legal??? Using someone's generousity in commercial purpose...
It was not steve's work alone... If he is getting paid then everyone should..
Hi lesniak I completely agree with each word u and other amazing developers comments. As a user of the open source roms my thinking is that all you open source developers will take this to greater heights may be with new name of AOSP.
I would quote linux as an example of how developer community has made it the no.1 OS. I sincerely request all u wonderful and talented people can start another AOSP with the other community groups like XDA.
whenever money is involved and its not software only. People just loose the passion to add better things to existing products or service. Also politics, groupism and power struggles kill the development. I see that with MS, Apple, Nokia etc.. so guys develop your apps and customisations and sell them through app stores to earn money. Best things get made out of our passion to excel and all u great developers are. Dont worry about CM inc. my guess some developers will leave it after some time. So u great keep doing what u love do and all the best to open source projects. Its like truth always prevails....god bless u all.
Thank you for giving us background - and for all your work!

Aside from “thank you”, there is just one thing I want to say: You are no jerk if you care about free licensing. Actually that shows that you care about your users.
i have changed rom and i have take your app from the play store! i'm with you dude! 
Thank you, although I wouldn't had minded a bit more CM bashing! They are completely screwing over the community and engineering a company out of it who's motto is "don't screw over your community" I guess it is a good mask... On first hearing of cyanogn inc. I was skeptical, after scratching the surface a little I was crazy excited but not long after I saw all the bad. CM is dead and some one needs to pick up open source in the mobile arena... maybe nemo?
Hopefully you continue to make focal better and find it a home on another awesome ROM like PA or aokp 
+Danny Baumann When I read through the many posts from the INC team members, it seemed that there would be a dropping of many extra menu options that now exist, in a streamlining effort.

As many of these extra menu options are the drivign reason for me to be on CM, it seems to me to point to a time for em to look to a new "go to" build.
+Noel Beale Just to clarify, what are those 'many extra menu options'? Are you talking about DeviceParts?
+Danny Baumann Mostly items in the settings menu. I dont have specific examples, (though external SD support might be one)  as I only picked up a general sense that CM would drop menu options in an effort to streamline and bring to more devices (though may be wrong, which I truly hope is the case).
+Noel Beale The external SD example was already proven to be wrong above. Unless there are specific examples of what option removals we're talking about exactly, I'd classify this as 'wrong/misleading rumour' :) There are a number of options in the former DeviceParts apps that haven't been ported over yet, but only few of them are actually useful to a larger number of people, and it's mostly just a matter of someone needingn to step up and doing the actual work and not a matter of them being rejected/removed.
Reminds me of the Nexuiz-Illfonic drama.

"Wasn’t that the point of CyanogenMod originally? Derp."

I totally agree. I've always had it in my mind, I won't mind paying for a +CyanogenMod phone, as I expect it to have full CyanogenMod support, with all features available and no hassles required to get CyanogenMod running on it. Why bother making phone with the 'Cyanogen' label attached on it if  it doesn't even showcase what CyanogenMod actually is? That's not what the majority of the CyanogenMod users would want. I've always thought that CyanogenMod phone would kill the Google Nexus series, but now, nah. That's not going to happen. Never.
The main reason I would want CyanogenMod on my phone, is the availability of the source and the freedom to do with that what I like, like mod it, share, etc.
If that's what those guys are trying to mess with, the can keep it for themselves.
I believe they better make a business model out of selling it to phone makers, including support, that might improve their sales.
I understand why OmniROM was born and I really like their spirit better.
Thanks for the insight and perspective and good luck!
I used Focal a few months ago when it first came out. I see great potential in it and I'll be looking forward to buying/getting it on the Play Store when it comes out!
Sorry this happened to you dude. I came here from a Slashdot link.
Craig D
Goodbye CM... Now its become shoveled as proprietary software and a commercial venture, it's time to find another alternative. Boycott the Oppo N1 too by not buying it :)
from slashdot article 2...damn money.....ruin everything..
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