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New feature of the week: Sound Themes

Obviously, adding sound support to screen recording was just a first step to introduce our newest feature: Sound Themes (or as I call it, sound packs).

Basically, you will be able to make your own system sounds (camera click, video recording start/stop sound, lock/unlock sounds, dock/undock sounds, focus sounds, ...) and switch them on the fly.

Here's a quick demo of how it works: OmniROM - Sound Packs demo (make sure to turn up your sound)

Making sound packs is easy: Just put your .ogg files and a mapping xml file into a .zip, put it into a folder called "SoundPacks" on your internal SDcard, and you're good to go!
Example: http://i.imgur.com/q842PcS.png

This will be up on Gerrit in the coming hours, hopefully merged in soon :) and I'll look forward to hear your tunes.

Any suggestion of something I might have forgot? :)
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hi guys,
i m playing with new feature soundspack, i can select the pack i made but still defaut sound. I bet i mess with xml file. any advice to do it right.
thanks for your answers
+Guillaume Lesniak how can i uninstall a sound pack? I removed the zip from the soundpacks folder but it still remain in the select sound pack list in settings. Thanks
Hi +Tim Oliver, I looked in the system folder but I don't have the sounds pack folder there. I already deleted the zip files but I still have "working installed sound packs". I can always do a clean flash and they aren't too much of a nuisance but I did not see much of an advantage or charm of having them. I have ES file manager with root. 
+Anantha Bharathan Kurup curious. That's where the sound pack data folders are kept on my device. I just deleted the corresponding folder to remove from the install list. 
Is there an xml that has all the sound options? I'd like the dock sounds but the xml doesn't have it. Also the battery low.
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