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Get some Jelly Bean love for you Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) !

Head over to the preview thread at XDA
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Ready to flash :-) I will live on jelly bean for the next few days lol
Kevin F
Is it pre pre alpha or is it the real deal ?
Kevin F
I tried the pre-alpha CM10 on my galaxy S II T989 phone and it loads, UI is buttery smooth as advertised but that is pretty much it. Everything else really did not work yet. Not that I am complaining... it took forever before they got CM9 for my phone and they started working on CM10 really really really fast. I love my CM9 rom and its my permanent rom right now. I think its still alpha but everything works.
JB on my Nexus is amazing.  Still small bugs though, mainly with the music player.  But getting there quickly.
Cool, man what kind of different from 4
JB on the AT&T note lacks working camera and hardware acceleration for video.Still pretty awesome though!
+Josh Hatchell How'd you get JB on the sgh-i717? Please post a link so I can enjoy jelly bean goodness too!
Installed and its almost stable enough the be a daily driver, almost, great work mate!!
I've been on Jelly Bean for 2 days on my Acer A500. Butter is so good!
how to upgrade jb?is it available in the philippines?please send me a link.
good google has all the goodys cheap as bescuts samsung..
Get some jelly bean for your galaxy1! Oh wait I never even got some ice cream love..
+Dustin Donohue Do you mean Galaxy S 1 ? Then you haven't looked on XDA or Rootz enough. There's Jelly Bean available for it.
Running jmz's unofficial cm jb on my evo 4g.
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