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no glass, you're not up to date! #throughglass
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Try using the Glass USB charger instead of 'just any available' USB power source. Somehow, it made a difference for me.
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Aurais-je une batterie céleste ? :) 
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Good -> God -> divin -> Dieu pas mal ;)
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Turning your Nexus 5 into a Moto X: Always-On Listening

When the Nexus 5 came around, a lot of people asked whether or not it would have a very popular feature of the Moto X: it's famous "Ok Google Now" wake-up hotword. People wondered if the MSM8974 chipset of the Nexus 5 supported Always-On Listening, considering various information from Qualcomm.

Well, here's your answer: Nexus 5 - Always-On Listening Proof of Concept

The hardware is there and the software is capable of handling it. It's far from being stable, and not releaseable in the current state (for various reasons). This is only just a proof-of-concept to show that it's possible.

I hope to be able to bring it to more people in the future, but not in the meantime.

EDIT: To further clarify, this is indeed using the dedicated audio processing chip of the S800 - that's the whole point of this PoC. The CPU is indeed turned off and isn't used at all for the audio processing.
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it will if its based on Pure android for Nexus and GPE devices.

GPE and nexus devices are soley sold via Google play, and would intice custormers to purchase said devices rather than picking a device via their carriers subsidised devices.

its also similar software to SIRI / S-Voice e.c.t so a 300 dollar phone with the same SoC that offers the same as the competitors is a better bait than one without or a 500 dollar+ device.

I sure know what I would do if I was on a tight budget  / SIM only / Replacment handset 
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Guillaume Lesniak

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Still the best band doing the greatest songs.
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And this video is blocked!. 
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Guillaume Lesniak

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Petit sondage rapide:
- comment écoutez-vous votre musique (abonnement? Grooveshark? Bon vieux mp3?)
- quels effets audio utilisez-vous ?
- quel type de contenu personnalisé recherchez vous souvent ? (fond d'écran ? Animation de démarrage ? Pack de sons ? Applis spéciales ? Autres ?)

Juste pour savoir ;) 
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OmniROM France
Aide et support entre utilisateurs de la ROM Android OmniROM.
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Musique téléchargée depuis bandcamp ou jamendo, ou cd perso...
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So I tested the Galaxy Note Pro

I got myself a Galaxy Note Pro for various reasons, most noticeably the fact that I need to draw more and more stuff for studies, and that a whiteboard is cool for development. The 12.2" size seems perfect for that.

However, while the device itself hardware-wise looks cool, it feels like Samsung just didn't care about its software.
The scrapbook feature is cool, SketchBook can come handy in multiple situations, and I heard about Papyrus which is exactly what I needed. There's some really nice ideas in there.

- The magazine UX would be cool.... if you could actually customize it the way you want it. You're forced to use the few Samsung widgets and the predefined Flipboard categories. I cannot put my favorite website Android Police in the magazine pages because I'm in France and thus I should only read French blogs. There's no way to put custom RSS feeds on there (or at least I couldn't find how). I cannot put GMail on there either, only the regular e-mail app account. The Twitter login doesn't work. There's no Google+ widget.
I actually just dumped the normal launcher for Nova Launcher. Home sweet home.
- The DPI is HUGE. Keyboard uses half of the screen and someone with a camera on the other side of the room could dump my keypresses. Text is big, much bigger than what you can read on a regular 13" laptop (even with the font size down). I need to root it just for that. And after taking a closer look, only Samsung stuff seems made for blind people. Looking at Play Newsstand, it's a perfect size. I open the Notification tray, and uuuh.
- Yes, that notification tray... Really?
- So, everything is in fullscreen, but not really. When you open the settings app, you first see a nice blue actionbar with the notification bar, and once the app actually starts, the notification bar disappears. Why!? Why should the notification bar go away in Settings? Why should it go away in Music? Heck, even the Downloads app is full screen just to show a list.
- What's up with some bundled apps? SketchBook has a really nice UI (props to Autodesk), but the TV remote app is... WTF? First, it has an iOS look, second, only half of it works. I could turn on my TV with the IR blaster, but my DVR actually uses a Zigbee-based remote. It was listed in the app, but obviously it didn't work as it doesn't use IR, and the app kept on trying IR codes. 
- Blub blub blub bwik blub blub. I turned off the sound about 10 seconds in.
- Oh, and they didn't even care about the packaging. Once you remove the tablet, you'll find the charger, USB cable, and earbuds just thrown in the bottom of the box.

So the device is nice and has lots of potential, but the software feels just way too rushed. I hope the recent discussions with Google will fix that in the next update (whenever it comes).

If I had Papyrus + Air Command support + Scrapbook equivalent in Omni, I'd switch right now. Guess I'm adding one more thing on my list.

Oh and +Google Drive , please add Draw support on the Android app in Documents!
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Have you tried Lecture Notes? If so what did you think? I ended up preferring it to Papyrus on my Note 8. 
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A l'occasion de ce 10ème apéro Web, +Guillaume Lesniak viendra nous présenter les fameuses Google Glass.  Venez donc retrouver (et même essayer) les nouvelles fonctionnalités de cet objet tant convoité et découvrir la manière de les programmer autour d'un verre.

Photo :
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Apéro Web Nancy #10 : Google Glass
Wed, March 26, 2:00 PM
Classico - 1, rue du Général Hoche - 54000 Nancy

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Guillaume Lesniak

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Let's play a game

My friend +Fabien VICENTE and I have been working on a small side-project game called AirFight.
It's a simple, but actually quite addictive air... fight game that will probably eat up a couple minutes of your time, and then you can uninstall it. It was really just for fun.

If you're interested to check it out, head there:
AirFight is a simple and fun 2D shooter we made for fun as a side project.F...
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Zoran M
Fun little game.. Playing it on my Nexus10... 
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Guillaume Lesniak

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Nightlies are back on track starting tomorrow.

A small disk issue prevented the server from building a couple devices since the last few days. We've sorted that out today, and remaining devices for today's batch are building at the moment. Tomorrow's batch should be fully available as it used to be.
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Thanks for the update 😁
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i guess i cant post on ur page unless you add me to your circles ..

But was wondering if you still develop the focal app.
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