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Some interesting ideas of how languages could evolve in the future...
An open letter to language designers: Kill your sacred cows. An open letter to language designers: please, for the good of humanity, kill your sacred cows. Yes, i know those calves look so cute with b...
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I would definitely not want to code in JSON or XML!!!
Perhaps the author just meant the way to store the data representing your source code (at least I hope that's what he meant), as otherwise people just use their IDE to view the representation of those programs more nicely.
I think the author was Logically retarted on #1 or #2. I'm wondering what he was smooking at that time.
source code should not store in plain text file, and you should be able to use text editor to write the file? I just got an idea, can he write a JPEG file with text editor?
1986 and people were proposing and building IDEs with code stored as ASTs on disk. No traction because programmers had to use Emacs or Vi. Sad.
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