And here's the announcement of the new B&W circle by +Peter From!
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The BLACK & WHITE CIRCLE –– Third Revision –– Announcement Post


READ the whole post BEFORE you ask for inclusion. Thank you!

On Monday, JULY 30 , it will be time to share the very popular validated third revision of the Black & White Circle (BWC) again. It's a very popular and interesting circle with amazingly talented people presenting beautiful monochrome artwork in their feeds. I am very proud to be the curator of this excellent circle. 

If YOU want to hop on the BWC train, do the following:

1. Help spread the word and reshare this announcement post. Why? If you think you should be promoted, you should be willing to do the same for your fellow photographers. Simple as that. No reshare, NO inclusion.

2. Plus this post and ask for inclusion in the comments and please state approximately how much b&w work you do and that you HAVE reshared. I will check every feed. 

3. Make sure that you share your own original quality artwork in your feed. If there are too many reshares of other peoples' work, irrelevant YouTube clips, animated GIFS, blog post teasers etc., I might not add you to the circle. The BWC is a validated quality circle that should bring people great monochrome artwork to their feeds.

PS! You don't have to do only b&w photography to join this circle, but you must have dedicated b&w albums here on Google+.

NOTE! If you see that I have plussed your comment, then you know that I have added you to the circle. I didn't PLUS your comment? Make sure that you have reshared this announcement post and let me know that you did so.

*This announcement post is hash-tagged with #CircleSharingForThePeopleBWC3 so that you may mute the reshares this post will generate. That way you will avoid seeing multiple copies of this post in your feed and your adrenaline level will stay normal. I will add a new hash-tag for every announcement and circle post in the future. That way you won't miss out on any of the action but still can mute all the duplicate reshares.* 

Here is an excellent add-on that will help you to mute the reshares:

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