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Merci ! - July 2014 - Los Angeles, CA

It was quite an amazing birthday... We woke up in the futurist city of Singapore. We then had a great brunch at the incredible Changi Airport.
And then, we got to enjoy flying with the A380 on Singapore Airlines... This airline will never cease amazing me! The service is top-notch. Period.

After a quick stop in Tokyo, just long enough to buy a local newspaper and find out that some of the japanese coins (Yens) have holes in them, we got back on the A380 heading towards Los Angeles. In Tokyo when we took off,  the sun had set, July 11th was almost over but we caught up on it and started a new July 11th! Sounds crazy but that's really what happened...

We finally landed in Los Angeles by mid-day and got to celebrate with friends around a Mexican dinner. 

That was quite an amazing one... Thanks for all the birtday wishes!
After 39 hours, July 11th 2014 just came to an end...
#tourdumondephoto   #travel   #newspaper   #singapore   #tokyo   #losangeles   #beverlyhills   #Fuji  
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Happy Birthday Guillaume!
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My name is Soukaboko - July 2014 - Yangon Circle Line, Burma/Myanmar

I was starting to feel lonely and bored when this little guy showed up! ;)

- Mingalaba!
- Mingalaba!
- What's your name?
- My name is Soukaboko.
- My name is William, very nice to meet you!
Hand shaking
- How old are you?
Counting on his fingers
- I am 10.
- Do you go to school? Which grade?
- Yes, I study grade 5. But not today ;)
- Do you learn English at school?
- No, only Burmese at school!
He was wearing English soccer shorts.
- Do you like football?
- Oh yeah, I love it! My favorite team is Chelsea and my favorite player Fabregas. I hope Brazil is going to win the World Cup!

He then kept showing me interesting sceneries. I think he was as amazed as I was by the Yangon Circle Line... When he bought the Democracy Today and started reading the International News, I could not believe it... A ten-year-old acting like a grown-up... We got off at the last stop, shook hands and went back to our lives...
An absolutely incredible encounter!
#yangon #yangoncircleline #burma #beautifulburma #myanmar #magicalmyanmar #train #transporttuesday #portraittuesday +PortraitTuesday #portrait +Photo Journal Worldwide #tourdumondephoto #travel
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Nice to meet you too William ;-)
These french first names are so difficult to pronounce!
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What a VIP night... - July 2014 - Mandalay, Burma/Myanmar

We are approaching the end of our stay in Myanmar so for our last bus journey in South East Asia, we decided to travel VIP...

It is far from rare to stop a few times in a row when travelling by bus in here. However, when at midnight, our bus stopped while we had just done a stop a few minutes earlier, that was kind of surprising... After a few quiet minutes, I got off the bus and asked our bus steward what was happening. He replied that we had to wait until 5am for the curfew to lift off...

We were the first bus being stopped but so many trucks, buses, taxis kept growing an incredibly long line... After a few hours of talking, sleeping on the asphalt, watching the Netherlands game on a tiny TV in a cab, we finally left the checkpoint and made it in Yangon around 2pm!

What an incredible VIP trip ;)
#mandalay #mandalaycurfew #curfew #burma #beautifulburma #myanmar #magicalmyanmar #tourdumondephoto #travel #transporttuesday
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sorry for your delay.
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A tremendous source of knowledge... - July 2014 - Hsipaw, Burma/Myanmar

His name is Win Aung. He speaks a perfect English whom he learned from a local lady who had studied at Harvard. Despite his young age, he knows so much about his country, from ancient to modern times!

At the end of our half-day-trek around Hsipaw, he confessed: I have a girlfriend: I read a lot of books... That's how I can tell you so many stories about Myanmar...
#hsipaw #shan #shanstate #burma #beautifulburma #myanmar #magicalmyanmar #tourdumondephoto #travel #trek
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ဂုဏ္ယူပါတယ္ေမာင္ ဝင္းေအာင္
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The King of Onions... - June 2014 - Mandalay, Burma/Myanmar

... also happens to be the King of Light...
Every single day, around 6pm, his friend the Sun comes in and makes his onions look amazing!

Last night in the busy Mandalay, heading to Hsipaw by train in just a few hours!
#mandalay #burma #beautifulburma #myanmar #magicalmyanmar #food #market #streetphotography
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Have a great day
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Just chillin' - June 2014 - Mandalay, Burma/Myanmar

From the amazing plains of Bagan, Mandalay is only a short bus journey away! Heading to U Bein bridge tomorrow ;)
#mandalay #burma #beautifulburma #myanmar #magicalmyanmar #streetphotography

Technical info:
#Fuji X-e1 - 18mm f/2.0
f/5.6, 1/500sec, ISO 400
Edited in #Lightroom5.

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101 days (and counting) - July 2014 - Singapore

I knew it was gonna happen...
It was just a matter of time ;)

Saying that time has flown in the past 101 days is a really big understatement.

From the colors of India visiting the majesty of rainbow-like cities of Rajasthan, the cold but rewarding Singalilia Ridge National Park and finally the lush green Kerala, which was undoubtedly the first heavenly place of our trip...
To the timeless Burma, which is definitely the photographer's paradise everybody talks about... Photo opportunities arise at every single corner. It is hard impossible to put the camera down...
Through the foodie Thailand where we had the most incredible Pad Thai!
And artsy Cambodia, where we were absolutely amazed by craftsmen...

After exactly 101 days on the Asian roads using horse carts, tuk tuks, bikes, cars, boats and planes, we are heading to #cuba through #tokyo , #losangeles and #mexico ... But the best is that we are flying the incredible #singaporeairlines ;)

See you next time Asia, can't wait to be back!

I want to thank +Anthony Pond for all the advice about India, Cambodia and Myanmar! They were really great tips. Thanks a lot for your help.
I also want to thank +Josh Haftel for your help about Myanmar! What an incredible country it is... Can't wait to be back ;)
And also thanks to +Jon Bauer , +Etienne Bossot, +Maria Roco and +Kate Siobhan Mulligan!

For more images and stories, head over to the blog:
Or Facebook: #asia #singapore #tourdumondephoto #travel   #architecture   #minimalmonday   #minimal  
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Bon anniversaire ! 😊✌️💐
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Out of time... - July 1914 - Yangon, Burma/Myanmar

Between two huge rains, I escaped the blazing fast WiFi of the Shangri-La... This bus from the last century happened to be there at the same time ;)...
#yangon #burma #beautifulburma #myanmar #magicalmyanmar #transporttuesday #bus #vintage #panning #tourdumondephoto #travel
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Vintage vehicle... the last century is not that far away. C'mon, we were born in the last century!
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The food-cart racer - July 2014 - Hsipaw, Burma/Myanmar

Day after day, she races in every single village! So far, she won the last 50 races... She is heading to the national championship next week!
#hsipaw #shan #shanstate #Burma #beautifulburma #myanmar #magicalmyanmar #tourdumondephoto #travel
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Fascination - July 2014 - Hsipaw, Burma/Myanmar

We made it to Hsipaw yesterday after a train that left Mandalay at 4am. All the way, we got the chance to enjoy some incredible scenery... Myanmar keeps amazing us day after day!

Today, we walked around town. We went to the noodle factory. Saying that I was fascinated is a big big understatement. There was so much going on: from the man weighing the noodles to the man grabbing them and putting them in the steamer, the man folding them in his wooden box, the man then folding them in half without forgetting the man putting them in another wooden box to cool them down...

And nobody was resting, they were in constant move, despite the barely bearable heat... A fascinating scene...

I just had to crawl in the attics between a few pieces of wood, add a slow shutter speed and voilà!

I remember during the editing of a wedding +Ernesto Diaz-Flores and I shot together that there was one picture he loved so much. He was saying, with a bit of Spanish accent, "I love it because there is a lot of things going on. Look: the baby is upside down, the bride looks away, the uncle ..."
This is exactly what I love here ;)

For more stories, head over to
It will soon be updated, once we have a better Internet...

#hsipaw #shan #shanstate #burma #beautifulburma #myanmar #magicalmyanmar #noodles #tourdumondephoto #travel
#streetphotography #incrediblescene
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Superbe, what an inspiration to see you bold work and those amazing shots . The vantage point makes it all, the steam , hot, we' re there, once more . Thks + Guillaume Desachy for sharing your enthusiasm so greatly
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The difficulty of Unicity - June 2014 - U Bein, Mandalay, Burma/Myanmar

In the past few months, +Tiffany Desachy and I got the chance to visit some quite amazing places. As a photographer, you always want to walk away with a picture you would be proud of. When weather conditions cooperate, it's usually fairly easy to get the money shot, like the Taj Mahal view with its reflection in the pool.

But then what's next? How can you add your vision to the scene? How can you walk away with one unique picture?

I find this sometimes way harder. Maybe because we have seen the classic composition so many times that it is hard to get it out of our mind? Or sometimes, I truly believe that the classic composition is the one and only that works. Then, I think adding some uniqueness is function of time (and luck...).
This is exactly what happened this morning at U Bein Bridge: I was waiting for a good-looking bike (and biker) to pass by and the bird happened to fly in the picture ;)

Time, and luck, that's all it is...
#ubeinbridge #mandalay #burma #beautifulburma #myanmar #magicalmyanmar #tourdumondephoto #travel #googleplusbirthday
For #minimalmonday by +Olivier Du Tré
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Heading back to Heaven - June 2014 - Bagan, Burma/Myanmar

I don't know if she realizes that her hometown is truly photographers' paradise...

I don't think I have ever seen such a photogenic country! We were absolutey amazed by Inle Lake, Bagan is mesmerizing and we are heading to Mandalay tomorrow night! What a beautiful country...
#burma #beautifulburma #myanmar #magicalmyanmar #bagan #tourdumondephoto #travel

Technical info:
#Fuji X-e1 - 55-200mm @ 55mm
f/8.0, 1/1000sec, ISO 400
Edited with #lightroom5
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